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Title:    Louisiana Wrestling News, LHSWA relocate

Date: August 7th, 2013

The Louisiana Wrestling News and the Louisiana High School Wrestling Archives Website moved their headquarters to a different section of River Ridge, LA in late June of 2013.  In doing so, the Louisiana Wrestling News totally skipped publishing information about anything that happened in the month of July.  When confronted about the omission of July coverage, the editor of the Louisiana Wrestling News said to the mirror "Dude...really?"

Non-digital information may be sent to the Louisiana Wrestling News' and Louisiana High School Wrestling Archives' new headquarters at the following address:

10510 Clinton Street, River Ridge, LA 70123.

The editor did state that coverage of little things like NATIONALS should be published as more information is compiled, assuming paint is in the process of drying.

(The first full year of coverage has started and I am already down to only 11 months.)

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