Crusaders knock off Blue Jays 54-21


Brother Martin 54 - Jesuit 21

Brother Martin's Mason Mauro was not fazed by Ben D'Antonio's win at the Louisiana Classic, an event Mauro had to skip due to illness.  Mauro, with the score tied at 2-2 and 0:06 remaining on the clock in the third period, opted out of an overtime period with an escape [left] to take a 3-2 victory and quite probably, the #1 seed at 106 lbs. in the Division I state championship next month.

Mauro scored a takedown in the first period, but D'Antonio was able to escape and the period ended 2-1 in Mauro's favor.

D'Antonio had the choice in the second period and scored a quick escape to tie the match at 2-2.  Neither wrestler was able to take down the other during the remainder of the period, and the match remained tied 2-2 entering the third period.

Mauro chose the bottom position to start the third period.  D'Antonio controlled Mauro magnificently.  At one point D'Antonio had Mauro in a position to tilt him and score some nearfall points.  D'Antonio recognized he and Mauro were close to the edge of the mat and started to pull the tilt back onto the regulation area, but in doing so enough was seen by the officials to call the two wrestlers out of bounds.  After an ensuing stoppage of action, six seconds remained on the clock.  By that time D'Antonio was hoping just to hold on to Mauro and venture into an overtime period.  Mauro, however, seemed more determined that the match end in regulation.

Brother Martin defeated Jesuit 54-21 Wednesday evening, in a match that certainly atoned for the "non-match" wrestled between the two teams in the consolation round of the Deep South Bayou Duals.  As a team, Brother Martin showed their depth by moving Kyle Delaune to 170 lbs., and they did not even wrestle Daniel Albrecht.

Weight Match Results Tem Scores
106 Mason Mauro (BM) decisioned Ben D'Antonio 3-2. BM 3-JES 0
113 Mitch Capella (JES) pinned Taylor Gambill (BM) in 1:37. BM 3-JES 6
120 Paul Klein (BM) pinned Max Grosch (JES) in 5:35. BM 9-JES 6
126 Austin Meyn (BM) pinned Will LaFranca (JES) in 2:39. BM 15-JES 6
132 Mason Williams (BM) decisioned Jackie Robinson (JES) 5-0. BM 18-JES 6
138 Dominic Casadaban (BM) pinned Gaston Eymard (JES) in 4:44. BM 24-JES 6
145 Efosa Eboigbe (JES) defeated Patrick Hoppe (BM) 1-0. BM 24-JES 9
152 Logan Labry (BM) pinned Steven Queyrouze (JES) in 1:07. BM 30-JES 9
160 Devin LeBlanc (BM) pinned Steven Lobrano (JES) in 1:13. BM 36-JES 9
170 Kyle Delaune (BM) pinned Jimmy Brown (JES) in 2:17. BM 42-JES 9
182 Gage Grush (JES) pinned Yehia Riles (JES) in 3:48. BM 42-JES 15
195 Manny Armour (JES) pinned Aaron Gambino (BM) in 1:12. BM 42-JES 21
220 Josh Tapia (BM) pinned Dominic Carmello (JES) in 4:38. BM 48-JES 21
285 Ross Brister (BM) pinned Zachary Creel (JES) in 0:53. BM 54-JES 21

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