Brother Martin dominates at Jazz Town Duals


Jesuit High School, New Orleans, LA - Brother Martin's "Crusader "A" Club soundly defeated the Jesuit "New Orleans Wrestling Club" 45-12 in the final match of the second Jazz Town Duals.  Twenty teams officially competed, although wrestlers were "farmed out" to teams still in contention in order to fill weight classes in the championship brackets on Sunday.  The "A" teams from Brother Martin and Jesuit, however, went through Saturday's "Pool" competition and to the championship brackets finals unscathed.

The Crusaders got past the Oklahoma Rampage team in their semifinals match while Jesuit defeated Baylor of Tennessee in the second semifinal.  The Rampage defeated Baylor for third place and Holy Cross defeated Ranch North of Texas for fifth place.

In 3 1/2 months since the state championships some wrestlers have grown a little, some a lot, and it is anyone's foolish bet as to what they will weigh come October.  And the matches themselves count for nothing but experience.  They will not be factored into the 2013-14 season's statistics or seeding charts.  I mean, it is only June, right?  Do these matches even matter to the wrestlers?

Ask bloodied freshman Seth Gambill of the Crusaders what he thinks...

Any nonchalance stops with the whistle.

Saturday's Pool Scores

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Finals Match


* First match was at 152 lbs.

98 (102) lbs.
Brody Martin (JES) defeated Seth Gambill (BM) 6-4 SV-1
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 21
106 (110) lbs.
Stephen Rumney (BM) defeated Nicky Charles (JES) 8-7
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 24
113 (117) lbs.
Mason Mauro (BM) defeated Joseph Dupre (JES) 10-4
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 27
120 (124) lbs.
Wade Nash (BM) defeated Vinny Bonadura (JES) 9-4
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 30
126 (130) lbs.
Taylor Gambill (BM) defeated Griffin Mason (JES) 8-3
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 33
132 (136) lbs.
Paul Klein (BM) defeated Will Lafranca (JES) 4-0
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 36
138 (142) lbs.
Austin Meyn (BM) pinned Kyler Pisciotta (JES) in 3:30
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 42
145 (149) lbs.
Daniel Evans (BM) defeated Austin Schott (JES) 8-2
Jesuit 12 - Brother Martin 45
152 (156) lbs.*
Efosa Eboigbe (JES) pinned Pierce Williams (BM) in 3:29
Jesuit 6 - Brother Martin 0
160 (164) lbs.
Mason Williams (BM) pinned Freeman Mathews (JES) in 1:49
Jesuit 6 - Brother Martin 6
170 (174) lbs.
Jordan Wright (BM) defeated Ashton Queyrouze (JES) 5-2
Jesuit 6 - Brother Martin 9
182 (186) lbs.
Guy Patron, Jr. (JES) defeated Anthony Quijano (BM) 7-2
Jesuit 9 - Brother Martin 9
195 (199) lbs.
Yehia Riles (BM) defeated Robert Lobrano (JES) 10-5
Jesuit 9 - Brother Martin 12
220 (224) lbs.
Jacob Clapp (BM)  pinned Benji Creel in 1:03
Jesuit 9 - Brother Martin 18
285 (289) lbs.
Joshua Tapia (BM) defeated Zachary Carmello (JES) 5-1
Jesuit 9 - Brother Martin 21

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Saturday's Pool Scores

Pool "A"

Teams (Record) Crusader "A" Baylor (TN) River Parish W.A. BRAWL Cypress (TX)
Crusader "A" (4-0)   38-27 68-12 69-12 70-2
Baylor (TN) (3-1)     86-0 59-17 64-18
River Parish W.A. (2-2)       44-30 48-32
BRAWL (1-3)         43-42
Cypress (TX) (0-4)          

Pools "B," "C," and "D"  (Match scores not available.)
"Pool" 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Pool B Klein, TX Oklahoma Rampage Team Leonidas (TX) Crusader "B" Westbank W.C.
Pool C New Orleans W.C. "A" Gateway, FL Live Oak W.C. Team Ranch South (TX) St. Thomas Houston (TX)
Pool D Team Ranch North (TX) Tiger W.C. Gator W.C. Pace, FL Gulf Coast Sharks (FL)

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