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State tournament article update
Editor/March 9th, 2014



The photographs have been chosen, edited and published to the Web servers.  Webpages are being built as of now.  My apologies in advance in that some of the photographs are not too great, or maybe I am just including too many.  Also, I apologize to many of the Division III finalists as I was on the Division II side of the Division I mats this year, and hence Division III photos were harder to get.  Except, that is, to some of those Brusly Panthers who eschewed Website fame in favor of quick matches!

If anyone has some nice photographs of the event the editor would love to publish them (with full credit, of course).  The larger the file the better the quality, so it might be best to send them in small bunches rather than all at once (your email program will decided how much is "too much").  Please know first that the LWN does not protect photos from being copied.  Please include a weight class and a name with the images so the editor can decipher which matches are depicted.  You may send them to:

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