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Brother Martin cruises to the lead after the Culotta's Friday pools
December 21st, 2013 | Written by: Editor
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Friday provided some excellent wrestling at Brother Martin's Trey Culotta Invitational.  Consistency, of course, was the rule, but it does have the advantage of seeding going for it.  The unexpected made its presence known also.  At times they went hand-in-hand.

Take the 152 pounds for instance.  Jesuit's Efosa Eboigbe, the #1 seed, was predicted to defeat #3 seed Mason Williams of Brother Martin.  But not in 39 seconds.  Second seeded Rick Lacava of Rummel was fortunate to go out of bounds in the third period against Jesuit's Will Lafranca.  The ensuing start on the bottom with 15 seconds remaining proved to be just enough time for Lacava to score the winning escape point.

Tanner Leblanc of St. Paul's and Jesuit's Gaston Eymard battled in a 6-5 match won by Leblanc.

Upsets included a second loss on the year by Brother Martin's Yehia Riles at the hands of Jesuit sophomore Guy Patron, Jr.

Brother Martin's Paul Klein and Live Oak's Cody Hill both looked very sharp.  A collision course is expected, albeit Cushing's Roberts may provide Hill with some trouble on Saturday.  Klein got past the Oklahoma State runner-up 8-3.
Thirteen teams are participating in the 2013 Trey Culotta Invitational.  With 19 entries, the Unattached team jumped to an early lead, but after Friday's matches were completed it dropped back to fourth place, having 221 points going into Saturday's championship tournament brackets.  The Brother Martin Crusaders lead the event after the first day with 310 points.  Vestavia Hills of Alabama is second with 265, followed by Cushing, OK with 222.5.  The Jesuit Blue Jays are hanging tough, posting 211 points to, probably only temporarily, find themselves in the fifth spot.

Each weight class pool consisted of two groups of five or six wrestlers each.  Wrestlers competed against all members of their pools on Friday, with the top four in each pool advancing to the Saturday championship brackets.

Complete pool results and Saturday brackets may be found by clicking HERE, entering the "Trey Culotta Invitational,"  then clicking "Results" and choosing a weight class from the drop-down menu.

"Friday's match of the weight class" is admittedly biased toward the matches the LWN editor viewed.
106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285
106 Pounds

Brody Martin of Jesuit and Steven Rumney of Brother Martin (unattached) went through the pools unscathed with 5-0 records.  Live Oak's Colt Olinde and Brother Martin's Steven Shields posted 4-1 records.  Robert Fairchild (RUM), Tucker Boesch (RUM-UN), Spencer Haddock (VH) and Matthew Smolin (HOU) also qualified for Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Martin over Shields 6-4.
Live Oak's Colt Olinde, a Division II state runner-up in 2013, defeated Spencer Haddock of Vestavia Hills by a 13-4 major decision.

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113 Pounds

Brother Martin's Mason Mauro and East Ascension's Alex Betteridge went 5-0 in the pool competition.  Ben Wisniewski (BM-UN), Jacob Chenevert (LO), Nicky Charles (JES), Austin Walsh (CUS)Jack Stoves (VH) and Stevie Van Zandt (StP) also qualified for Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Betteridge over Charles 7-3.
East Ascension's Alex Betteridge proves he knows the rules quite well, keeping his feet inside the circle after lateralling Jesuit's Nicky Charles to take his first lead of their match.  Betteridge won the match 7-3.

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120 Pounds

Top seeds Daniel Hood (CUS) and Jacob Bernard (EA) were 5-0.  Ben D'Antonio (JES) and the "more valuable every day" Ryan Genco (BM) lost only one match apiece (to the top seeds in their pools.  Mason Miller (CUS-UN), Nicholas des Bordes (MND), Jared Enochs (StTh) amd Quin Estes (VH) also qualified for Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Genco over Arthur (#4 seed of Houston) 5-3.
Jesuit's Ben D'Antonio's scoring efforts proved to be too late against the 120 lbs. top seed Daniel Hood of Cushing.  Hood went on to win the match via a 17-3 major decision.

