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Curtis dominates tri-meet with De la Salle and Holy Rosary



John Curtis' football players seem not to like losing at anything.  The Patriots are 4-0 in dual meets since they won the LHSAA AA state football championship and got back on the mat.  On December 13th they defeated Grace King and Riverdale.  On Wednesday they defeated De la Salle 47-12 and Holy Rosary 66-12 in an Uptown New Orleans tri-meet at Holy Rosary.

Reid DiMaggio (HR) scores vs. Bryce Cortez (JC). Alex Martin (DLS) "guillotines" Rod Schouest (JC). Rod Schouest (JC) pins his Holy Rosary opponent.

De la Salle was led by returning Division III state champion Alex Martin, who pinned his two opponents in a combined time of 2:49.  "Alex is our only one with real wrestling experience," said De la Salle coach Jacob Karl.  "We have no seniors - they are all freshmen and sophomores for the most part."  In the first match of the evening the Cavaliers defeated Holy Rosary 54-24.

Holy Rosary's team was not at full strength and was only able to compete in 11 of a possible 28 matches.  Two of those matches were won by junior Reid DiMaggio, who pinned De la Salle's Glenn Gebo in 28 seconds and Curtis' Bryce Cortez in 2:26.  DiMaggio won the Jefferson Invitational last Saturday.  "It felt great," he said, referring to his first tournament championship.

Curtis showed why they were last year's Division III state runners-up as they downed the Cavaliers in nine of the 11 matches contested between the two schools.  It could have been 10 of 11, as the Patriots' Josh Schweiger was ahead of Timothy Sasso 9-6 in the second period.  But four of Sasso's points came via penalties by Schweiger, who committed a fourth penalty and was disqualified at 3:49.

Two exhibition matches that did not count toward the team scores were two of the most exciting.  Both involved 6th-grader Lane Boudreaux of Curtis.

In the first match freshman Josh Hamilton of Holy Rosary found himself tied 2-2 with Boudreaux at the end of the 1-2-2 exhibition regulation time.  Two-and-a-half minutes later, after four overtime periods, the score remained the same.  Boudreaux was declared the winner as his points came via a takedown in the first period, whereas Hamilton's points included a penalty point.

As if 7½ minutes of wrestling was not enough for one night, Boudreaux went another five minutes with De la Salle's 8th-grader Myles Ward.  Tied at 8-all in the third, Ward was able to escape from Boudreaux, take him down and score three near-fall points for a 14-8 victory.

[Left] Curtis 6th-grader Lane Boudreaux struggles for a first period takedown against Josh Hamilton of Holy Rosary.

On the evening, Curtis won 14 of the 17 matches which were not decided by forfeits.  "Since we've gotten our football players, it is the very start of the season for us," said Patriots head coach John Kendrick.  "We just did our hydration tests last week.  We only had five wrestlers before that and now we have over 20."

Hydration tests determine the lowest weight class in which a wrestler may compete.  Curtis wrestlers will not be able to test again until January 20th, and then only upon the approval of the LHSAA.  Until then some Patriots may be wrestling in higher weight classes than they would like. 


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John Curtis 47- De la Salle 12
EXB: Boudreaux (JC) vs. Ward (DLS) Gagnon (JC) vs. LeBlanc (DLS) Gebo (DLS) vs. Ronan (JC) Spadoro (JC) vs. Bioc (DLS)
Pons (JC) vs. Dupont (DLS) Martin (DLS) vs. Schouest (JC) Fullilove (JC) vs. Sylve (DLS) Clofer (JC) vs. Robinson (DLS)

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De la Salle 54 - Holy Rosary 24
EXB: Nethery (HR) vs. Bioc (DLS) DiMaggio (HR) vs. Gebo (DLS) Martin (DLS) vs. (Buwe (HR)

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John Curtis 66 - Holy Rosary 12
EXB: Boudreaux (JC) vs. Hamilton (HR) Goins (HR) vs. Spurlock (JC) Ronan (JC) vs. Hamilton (HR) DiMaggio (HR) vs. Cortez (JC) Schouest (JC) vs. Buwe (HR) Martin (JC) vs. Grissom (HR)


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