2014 LHSAA State Wrestling Championships: 182 Pounds
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182 Pounds

Guy Patron, Jr. of Jesuit tries to take advantage of a single-leg on Brother Martin's Yehia Riles.

Division I
1st (2) Yehia Riles Brother Martin
2nd (1) Guy Patron, Jr. Jesuit
3rd (5) Ethan Eisenhardt Fontainebleau
4th (3) Brendan Allen Covington
5th (4) Porter Dazet Holy Cross
6th (6) Keegan Gilligan Airline
Division II
1st (1) Jalen Oliver Bossier
2nd (2) Brody Bonura Live Oak
3rd Dylan Faucheux East Jefferson
4th (6) Austin Gary Carencro
5th (5) Dalton Holdman Central
6th Brandon Tolliver Haughton
Division III
1st (2) Matt Adams Fisher
2nd (1) Colin Vaughn North Vermillion
3rd (3) Kevin Drury, Jr. South Plaquemines
4th (4) Blake St. Romain St. Louis
5th (6) Yoni Canales Istrouma
6th Jacob McGee Brusly

Division I

Seeded Wrestlers
Seed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Wrestler Guy Patron, Jr. Yehia Riles Brendan Allen Porter Dazet Ethan Eisenhardt Keegan Gilligan James Young Calvin Griffin Trevon Honor
School Jesuit Brother Martin Covington Holy Cross Fontainebleau Airline Rummel Comeaux Hahnville
Place 2 1 4 5 3 6 DNP DNP DNP

Twenty-four wrestlers competed in the Division I 182 lbs. state championships.


After the mid-season weight class changes were determined 182 lbs. replaced 138 lbs. as the "meat grinder" weight class.  At the top of that list were Jesuit sophomore Guy Patron, Jr. (30-3) and Brother Martin junior Yehia Riles 31-4).  Both had early season losses.  Patron lost on November 23rd to Fontainebleau junior Ethan Eisenhardt 3-1, an opponent Patron had yet to defeat (including "off-season" matches).  Riles erred on December 7th in the first round of the Trygg Memorial when he was caught and pinned by Covington's Brendan Allen in 4:31.  Riles won the Mandeville and Spartan opens, the Soddy Daisy Showdown in Tennessee and the St. Paul's tournament.  Patron won the Warrior, Wildcat and Raider opens, the Trey Culotta and the Louisiana Classic.  But the victories that earned the Blue Jay the top seed were two over Riles at the Trey Culotta, 6-3 and 3-1.  Riles got those two matches back at the Deep South Bayou Duals (8-2) and in a dual meet (8-7), but the Culotta win led to Patron receiving the #1 seed at the state tournament.  Patron also had a technical fall over Allen in the Louisiana Classic and 6-1 and 14-1 victories over Holy Cross senior Porter Dazet, who defeated Riles in the semifinals of the Ken Cole (which was won by Dazet over Allen).  So Riles earned the #2 spot.  Allen (22-4) was seeded third as while he and Dazet split tournament wins via the Mandeville and Ken Cole tournaments, Allen defeated St. Paul's Matt Krutzfeldt and Fisher's Matt Adams at the Louisiana Classic, both of whom defeated Dazet in the same event.  Dazet, at 27-6, received the fourth seed, followed by Eisenhardt at #5.

Rounds 1 and 2

No seeded wrestlers lost in rounds one or two.


In the quarterfinals all but one of the top four seed advanced.  Patron handled Hahnville's Trevon Honor in 1:33 (photos left - courtesy of Rip Rittell).  Riles took two seconds less to fell Rummel's James Young and Allen scored a major 10-2 decision over Airline's Keggan Gilligan.  The upset was when #5 Eisenhardt, who had lost to #4 Dazet 7-5 on December 7th, turn the tables on the Tiger with a 5-4 win.

Semifinal #1

(1) Guy Patron, Jr. (Jesuit) vs. (5) Ethan Eisenhardt (Fontainebleau)

After the 3-1 loss to Eisenhardt Patron rebounded to defeat the Bulldog 13-3 in the Louisiana Classic semifinals.  In this match Patron dominated Eisenhardt again, winning 10-1 in a major decision for the Blue Jays.

Semifinal #2

(2) Yehia Riles (Brother Martin) vs. (3) Brendan Allen (Covington)

Riles avenged his Trygg Memorial loss to Allen with a 6-2 victory over Allen at the St. Paul's Invitational.  In this match Riles was even more dominant and was able to put Allen on his back in a 13-5 major decision.  Riles found himself in the Division I finals for the second straight year.

Consolation Rounds

Dazet won his next two matches 15-5 and 3-1 to make the consolation finals.  There he met Allen for their third match of the season, which aptly went into a Sudden Victory period.  By virtue of a takedown to Dazet's back, Allen was given time to try to pin the Tiger for more team points, and although he was unsuccessful, he was given five points to earn a 6-1 SV win.  It was Gilligan, the Airline sophomore, who won matches 12-5 and in 4:45 to face Eisenhardt in the second consolation semifinals.  Eisenhardt pulled out a tough 6-3 decision.