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126 Pounds

Taylor Gambill (BM) and Tyler Mire (RUM) were 5-0.  Andrew Munn (StT) and David Drago (BM-UN), coming off of an ULT-TB victory over Ben D'Antonio (JES) last week, were 4-1.  Bowman Hill (VH), Matthew Ashford (EA), Andrew Munn (StTh), Blake Burden (CUS) and Max Grosch (JES) make up the remainder of the eight-man championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Genco over Burden 3-2.
Brother Martin's Taylor Gambill, the top seed at 126 lbs., had a more difficult time with Andrew Munn of St. Thomas than this fall in 4:40 indicated.  Both sophomores, Gambill is undefeated while Munn only had one previous loss, to Comeaux's Connor Stampley, in the finals of The Woodlands Invitational.

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132 Pounds

Paul Klein (BM) and Cody Hill (LO) cruised through their pools 5-0.  Mason Roberts (CUS) and, after an upset of Jeremy Strong (VH), Grayson Young (HOU) went 4-1.  Hunter Bourgeois (StP), Zack Lawson (FNT), Strong and Christian Mire (RUM) complete Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Klein over Roberts 8-3.
Cody Hill of Live Oak scores a single-leg against Vestavia Hills' Jeremy Strong en route to a 14-6 major decision.

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138 Pounds

Austin Meyn (BM) and Rick Lacava (RUM) went undefeated at 138, which is considered by many to be the most competitive weight class in Louisiana.  Hayden Hill (VH) and Will Lafranca (JES) were 4-1.  Alaa Shihadeh (HOU), Garrin Pellegrin (MND), Blaine Eisensohn (BM-UN) and Walker Holifield (CUS) also qualified for Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Lacava over Lafranca 3-2.
Rick Lacava of Rummel rides Alaa Shihadeh of Houston.  Lacava scored a 19-4 technical fall in the match after 4:33 had elapsed.

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145 Pounds

Crusader teammates Pierce Williams (scoring) and Danny Evans (UN) went 5-0. Shaw's Brice Ballas was 4-1, his sole loss coming via Williams.  Ashton Queyrouze (JES) also went 4-1.  Zach Bowman (RUM), Grant Redden (VH), Jacob Miller (CUS) and Matthew Dale (CUS) complete Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Queyrouze over Miller 6-1.
Top seed Pierce Williams of Brother Martin repels a takedown attempt by Grant Redden of Vestavia Hills, prior to pinning Redden in 3:15.

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152 Pounds

Eboigbe won five matches in all of six minutes (not leaving time, of course, for anything but falls).  Morgan Paugh (VH) was 5-0 in Pool "B."  Mason Williams (BM) and Joe Kerry (RUM) were 4-1 on the day.  Peyton Carmin (CUS), Dequan Jackson (EA), Garret Baumann (MND) and Sam Dufour (StP) round out the championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Eboigbe over Williams in 0:39.
Efosa Eboigbe of Jesuit defends against an ankle dive from East Ascension's Dequan Jackson.  Eboigbe won the match via a fall in 2:32, his longest match of the day.

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160 Pounds

Tanner Leblanc (StP) was the only wrestler who posted a 5-0 record on Friday.  Three others went 4-1.  Second seed Travis Quarterman (BM) fell to George Dazzio (VH) 5-4 in the first tie-breaker round after SV.  Dazzio lost to Guillermo Suarez (RUM) via a 3: 28 fall. In Leblanc's pool, Gaston Eymard (JES) was 4-1, but he lost according to seeding versus Leblanc.

Friday's match of the weight class: Leblanc over Eymard 6-5.
Travis Quarterman of Brother Martin stacked Rummel's Guillermo Suarez in 3:57.

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170 Pounds

Kyle Medding (VH) followed Leblanc's lead in being the only 5-0 pool champion, competing in Pool "B," which played-out as it was expected to, as Nick Comardelle (BM) went 4-1.

