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8th Annual Alabama Dixie Duals - Day One
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The Louisiana Green team will be wrestling in the championship bracket on Sunday at the Alabama Wrestling Club's Dixie Duals in Hoover, Alabama, for the second straight year.  The team defeated all four opponents it faced in Pool C and received a bye for a 5-0 record.  They will be one of four teams wrestling in the championship bracket, starting with a dual against the Brandon Wrestling Club of Florida.

The two Louisiana all-star teams, the Louisiana Green and the Louisiana Outcast, are competing against 18 other all-star teams from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas.

Louisiana high schools represented by the two all-star teams are as follows (# of participants): Brother Martin (5), Brusly (3), Catholic (3), Comeaux (2), Dutchtown (1), East Ascension (3), Holy Cross (2), Jesuit (5), John Ehret (3) Live Oak (4), Northside (3), Parkview Baptist (2), Rayne (1), San Houston (1), Shaw (1), St. Paul (2).  The teams include eight Division I, four Division II and three Division III Louisiana state champions.

The teams are coached by Carlos Bertot and Richie Dixon of Division II champion Holy Cross, J.P. Pierre of Division I champion Brother Martin, Greg Romano of Division I runner-up Jesuit, Kenny Whittle of Parkview Baptist and Graham Karwath of East Ascension.

Connor Campo and Cody Hill led the way for the Louisiana Green with four wins apiece.  Brandon Luckett was 4-0 including one forfeit.  Sidney Rodriguez and Kyle Delaune went 3-0 during the day and Jacob Chenevert went 3-1 with two falls. 

Last year the Louisiana Green team, led by seniors Scott Gibbons of Rummel, Nick Michael of Holy Cross, Gerard Roman of Brother Martin and Phillip Miller of Teurlings Catholic, won the tournament with a 25-24 victory over Team Texas in the finals.  Members of the Louisiana Dixie Duals teams who participated last year and who are on this year's rosters are George Benoit, Ross Brister, Connor Campo, Mitch Capella, David Englehardt, Stefon Foster, Gage Grush, Cody Hill, Marshall Hill and Conor Karwath.

The Louisiana Outcast team did not have as much success in Pool C.  They won their first dual handily over the Appalachian Elite RED team 69-9, but did not win a match against their next opponent, the Alabama Black.  Their last two duals were close, but they ended up on the short side of 39-27 and 42-27 scores.

Alex Betteridge went 2-0 with victories via a 7-3 score and a 2:18 fall.  Billy Marcantel and Orlando Calhoun, Jr. each went 3-1 in their four matches.


The Louisiana Outcast team was in Pool C on Saturday and faced Appalachian Elite RED (Tennessee), Alabama Black, Team Murfreesboro (Tennessee) and Team Georgia.

The Louisiana Green team was in Pool D on Saturday and faced Team Texas 2, Team X (Alabama), Alabama Militia and the Higher Calling Wrestling Club (Tennessee).

Information and results listed here are from the TrackWrestling Website.  Additional information will be published as it is received.

Pool C: Louisiana Outcast     Saturday Record:  2-3

Saturday Pool C Results
Sunday Fourth Place Bracket

The Louisiana Outcasts consist of Alex Betteridge (EA), Colt Olinde (LO), Connor Stampley (COM), Andrew Aucoin (SH), Baret Sanchez (BRU), Corbin Clouatre (PVB), Jacoby Guillory (COM), Trevor Schermer (BRU), Brandon Cowell (DUT), Marshall Hill (PVB), Kaleb Faul (CAT), Koby Mancuso (BRU), Billy Marcantel (RAY), Orlando Calhoun, Jr. (NS), Daniel Kincade (NS), Conor Karwath (EA) and Allan Kincade (NS).  They are coached by Kenny Whittle and Graham Karwath.

Louisiana Outcasts received a bye in Round 5.

