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2013 LHSAA State Wrestling Championships: LWN "Best of 2012-13" Rankings
Editor: March 25th, 2013

LWN "Best of 2012-13" Rankings

The rankings are solely attributable to the editor.  They are based on a wrestler's impact over the course of the season, and, as such, injuries will play a role in their determination.  A late season head-to-head win, if not accompanied by unfortunate slips, will certainly work in one wrestler's favor.

When it suits their purposes, people often argue that winning the Louisiana Classic is more important than winning the state championship.  Were that truly the case one must wonder why some people continue to compete after the Louisiana Classic.  It is because the goal of the whole season of events is preparing the wrestlers for that one final weekend.  Nobody can take away the fact that the winners of the state championships succeeded at what everyone else strove to do all year.

Yet that is not to say that the wrestler who has dominated a weight class all season cannot have a bad weekend.  This is taken into account more than a win in a particular tournament.  More often than not the rankings will reflect the results of the state tournament.  But that is not always the case.

The editor welcomes debate on the rankings, but asks that viewers keep in mind there is absolutely no guarantee as to when one individual will beat another individual on a given day.  Rankings are "eye candy" and nothing more.

Let the flaying begin!  Email: Muller, you're an idiot!

106 Pounds
Mason Mauro - Brother Martin
Ben D'Antonio - Jesuit
Brock Bonin - Teurlings Catholic
Mauro beat D'Antonio in a dual meet between D'Antonio's wins in the Louisiana Classic and Ken Cole.  He slipped a little at the GNO championships against Jesuit's Nicky Charles, but he might have taken Mr. Charles a little lightly.  Regardless, wins are not transferable between teammates.  Mauro proved superior at State by beating Rummel's Devyn Breaud in the finals after Breaud upset D'Antonio in the semifinals.  Rummel's Devyn Breaud had a great second half of the season,  but he lost a match to Bonin and Bonin placed second in the Louisiana Classic and the Ken Cole, and won the Division II state championship.  Christopher Marson could be on this list but for an injury suffered at the Louisiana Classic which sidelined him for the rest of the season.
113 Pounds
Mitch Capella - Jesuit
Connor Stampley - Comeaux
Mitch Napoli - Catholic
Capella is an easy choice as he wrestled the hardest competition Louisiana had to offer and defeated all of them.. Stampley had a great year but he lost to Capella in the two largest tournaments, the Louisiana Classic and State.  Napoli was a solid third pick as he only lost to Capella and D'Antonio in Louisiana in matches he could not avenge, and split with Brother Martin's Taylor Gambill, winning by a better margin than he had lost and doing so in a major event (the Louisiana Classic).
120 Pounds
Paul Klein - Brother Martin
Jacob Dale - Comeaux
Alex Nicosia - Holy Cross
Wins and losses define the placements.  Against Dale and Nicosia, Klein is 3-1.  Against Klein and Nicosia, Dale in 2-2.  Against Klein and Dale, Nicosia is 1-3.
126 Pounds
Cody Hill - Live Oak
Brennan Taylor - Catholic
Austin Meyn - Brother Martin
Ranking this ridiculous weight class is really pretty easy.  Cody Hill has three losses to Brennan Taylor, but also five wins.  He is undefeated against Calcote, Meyn and Foster of Ehret.  Taylor lost a sudden victory match to Rummel's Matt Calcote in December, but beat him when it most counted at state.  Taylor lost to Meyn twice but the three matches went from Meyn winning by four points, then two points and then to Taylor defeating Meyn by six points in the State finals.  Taylor gets the nod over Meyn, and Meyn knocks Calcote to the fourth spot.  And, just so we do not forget, Taylor knocked off the #1 ranked wrestler in three of their eight matches.
132 Pounds
Connor Campo - St. Paul
Rick LaCava - Rummel
Trevor Schermer - Brusly
Campo beat LaCava every time they wrestled.  LaCava beat Schermer every time they wrestled.  LaCava lost to no one else but Campo.  Schermer lost one match to someone other than LaCava, but that loss was at 138 lbs. to a wrestler who stayed at 138 lbs.
138 Pounds
James Claitor - Catholic
David Englehardt - St. Paul
Dominic Casadaban - Brother Martin
Claitor was an easy choice as he did not lose to a wrestler from Louisiana in the 2012-13 season.  While he did not do it a 138 lbs., as 145 lbs. Englehardt was undefeated against Louisiana competition also.  Before he was injured Casadaban had no losses at 138 either.  Once Englehardt made his presence known at 138 and Casadaban returned from his injury, they had immediate impacts on the tournaments in which they entered.  They both dominated whoever got in their way until they faced each other or Claitor.  Englehardt and Casadaban were 1-1 but Englehardt defeated him in the semifinals of State.