Pool "A" was less accommodating, following the 160 lbs. Pool "B" antics.  Top seed Brody Bonura (LO) was 4-1, with a loss via a fall to Chase Cochran (StP) in 2:42.  Cochran was 4-1 also, and lost his match in 4:37 to north shore rival Frankie Arena (MND).  There being little if any room (I did not do the math) for three 4-1 records in one six-man pool (with a bye), Arena lost matches to Josh Houtchens (CUS) in 0:51 and to Bonura 11-5.

Anthony Quijano (BM-UN), Adam Bosworth (EA) and Sina Setayeshpour (HOU) filled up the remaining three spots in Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Houtchens over Arena in 0:51.  (It was Houtchens' sole victory on the day.)
Nick Comardelle of Brother Martin scores a double-leg takedown against Houston's Sina Setayeshpour.  Comardelle won via a fall in 4:36.

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182 Pounds

Second seed Ethan Eisenhardt (FNT) and third seed Guy Patron, Jr. (JES) were the 5-0 wrestlers in this weight class.  Eisenhardt was expected to do so.  Patron was expected to place second in his pool.  But Patron rose to the occasion to hand top-seeded Yehia Riles (BM) his second loss of the season.  Riles finished the day 4-1 as did Garrett Hunt (CUS).  Wyatt Beall (HOU), James Young (RUM), James Edwards (VH) and Koi Malarcher (EA) complete the Saturday championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Patron, Jr. over Riles 6-3.
Koi Malarcher of East Ascension attempts a takedown on Allen Krause of St. Thomas.  Malarcher scored a fall in 1:50.

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195 Pounds

Top seed Joshua Tapia (BM) went 5-0, but that was about the only thing in this weight class that was close to form.  Second seed Cody Reneau went 1-4.  In Tapia's pool it was Daniel Rowell (CUS-UN) who went 4-1.  In the other pool it was Travis Viener (BM-UN) and Daniel Priola (FNT) who did the same.  Brennan Falcon (SHW), Nick Simoneaux (LO), Austin Guedry (EA) and McNeill Gardner (VH) also qualified for Saturday's championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: Guedry over Reneau in 3:30.
An already bad day for Cushing's second seeded Cody Reneau got worse after East Ascension's Austin Guedry scored a fall against him in 3:30.

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220 Pounds

In all likelihood Dalton Campbell (VH) had five wins in less time than Eboigbe did at 152 lbs., but one was recorded as 0:00.  His three recorded falls and a technical fall at 3:38 added up to 5:12, allowing him 47 seconds to best Eboigbe's mark.  That may have been asking too much versus Garret Kugelmann (FNT), though.  Jacob Clapp was 4-1 in Campbell's pool.  Trevor Hubble (CUS) was also 5-0.  Tyler Fontana kept to form with a 4-1 record.  Derion Morris (EA), Alexander Tekle (HOU) and Adam Albarado (SHW) complete the Saturday championship bracket.

Friday's match of the weight class: For lack of any other actual knowledge, a pin occurring with no match time having elapsed is pretty remarkable.
Deceptively quick in a 220 pound frame, Dalton Campbell, an Alabama state runner-up in 2013, dominated his pool.  In this instance Colin Francis of St. Paul's succumbed to a fall in 0:40.

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285 Pounds

Conor Karwath went 5-0 with five pins, and Dominic Carmello went 5-0 with four.  According to seeding Christian Ponson (FNT) and Mac Ramsey (CUS) went 4-1.  Benjamin Cage (VH), Campbell Clarkson (StTh), Matthew Blair (RUM) and Matt Maltabon (BM) complete Saturday's championship field.

Friday's match of the weight class: Carmello over Brandt O'Brien (RUM) 6-2.  It was a very good showing by O'Brien, who prevailed in only one match on the day.
Conor Karwath, East Ascension's top seed at 285 lbs., removes his headgear after pinning Campbell Thompson of St. Thomas in 0:40

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