Dazet defeated Gilligan 4-0 to take fifth place for the Tigers.

Eisenhardt and Allen met once during the season during a dual meet in which Allen scored a fall in 5:15.  But this time it was Eisenhardt proving two places better than his seeding with a 5-3 win to take third place for Fontainebleau.

Finals: #1 Guy Patron, Jr. (Jesuit) versus #2 Yehia Riles (Brother Martin)

The fifth match between the Blue Jay Patron, Jr. and the Crusader Riles was everything one expected, and more.  Neither could score in the first period.  In the second Riles scored an escape and was able to lift a Patron on a single-leg but Patron fought off the attack and the round ended with Riles ahead 1-0.  Patron immediately scored an escape in the third period to tie the match 1-1, and this time it was the Blue Jay getting control of the Crusader's legs a couple of times.  But Patron was not able to finish the leg shots quickly, and that gave Riles enough time to counter Patron's attempts to bring him to the mat.  Regulation time ended in a 1-1 tie.  The stalemate continued in the Sudden Victory round, albeit again Patron got in on a Riles leg but could not convert.  In the first 30 second overtime round (the fifth round of the match) Patron escaped from Riles with 10 seconds remaining to take a 2-1 lead.  On bottom for the second overtime round, Riles scored an escape with 13 seconds left and, as the OT rounds are not sudden victory rounds, Riles used the 13 seconds to sprawl on a Patron takedown shot and spin around Patron for a takedown.  The match still was not over as Patron also had a chance to score, but there was not enough of the 30 second clock left to achieve that.  Riles had a state championship in a 4-2 match that lasted eight minutes. 

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Division II

Seeded Wrestlers
Seed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Wrestler Jalen Oliver Brody Bonura Tyler Samford Logan Knox Dalton Holdman Austin Gary Mason Ramirez Jarod Berkenmeir
School Bossier Live Oak Pearl River St. Michael Central Carencro Sam Houston Teurlings Catholic
Place 1 2 DNP DNP 5 4 DNP DNP

Seventeen wrestlers competed in the Division II 182 lbs. state championships.


Defending Division III state champion Jalen Oliver of Bossier had a record of 15-2, with his only losses being to Division I's Yehia Riles of Brother Martin and Brendan Allen of Covington during the Ken Cole Invitational.  Oliver won the Northwest Louisiana Regionals and was seeded first.  Seeded second was Live Oak junior Brody Bonura who had a record of 60-10 and a Wildcat Open championship to his credit.  Pearl River's Tyler Samford was seeded third with a 22-9 record and a Pearl River Open championship.  St. Michael's Logan Knox had a 30-8 record, but two of his losses were to Oliver and Samford.  Hence Knox was seeded in the 4th spot.

Round 1 and Quarterfinals

All eight top seeds advanced to the quarterfinals.  In those, two of the top four seeds fell.  Knox fell to the #5 seed from Central, Dalton Holdman, in an 11-7 match, and the #3 seed, Tyler Samford of Pearl River, fell to Austin Gary of Carencro, the 6th seed, in 5:31.

Semifinal #1
(1) Jalen Oliver (Bossier) vs. (5) Dalton Holdman (Central)

Oliver had pins of 1:17 and 1:29 in his first two matches.  His semifinals match against Holdman took a little longer - 1:49.  In under four minutes Oliver had secured his second birth in an LHSAA State Wrestling Championships final.

Semifinal #2
(2) Brody Bonura (Live Oak) vs. (6) Austin Gary (Carencro)

Gary won 25 matches during the season against only six losses, three of them to North Vermillion's Colin Vaughn.  Bonura, though, as is not uncommon for Live Oak wrestlers, had more than double the match experience during the season than his sophomore opponent, and he used it to his advantage in a 7-2 win and first trip to the finals.

Consolation Rounds

Brandon Tolliver lost in the first round to Sam Houston's Mason Ramirez in 3:03.  But the Haughton senior placed better than Ramirez by taking the long way to the consolation semifinals with victories consisting of a fall in 0:45 and decisions of 7-4 and 7-2.  The sixth-seeded Gary proved too much for Tolliver though, who fell to the Carencro Ram in 2:26.  Another first round non-winner, East Jefferson's Dylan Faucheux, also placed higher than the wrestler who initially defeated him.  Faucheux lost to Teurlings Catholic's Jared Berkenmeir in 5:56 in the first round, but the Warrior his next four matches, starting with a fall in 3:39 followed by a 2-1 match over #3 Samford, a 10-8 avengement against Berkenmeir, and a fall in 2:08 to beat #5 Holdman of Central in the consolation semifinals.

Holdman defeated Tolliver via a fall in 2:09 to place fifth for Haughton.

Faucheux's run continued in the consolation finals in which he scored a 4-2 decision over Gary.  After losing his first match the unseeded Warrior defeated the #3, #7, #5 and #6 seeds to place third.

