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Louisiana grapplers test national waters in Iowa
April 5th, 2014 | Written by: Editor  | Contributors: David Clement



Forty-five wrestlers from the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette metropolitan areas travelled just about 1,000 miles to Cedar Falls, Iowa, for the 2014 USA Wrestling Cliff Keen Folkstyle National Championships, held from April 4th-6th.  The group included three recently crowned state champions, two runners-up and a slew of young wrestlers, the lightest of which is competing in a 45 lbs. weight class.

This is a big tournament - as in 32 states are represented big; as in 1,259 entrants in the Cadet & Junior divisions (combined) and a "cap" at 1,500 entrants in the Kids/Girls/Veterans divisions (combined).

Most of the Louisiana participants are young and unused to national competitions, so many only wrestled two matches.  The experience of traveling with new teammates, of participating against out-of-state competition and just to compete in an arena large enough to handle more mats than the editor felt like counting on the TW "Dashboard" though, is invaluable.

After the first day three Louisiana wrestlers are still "alive" and will compete again on Saturday.  In the Cadet 182 lbs. weight class, Jesuit's Guy Patron, Jr., the 2014 state runner-up at that weight, won three matches (via a fall in 3:43 and decisions of 3-2 and 8-7), and finds himself in Saturday's.  Rummel's Robert Fairchild wrestled only one match to reach the Junior 100 lbs. semifinals, but his 2-1 win was no "walkover."  In the Junior 220 lbs. weight class Hahnville's state champion Kendrick Jones won his first match in 3:43, lost his second in 1:15, but since stormed back with 8-3, 6-4 and 18-4 to stay alive in the consolation rounds.

Other Louisiana wrestlers who won matches on Friday were Jake Rando (5), Brice Duhe (4), Jake Eccles (2), Alex Martin (2), Joshua Ramirez (2), Kynan Sonnier (2), Efosa Eboigbe (1) Jacques Girouard (1), Dane Langley (1) and Austin Pfister (1).

The wrestlers and the wrestling clubs for which they are members, along with their divisions and weight classes, are presented below:

Name Group Weight Name Group Weight
Team Louisiana     New Orleans W.C.    
Smith, Landon Bantam 45 Larriviere, Adam Schoolboy 98
Digerolamo, Nicholas Bantam 70 Larriviere, Eli Schoolboy 120
Reaux, Landon Intermediate 50 Ashburn, Austin Cadet 100
Boudreaux, Ethan Intermediate 60 Giewat, Jordan Cadet 120
Dalton, Gabe Intermediate 60 Rando, JAKE Cadet 126
Bergeron, Jake Intermediate 65 Patron, Jr., Guy Cadet 182
Drake, Zachary Intermediate 70 Pfister, Austin Junior 113
Lanosga, Spencer Intermediate 120 Eboigbe, Efosa Junior 160
Bergeron, Reed Novice 65 Eccles, Jake Junior 160
Clay, Tyrick Novice 70
Romero, Vaughn-Kaipo Novice 105 Teurlings Catholic Rebels
Drake, John Novice 140+ Langley, Dane Cadet 106
Sonnier, Colten Schoolboy 84 Kilchrist, Luke Cadet 120
Clay, Taylor Schoolboy 112 Trosclair, Brennan Junior 160
Mire, Dawson Schoolboy 112      
Hezeau, Dylan Schoolboy 120 Tiger Wrestling Club
Boesch, Tucker Cadet 106 Butler, Brady Schoolboy 105
Mateu, Blake Cadet 106 Boudreaux, Lane Schoolboy 128
Yates, Robert Cadet 132 Hess, Hayden Cadet 120
Ramirez, Joshua Cadet 152 Clement, Cole Cadet 126
Sonnier, Kynan Cadet 160 Amos, Randel Cadet 285
Fairchild, Robert Junior 100 Duhe, Brice Junior 170
Trappey, Daniel Junior 120      
Many, Austin Junior 152 Gator Wrestling Club
Girouard, Jacque Junior 160 Martin, Alex Junior 170
Malveaux, Nicholas Junior 160      
Jones, Kendrick Junior 220      

Updated results will be published later on Saturday, April 5th, which will also include the first day results in the Bantam, Intermediate and Schoolboy competitions.

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