145 Pounds
Grant Godso - Redemptorist
Tyler Robertson - Brother Martin
Efosa Eboigbe - Jesuit
This is a tough one to rank and all roads lead to Mobius Loops.  Godso, despite his loss in the state finals, had the best season with a 36-3 record and wins at the Central, Sam Sara, Bulldog, Big Horse and Brusly tournaments, a second place finish at the Ken Cole (he suffered a concussion in the finals) and a third place finish at the Louisiana Classic.  He lost to Eboigbe at the Louisiana Classic, but he beat Frame before his injury, at the Sam Sara, something Eboigbe could not claim after Frame returned.  Robertson returned from injury better that Frame, and beat Eboigbe at the Greater New Orleans Championships and Frame in the State consolation semifinals.
152 Pounds
Tyrek Malveaux - Comeaux
Devin LeBlanc - Brother Martin
Alex Martin - De la Salle
Tyrek Malveaux dominated 152 lbs. and even beat Catholic's Brandon Luckett by two points at 160 lbs.  He had beaten Brother Martin's Devin LeBlanc three times and defeated defending Division III state champion Alex Martin of De la Salle twice.  Martin's 160 lbs. record was impressive enough, but once he dropped to 152 lbs. he posted a 19-1 record with wins in the Brusly Invitational, the Curtis tournament and the GNO Championships.  His only loss had been to Malveaux in the finals of the Ken Cole.  He was 28-5 at 160, with losses to Malveaux, Leblanc and Peterson, but Peterson stayed at 160 lbs.
160 Pounds
Brandon Luckett - Catholic
Louis Stutes - St. Louis
Kody Woodson - Shaw
Luckett beat almost everyone of any caliber Louisiana had to offer at 160 lbs., but he and Stutes did not wrestle each other.  But Luckett beat Brother Martin's Devin LeBlanc 11-3 and LeBlanc beat Stutes 5-0, so Luckett gets the nod over Stutes.  Shaw's Kody Woodson split matches with Stutes during the season (the only match Stutes lost other than the one to LeBlanc), but Woodson lost to Holy Cross' Brice Duhe in the Division II semifinals.  Stutes beat Duhe by a technical fall (18-3) on January 12th and 8-4 in the Division II finals.  Woodson, however, defeated Duhe by a decision, a major decision and a fall during the course of the season, which outweighs his loss in the state tournament.
170 Pounds
Daniel Albrecht - Brother Martin
Michael Darwin - Rummel
Jimmy Brown - Jesuit
Albrecht, despite some close matches, did not lose at 170 lbs. in Louisiana.  Darwin only had one loss to anyone other than Albrecht and Brown.  That was an 8-4 loss to Teurlings Catholic's Jimmie McBride, but Darwin constantly improved during the season whereas McBride was probably surprised to be a Division II #2 seed.  Darwin's last two matches put him very close to Albrecht.  That and his semifinals pin over Brown negates the fact that Brown beat Darwin twice.
182 Pounds
Kyle Delaune - Brother Martin
Nick Schneider - Teurlings Catholic
Gage Grush - Jesuit
Delaune was undefeated against Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama and Florida wrestlers and defeated both Schneider and Grush twice.  Schneider may have lost worse to Delaune than Grush did, but Schneider did have a 5:47 pin over Grush in the Louisiana Classic.
195 Pounds
Manny Armour - Jesuit
Billy Marcantel - Rayne
Orlando Calhoun, Jr. - Northside
Manny Armour did not lose to the best competition Louisiana could offer, and while he and Marcantel did not meet, Armour won the Louisiana Classic and the Ken Cole at a weight 13 lbs. heavier than Marcantel entered them.  Calhoun had losses to Armour and Marcantel, but to nobody else.
220 Pounds
Daniel Kincade - Northside
Ora Wayne Broussard - Sulphur
Miles Nash - Sulphur
Kincade showed his dominance after only two weeks of competition, after which he did not lose while winning Division II State, Ken Cole and Louisiana Classic championships.  Broussard finalized his spot over Nash in the Division I finals.  Nash, by virtue of his runner-up finish versus Broussard and his proper #1 seeding in that tournament, earned the third spot.
285 Pounds
Ross Brister - Brother Martin
Spencer Lemoine - John Curtis
Zachary Creel - Jesuit
While both were undefeated, Brister gets the top spot over Lemoine due to a much harder schedule against primarily Division I and out-of-state opponents.  Creel proved to be the best of the rest with his runner-up spot in the Division I finals and wins over both Division II finalists.

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