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Holy Cross subdues Shaw 57-16, sets-up Saturday sequel
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Holy Cross Tigers 57* Shaw Eagles 16

Holy Cross, one of the favored team to win Division II, travelled across the river to wrestle Division II counterpart Shaw Eagles Wednesday evening.  At the Bulldog duals in November the Tigers beat the Eagles 72-3.  Tonight proved a little better for the Eagles, but Holy Cross left with a 57-16 victory.

The Tigers scored six falls (including five in a row from 106 lbs. to 132 lbs.) in 5:42 and won 10 of the 12 matches wrestled.  Beau Bush, Dylan Soileau, Alex Nicosia, Collin Guerra, Nicholas Bonck and Michael Yeatman pinned their Shaw opponents.  George Benoit scored a major decision for Holy Cross while David Olivier and Porter Dazet three-point decisions.  At 152 lbs., Austin Doyle was leading 4-2 when Shaw's Khalil Blue committed his third penalty citation, resulting in his disqualification.

Shaw's points, aside from a forfeit, came from a major decision by Kody Woodson over Brice Duhe at 160 lbs. and a pin at 285 lbs. by Jay Driggers over Jordan Showalter.

Woodson's match was of particular interest as he and Duhe are considered the top two Division II 160 lb. wrestlers in the New Orleans area, and this was the first match of the season between them.  They should meet again on Saturday in the Holy Cross Division II Duals.  Also expected there, however, is St. Louis Catholic of Lake Charles and their top-ranked and returning Division II state champion Louis Stutes.

* One penalty point was assessed to the Holy Cross team score due to an "unsportsmanlike conduct" call during the 138 pound match. 

Weight Winner Synopsis
Match Points
Team Points
Beau Bush (HC) pinned Zachary Collins (SHAW) in 0:14
Bush dove for an ankle on the whistle, lifted it high and tripped Collins straight to his back for the 0:14 pin.
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
6 0
Dylan Soileau (HC) pinned Christian Termine (SHAW) in 0:43
Soileau merely scored two takedown points with a head-and-arm throw, but then used his legs to tilt Termine to his back for a fall in 0:43.
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
12 0
Alex Nicosia (HC) pinned Peyton Matherne (SHAW) in 1:09
The returning Division II state champion, senior Nicosia, took down Matherne with a single and then used a "chicken wing" to tilt his opponent to his back, finishing off the match at 1:09 with a half-nelson pin.
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
18 0
Collin Guerra (HC) pinned Bryce Ballas (SHAW) in 1:27
Guerra used a "duck under" for his takedown and finished with a cross-face cradle fall.
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
24 0
Nicholas Bonck (HC) pinned Cameron Bertot (SHAW) in 0:59.
Bonck switched a single to a double to earn his takedown, and then used a "textbook" "far arm-near leg" to turn Ballas to his back.
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
30 0
George Benoit (HC) 14 decisions Brady Albarado (SHAW) 12-2
Benoit cruised to a 10-1 first period score and may have just wrestled the entire six minutes to get back in top form after his injury.  He scored a reverse on bottom in the second and a take down when Albarado chose to start the third period in the neutral position.  Albarado received one point for an illegal hold in the second period, which prompted a reaction from a Holy Cross coach resulting in an "unsportsmanlike conduct" team penalty point.
Holy Cross Shaw
4* 0
34 0
David Olivier (HC) decisioned Max Chambers (SHAW) 7-6
The first period ended with Olivier ahead 4-0 on a takedown with nearfall points, but Chambers tied it 4-4 after two periods.  In the third period, Chambers was assessed a penalty point for a full-nelson and the two wrestlers exchanged reversals, resulting in Olivier's one-point victory.
Holy Cross Shaw
3 0
37 0
Austin Doyle won by disqualification over Khalil Blue
Blue's penalty problems started in the first period when he was "docked" a point for a uniform (shoe) violation after Doyle had already scored a takedown, giving Doyle a 3-0 lead.  In the second period Blue almost escaped and Doyle almost took him down again, but the wrestlers were deemed off the mat.  Both Doyle and Blue were warned for stalling, and Blue was given a point for it, though he trailed at the end of the second 3-1.  In the third Blue choose neutral and took Doyle down, tying the score at 3-3.  But on top Blue was called once for stalling, earned a two-point penalty for locking hands, and then was disqualified for locking hands again.
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
43 0
Kody Woodson (SHAW) decisioned Brice Duhe (HC) 11-3
In the first period Woodson shot for single-leg takedowns and was successful on his second attempt.  In the second, Duhe escaped to make the score 2-1.  Woodson scored on another single-leg takedown but Duhe reversed Woodson when the Shaw wrestler appeared to have slipped, and almost scored nearfall points with a reverse cradle, making the score 4-3.  Woodson, now on bottom, turned "into" Duhe's legs, secured one and then the other, and reversed Duhe onto his back for two nearfall points.  The period ended with Woodson leading 8-3.  In the third, Duhe was called for "locking hands" and then Woodson turned "into" Duhe again for a reversal.  Woodson remained on top the remainder of the match, securing a major decision.
Holy Cross Shaw
0 4
43 4
Blake Faust (SHAW) won by forfeit.
Holy Cross Shaw
0 6
43 10
Porter Dazet (HC) decisioned Jaime Belleza (SHAW) 5-0
The score was not as impressive as Dazet's domination.  Dazet took Balleza down in the first.  In the second, starting on top, he rode Balleza the entire round but could not turn him over with several attempts at a cross-face cradle.  In the third Dazet escaped, took Balleza down and rode him until the end of the match.
Holy Cross Shaw
3 0
46 10
Daniel Relayson (HC) won by forfeit
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
52 10
Michael Yeatman (HC) pinned Matt Blair (SHAW) in 1:10
Yeatman spent little time "ducking under" his opponent to score a takedown.  He then allowed Blair to escape, scored a  "shucking" takedown, let Blair escape again and grabbed a standing cradle which he used for a pin.
Holy Cross Shaw
6 0
60 10
Jay Driggers (SHAW) pinned Jordan Showalter (HC) in 0:49
Driggers used as "pretty" a head-and-arm as one will see at 285 lbs., leading to his 49-second pin.
Holy Cross Shaw
0 6
58 16

** First match wrestled.

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