Louisiana Wrestling News opts not to publish preseason individual rankings
August 16, 2013 | Editor

 With regrets the Louisiana Wrestling News, desiring to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, will not publish the preseason individual wrestler/weight classes/division rankings compiled by Coach Graham Karwath.  The LWN sincerely apologizes for initially stating that those rankings would be published in August.

The decision not to publish the rankings should not cast any aspersion on Coach Karwath, the accuracy of his rankings process or the LWN's staunch respect for his character and fairness.  Coach Karwath works tirelessly during the season to produce very fair and unbiased rankings as the wrestling season runs its course.  The LWN hopes to have permission to reprint those ranking as the 2013-14 season progresses.

The LWN, however, knows of certain situations involving these three possibilities:

Any one of the three listed issues could change the way a wrestler or coach approaches the 2013-14 wrestling season.  Granted, most of those issues should be resolved shortly after the season starts.  But if too much emphasis based on a preseason ranking negatively affects even one of the athletes who work so hard, not just during the wrestling season, but often year round, that is one too many.

The information leading the LWN to not publish the preseason rankings was based on confidential discussions with two wrestling coaches.  Being confidential in nature, the gist of the conversations is not something the LWN chooses to relate to others, and that also includes Coach Karwath and anyone else.  Coach Karwath's rankings would be affected a little if he were made aware of the scenario involved.

Again, when the season starts the LWN very much looks forward to publishing Coach Karwath's rankings.  Coach Mike Marson's rankings, based on the points scored at the 2013 state tournament by wrestlers returning for this season, will be published soon, as will, it is hoped, Coach Karwath's "Fabulous 15," his projected best "pound-for-pound" wrestlers expected to compete this season.

Coach Karwath's rankings may be found at Louisiana Wrestling Rankings on Facebook or at this Website address.

Martin Muller - Editor


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