Saturday at the Jazz Town Duals


Jesuit High School, New Orleans, LA

Saturday's pool competition proved everyone wanted a shot at the championship bracket at the second Jazz Town Duals on Saturday.  It is a fair bet that some teams made it to that bracket and others will participate in other brackets.  But that is as far as this writer will venture in the early morning hours of Sunday.  The event progressed very well on Saturday and there is no reason to suspect Sunday will be any different.  As such, this writer did not want to bother the tournament director for more information.

[The writer apologizes that more coverage of certain teams, particularly our out-of-state guests, is not included in this piece.  More photos are available from Saturday and will be from Sunday, and more concise reporting should be possible once all of the results are made available.]


Last season Brother Martin sophomore Mason Mauro defeated East Ascension junior Alex Betteridge 10-8 at the Trey Culotta and 10-6 in the Division I state semifinals, on his way to a state championship.  When the Crusader "A" Wrestling Club wrestled the BRAWL Wrestling Club Saturday, Betteridge moved up from 106 (110) lbs. to 113 (117) lbs. for a rematch.

Initially everything went Mauro's way - a first period takedown followed by a second period escape and a subsequent takedown gave him a 5-0 lead entering the third period.  Betteridge chose to start neutral and with under a minute left stopped a Mauro shot and whipped the Crusader to his back, scoring a fall with 0:24 seconds remaining.

[DISCLAIMER - One guy, one camera, eight mats (on two non-consecutive floors!), 20 teams, new names, the growth factor, different singlets - as well as a number of scheduled participants ACTing as if such things might merit a higher priority - this writer is happy if he gets any of the names correct re the below photos.  If corrections are required, please contact the editor.]

Three other state champions were caught by the camera with better outcomes.  Catholic's Division I champion James Claitor continued his string of Louisiana victories with a pin over a Brother Martin opponent, and two of Live Oak's Division II champions, Jacob Chenevert and Seth Bosarge similarly dispatched of gallant yet inexperienced foes from St. Thomas in Houston.

James Claitor (bottom) Jacob Chenevert (top) Seth Bosarge (top)

Other Louisiana state champions registering wins on the day were Brusly's Trevor Schermer, Brother Martin's Paul Klein and Parkview Baptist's Marshall Hill.  2012-13 runner-ups recording wins included Austin Meyn and Yehia Riles of Brother Martin, Efosa Eboigbe of Jesuit, Brice Duhe, Porter Dazet and Michael Yeatman of Holy Cross, Colt Olinde of Live Oak and Baret Sanchez of Brusly.  Conor Karwath of East Ascension won a least two matches for BRAWL.  Holy Cross' Chris Zea and Rummel's Robert Fairchild had an excellent match.

Porter Dazet Travis Gardner Chris Zea and Robert Fairchild Conor Karwath
Live Oak junior Brody Bonura won Saturday's "Best Ankle-Pick of the Day in the 170 lbs. Weight Class Witnessed by the LWN" award, consisting of the photograph to the left.*

* Home Depot was evidently running out of kitchen countertop tiles.

Jesuit displayed a very scrappy group of young Blue Jay freshman and sophomores in a win over St. Thomas of Houston.  Scoring victories were Jake Rando, Jordan Giewat, Peyton Markey, Griffin Mason and Kyler Pisciotta.  Upperclassmen Brody Martin, Will Lafranca, Austin Schott and Efosa Eboigbe were also winners in that match.

Griffin Mason Kyler Pisciotta (?) Austin Schott
According to TrackWrestling, Jesuit freshman Jake Rando, fresh off a pin against St. Thomas Houston, has been traded to the Oklahoma Rampage for undisclosed compensation.

Jake, we hardly knew ya!

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