Kudos and Kudus: February 5th-12th
February 13th, 2014 | Written by: Editor

Not that the wrestling community needs more of my opinions, but some things stand out and should be recognized one way or the other.

Kudos (from the Ancient Greek: κῦδος): acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement.
An African antelope that provides "equipment" for dung spitting competitions.
The Brusly Panthers and their 2014 Greater Baton Rouge Championships victory, stopping Catholic's run of 11 straight from 2003 to 2013.  The Panthers edged the Bears by six points, 269-263, behind wins by Kendon Lee-Kayser, Noah Landry, Koby Mancuso and Donald Johnson.  Wyatt LeJeune and Trevor Schermer placed second for the Panthers
The Louisiana Wrestling News for taking a full week in finishing the piece on the Ken Cole Invitational.  (Granted, a Super Bowl was during that time frame, but that only accounted for about an hour.)
Brusly's Trevor Schermer for moving up from 138 lbs. to 145 lbs. to face Catholic's James Claitor for a 2013-14 season tie-breaking match (the two split their two previous meetings).  Claitor prevailed in this match 8-3, but Schermer was under no obligation to move up from the weight at which he had been competing since January 16th.
Brother Martin, Holy Cross and Jesuit for putting their best wrestlers forward in dual meets held on Wednesday, Saturday and Monday between the three GNO powerhouses.  Wrestlers who may have already been top seeds at the state championships were not allowed or did not wish to rest on their laurels.  As such, a few top seeds that may have been "locks" after last week will probably change.  (Some wrestlers competed at heavier weight classes, or not at all, but not in situations that had state championship seeding implications.)

The archaic seeding criteria used for the NW LA Regionals.  Seeding is meant to benefit those who have fared better than others over the course of the season.  Yet the #3 seeds in four weight classes (106, 126, 145 and 285) and one #4 seed (132) had to wrestle "pig-tail" matches when other non-seeded wrestlers were available to participate in them.  The rules did state that after the seeds were determined, the remainder of the draw would be chosen at random, this time by numbered poker chips.  So the rules were followed as far as determining the pigtail matches.  But look at what other tournaments do.  The Ken Cole had 45 "pig-tails."  None of them involved the top eight seeded wrestlers.  "Pig-Tail" matches at the Louisiana Classic were also common.  When all of the non-seeded wrestlers were placed in "pig-tail" matches in a few weight classes, the remaining "pig-tail" matches were allotted to the #8, #7, #6 and #5 seeded wrestlers in that order.  That is how it should be done. (Click here for the seeding criteria used.)

The seeding of Miss Brittany Bates of Doyline caused some controversy, and it had merit.  Miss Bates was seeded third, behind #2 Zack Denton of Haughton.  Meaning no disrespect to Mr. Denton, Miss Bates should have been seeded second via the "Common opponent" clause in the "Seeding Criteria" used, according to that which was provided to the Louisiana Wrestling News.  Both had defeated North Desoto's Rusian Satarov.  Mr. Denton did so via a fall in 3:46.  Miss Bates did so via a fall in 0:38.  "Type of win" is the stated criteria used in such situations, and a 38 second pin is vastly better than a 226 second pin.  Miss Bates did so at 113 lbs., not 106 lbs., but that factor is not addressed in the "Seeding Criteria."  Mr. Denton had a record of 5-2 entering the tournament*.  Miss Bates had a record of 33-7*, including out-of-state matches.   If the fact that six of her victories were over female wrestlers (as were two losses) was a mitigating factor, then so should have the fact that she won championships at Brusly, Lamar, TX (women's division), John Curtis and the Jacob McMillan, earning Outstanding Wrestler awards in the last three events.  Miss Bates advanced to the finals with a win over Denton, but it was Denton who should have been seeded third and required to wrestle the "pig-tail" match determined by the poker chips.
The Catholic High School Men's Club for underwriting the streaming of the Greater Baton Rouge Championships, and the stellar commentary provided by Coach Phil Bode and official Bobby Prochaska.
Live Oak's Cody Hill for setting four more "all-time high school wins" records en route to his third Greater Baton Rouge championship, bringing his career total wins mark to 239.   Of course, since he set that record the previous week at the Ken Cole Invitational, it goes without saying that he sets a new record every time he wins a match from now on.  But additionally, Mr. Hill tied St. Paul's Connor Campo's record of 73 wins in a season, one he is almost certain to break during the state championships.

*    The Louisiana Wrestling News does not count forfeits or byes when presenting records.

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