Round 1
Louisiana Outcast 69 - Appalachian Elite RED 9
Round 2
Louisiana Outcast 0 - Alabama Black 72
Round 3
Louisiana Outcast 27 - Team Murfreesboro 39
Round 4
Louisiana Outcast 27 - Team Georgia 42
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Alex Betteridge Won: 7-3
118 Connor Stampley Win: 0:25
125 Baret Sanchez Win: Forfeit
131 Jacob Guillory Loss: 0-3
137 Trevor Schermer Win: 1:13
143 Marshall Hill Win: 0:40
150 Brandon Cowell Win: Forfeit
157 Kaleb Faul Win: Forfeit
165 Koby Mancuso Win: 3:56
175 Brody Bonura Win: Forfeit
187 Billy Marcantel Win: 0:53
200 Orlando Calhoun, Jr. Win: 3:45
225 Daniel Kincade Loss: 3:51
290 Conor Karwath Win: 1:35
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Colt Olinde Loss: TF 2-17
118 Andrew Aucoin Loss: 10-15
125 Matthew Ashford Loss: TF 0-15
131 Corbin Clouatre Loss: 2:00
137 Trevor Schermer Loss: 3:17
143 Brandon Cowell Loss: TF 1-16
150 Kaleb Faul Loss: Inj. Def.
157 Kobe Mancuso Loss: 2:00
165 Brody Bonura Loss: TF 0-15
175 Billy Marcantel Loss: 9-14
187 Forfeit Loss: Forfeit
200 Orlando Calhoun, Jr. Loss: 2:00
225 Daniel Kincade Loss: 2:00
290 Conor Karwath Loss: 2:00
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Alex Betteridge Win: 2:18
118 Andrew Aucoin Loss: 0:10
125 Matthew Ashford Loss: 4-10
131 Jacob Guillory Loss: 3-9
137 Trevor Schermer Win: 10-6
143 Brandon Cowell Loss: 3-7
150 Kaleb Faul Loss: 4:00
157 Kobe Mancuso Loss: 3-7
165 Brody Bonura Win: 0:40
175 Billy Marcantel Win: 3:52
187 Forfeit Loss: Forfeit
200 Orlando Calhoun, Jr. Win: 0:32
225 Daniel Kincade Loss: 0:25
290 Allan Kincade Loss: 2-3
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Colt Olinde Win: 1:34
118 Connor Stampley Win: DQ
125 Baret Sanchez Loss: 4-5
131 Corbin Cloatre Loss: 1:55
137 Trevor Schermer Loss: 1-6
143 Marshall Hill Loss: 6-8
150 Kaleb Faul Loss: 1:42
157 Koby Mancuso Loss: 2-4 OT
165 Forfeit Loss: Forfeit
175 Brody Bonura Loss: 1:02
187 Billy Marcantel Win: 0:30
200 Orlando Calhoun, Jr. Win: 7-2
225 Daniel Kincade Loss: 5:36
290 Allan Kincade Win: 3:36

Pool D:  Louisiana Green   Saturday Record: 5-0

Saturday Pool D Results
Sunday Championship Bracket

The Louisiana Green consists of Jacob Chenevert (LO), Nicky Charles (JES), Mitch Capella (JES), Cody Hill (LO), Paul Klein (BM), George Benoit (HC), Stefon Foster (JE), Connor Campo (StP), David Englehardt (StP), Sidney Rodriguez (CAT), Gaston Eymard (JES), Efosa Eboigbe (JES), Kody Woodson (SHW), Brandon Luckett (CAT) Daniel Albrecht (BM), Kyle Delaune (BM), Gage Grush (JES), Andrew Blanchard (JE), Michael Yeatman (HC), Josh Tapia (BM) and Ross Brister (BM).  They are coached by Carlos Bertot, Richie Dixon, J. P. Pierre and Greg Romano.

Louisiana Green received a bye in Round 1.

Round 2
Louisiana Green 63 - Team X
Round 3
Louisiana Green 61 -Team Texas 2 9
Round 4
Louisiana Green 75 - Alabama Militia 6
Round 5
Louisiana Green 43 - Higher Calling 21
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Nicky Charles Loss: 1-6
118 Jacob Chenevert Loss: 0:57
125 Cody Hill Win: TF 17-2
131 George Benoit Win: MD 13-2
137 Connor Campo Win: 1:42
143 Sidney Rodriguez Win: 3-1
150 Gaston Eymard Win: Forfeit
157 Kody Woodson Win: 1:15
165 Brandon Luckett Win: Forfeit
175 Daniel Albrecht Win: Forfeit
187 Kyle Delaune Win: 1:03
200 Gage Grush Win: Forfeit
225 Michael Yeatman Win: Forfeit
290 Ross Brister Win: 1-0
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Jacob Chenevert Win: 1:02
118 Mitch Capella Win: TF 16-0
125 Cody Hill Win: 2:06
131 Paul Klein Win: MD 12-1
137 Connor Campo Win: 1:05
143 Sidney Rodriguez Win: MD 11-3
150 David Englehardt Loss: 6-8 SV
157 Efosa Eboigbe Win: 2:27
165 Brandon Luckett Win: 9-2
175 Daniel Albrecht Win: 3:09
187 Kyle Delaune Win: 0:54
200 Gage Grush Win: 7-5
225 Josh Tapia Win: Forfeit
290 Michael Yeatman Loss: 2:46
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Nicky Charles Loss: 1:23
118 Jacob Chenevert Win: 1:10
125 Cody Hill Win: 1:00
131 George Benoit Win: Forfeit
137 Connor Campo Win: 13-8
143 David Englehardt Win: Forfeit
150 Sidney Rodriguez Win: 3:44
157 Kody Woodson Win: 3:20
165 Brandon Luckett Win: 1:34
175 Daniel Albrecht Win: Forfeit
187 Andrew Blanchard Win: Forfeit
200 Gage Grush Win: Forfeit
225 Josh Tapia Win: Forfeit
290 Michael Yeatman Win: Forfeit
Weight Wrestler Result
111 Jacob Chenevert Win: 4-3
118 Mitch Capella Loss: 1:27
125 Cody Hill Win: 8-4
131 George Benoit Loss: 0-6
137 Connor Campo Win: 5:50
143 David Englehardt Win: 11-7
150 Gaston Eymard Loss: 0:52
157 Efosa Eboigbe Win: 12-9
165 Brandon Luckett Win: MD 9-1
175 Kyle Delaune Win: 8-4
187 Gage Grush Loss: 6:00
200 Andrew Blanchard Win: Forfeit
225 Josh Tapia Win: Forfeit
290 Michael Yeatman Win: Forfeit

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