Finals: #1 Jalen Oliver (Bossier) versus #2 Brody Bonura (Live Oak)

The Live Oak junior started off strong and appeared quicker than his Bossier opponent by scoring a double-leg takedown after a minute had elapsed in the first period.  His 2-0 lead was halved, though, eight seconds later when Oliver escaped.  The first period ended with Bonura ahead 2-1.  On the bottom to start the second period, Oliver stood up and turned into Bonura, who had not quite risen off of one knee to gain his balance.  Oliver immediately took advantage of that ("everyone knows that Bossier throws") and rather than scoring an escape Oliver whipped Bonura over to his back in a head-and-arm hold.  Strength is something Oliver does not lack, and he showed it by scoring a fall and winning his second state championship (in Division II this year - in 2013 Bossier was in Division III), with a fall at 3:10.

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Division III

Seeded Wrestlers
Seed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Wrestler Colin Vaughn Matt Adams Kevin Drury, Jr. Blake St. Romain Brock Buller Yoni Canales Chris Inocencio
School North Vermillion Fisher South Plaquemines St. Louis Church Point Istrouma Doyline
Place 2 1 3 4 DNP 5 DNP

Twelve wrestlers competed in the Division III 182 lbs. state championships.


Returning 2013 runner-up Colin Vaughn of North Vermillion had previously beaten Fisher's Matt Adams, South Plaquemines' Kevin Drury, Jr. and Jared St. Romain of St. Louis.  But he also had a loss to Adams in Division III competition.  Vaughn won the Teurlings Catholic Invitational, the Brusly Invitational and the Lafayette Metro Tournaments, had a record of 25-6 and was the #1 seed.  Adams was 21-8 on the season and won the GNO Division III Championships.  He also had one win over Vaughn, the only Division III wrestler to accomplish that feat.  Kevin Drury, Jr., of South Plaquemines also won the GNO DIII Championships as well as the John Curtis tournament.  One of his 12 victories was over Blake St. Romain of St. Louis, and one of his six losses was to Vaughn.  Drury was seeded 3rd and with a record of 26-10 St. Romain, who won the Southwest Louisiana Shootout, was seeded fourth.

Round 1 and Quarterfinals

No seeds were upset in the first round, which only consisted of one match, and none were upset in the quarterfinals.  Vaughn Defeated De la Salle junior Joseph Clark, III, in 4:37.  Adams needed 3:25 to pin Doyline's #7 Chris Inocencio while Drury required 1:23 to get past Istrouma's Yoni Canales.  St. Romain took the shortest amount of time, requiring only 52 seconds to advance over #5 Brock Butler of Church Point.

Semifinal #1

(1) Colin Vaughn (North Vermillion) vs. (4) Blake St. Romain (St. Louis)

Vaughn had previously defeated St. Romain twice, both times via falls (2:35 and 4:29).  This match followed suit as Vaughn required a second less than 3:00 to advance to his second Division III finals match.

Semifinal #2

(2) Matt Adams vs. (3) Kevin Drury, Jr. (South Plaquemines)

Adams and Drury had not met during the season, but just as in 2013 Adams vaulted himself into the finals with a fall in 4:40.

Consolation Rounds

Istrouma's Canales scored a 17-1 technical fall and a pin in 2:32 to meet St. Louis' St. Romain in the consolation semifinals, but the Saint senior put an end to his run with a fall in 1:24.  Jacob McGee of Brusly scored a fall in 3:26 and won an 11-7 decision to meet Drury in the second consolation semifinals, but Drury put an end to his run with a fall in 3:47.

The fifth place match was a rematch of the first round match between Canales and McGee.  Canales won that match 3-0 but had an easier time in this one, pinning McGee in 2:13 to place fifth for the Indians.

Drury had previously beaten St. Romain in 1:31 at the John Curtis tournament, and this match lasted a little longer as this time Drury required 2:12 to earn third place for the Hurricanes.

Finals: #1 Colin Vaughn (North Vermillion) versus #2 Matt Adams (Fisher)

In 2013 North Vermillion's Colin Vaughn reached the Division III finals but lost to then top-seeded Jalen Oliver of Bossier.  As a sophomore at the 2013 state championships, Matt Adams of Fisher was seeded 8th, pinned top-seeded Baron Clofer of John Curtis in 31 seconds, won a 10-8 semifinals match over #4 DeVine Deramus of Calvary Baptist and finished as the runner-up at 170 lbs.  (That weight class defied seeding as the returning state champion, Trenton Pelloquin of Basile, was seeded 7th, but won another title anyway as well as the Division III Outstanding Wrestler award.)

Vaughn score the first takedown but Adams was able to escape, all in the first 37 seconds.  In the next minute Vaughn scored another takedown and Adams another escape, and the first period ended with Vaughn ahead 4-2.  One wrestler scored an escape and the other was awarded a penalty point in the second period, which ended in a 5-5 tie.  But Adams owned the third period.  Using a cradle with just an arm and a leg (no head) Adams put Vaughn on his back numerous time and scored 12 unanswered points.  Adams prevailed with a 17-5 major decision and won Fisher's fourth individual state championship.

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