2014 LHSAA State Wrestling Championships: Acknowledgements
Editor: March 39th, 2014

A tournament of this size, comprised of 80 teams wrestling in three divisions on 10 mats, is a monstrous undertaking.  The following people should be recognized for their efforts in making the LHSAA State Wrestling Championships the premier wrestling event in the state. (OK - aside from the Seeding Committee members these are last year's lists - but many of the same people worked the tournament this year.  Please send the names of any others not included in these lists to the editor.)

Tournament Committee

Committee Workers

Director B.J. Guzzardo - LHSAA
Assistant Director Jim Ravanack
Committee Member/Assistant Director Matt Pinero
Committee Member Terry Gage - Division II Coach (St. Louis)
Committee Member Craig Ketelsen - Division I Coach (St. Paul)
Committee Member Roderick Radcliff - Division III Coach (Redemptorist)
Committee Member Cliff Strider - Head Official
Donna Boudreaux Chuck Lacoste Stephanie Sara
Mark Cotton Jeff Mire Chris Slaughter
Bernie Dupuy Leon Ngchee Bonnie Slaughter
Mike Gaffney David Pecot Ms. Tracie Sonnier
Chris Gaffney Matt Pinero David Staines
Sam Harnsongkram Bob Pinero Mark Staines
Paul Klein Judy Rodriguez Tony Staines

2014 Wrestling Seeding Committees

Division I Division II Division III
Moderator: Dan Erwin - Hahnville
Scott Martin - C.E. Byrd
Tommy Prochaska - Catholic
Keith Bergeron - Comeaux
Pat Mahoney - East Ascension
Spencer Harris - Jesuit
Moderator: Kent Masson - Teurlings Catholic
Paul Hatty - Archbishop Shaw
Jaimey Wainscott - Benton
Roberto Furtado - Grace King
Chris Collier - Live Oak
Jim Hobson - Pearl River
Moderator: Jimmy Bible - Brusly
Stefan Bergeron - Church Point
Mike Guerrero - Evangel
Randy Edwards - Istrouma
Nick Accardo - Holy Rosary
Dean Tessitore - Thomas Jefferson


Head Official and LHSAA Rules Interpreter: Cliff Strider

Official Area Official Area Official Area Official Area Official Area
Jay Harris Baton Rouge Doug Hanson Lafayette Dennis Bertot New Orleans Jerry Schmidt New Orleans Matt Wimprine New Orleans
Cody Hesser Baton Rouge Nick Hanson Lafayette Russell Callais New Orleans Paul Schmidt New Orleans Charles "Art" Davis, Jr. North Louisiana
Alan Prejean Baton Rouge Jed Person Lafayette Jim Casadaban New Orleans Troy Turner New Orleans Charles "Trey" Davis, III North Louisiana
Mark Prejean Baton Rouge Derald Pierce Lafayette Jeff Domangue New Orleans Paul Ulfers New Orleans Steve French North Louisiana
Neil Badeaux Lafayette Mikal Stall Lafayette Robert Hennessey New Orleans John Venezia New Orleans Mike Maloney North Louisiana

Table Workers

Leaf Ballast Pam Dunn Tommy Loehn Steven Shields
Bill Baumann Milton Dureau Roy Matthews Larry Smith
Bobby Boesch Kathleen Eisenhardt Ty Mire Paul Soileau
Nolan Boudreaux Mark Englehardt Henry Montegut Scott Soileau
Phillip Bourgoyne Mark Ernst Scott Napoli Stefan Tassin
Colleen Charles Kenny Flite Wade Nash Brent Taylor
Dan Claitor Glynn Fontenot Chris Pisciotta Arthur Troncoso
Francis Davis Gary Giewat Kerry Priola Mike Turner
Carey Delaune Mike Hart Steve Rando Steve VanZandt
Patti Delaune J.J. Lawson Mark Root Chris Verges
Brian des Bordes Martha LeBlanc Maurice Rouquette Ronnie Willis
Mike Dragon Skip LeBlanc Mike Sentilles Staci Wiznewski

On-Site Medical Staff

Dr. Gregory Stewart Tulane University Hospital
Dr. Taylor Sanders Tulane University Hospital
Professional Trainers Tulane Sports Medicine

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