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Nepotism notwithstanding, LHSWA Website tops 1,000,000 hits
April 11, 2014 | Written by: Editor



On April 6th, 2014, the Louisiana High School Wrestling Archives Website, according to 1&1 "Site Analytics" calculations, received its 1,000,000th hit from Web viewers.  First published on 12-31-2006, the Website has garnered and average of 137,000 hits per year.

The lucky winner, who will receive at least one semester of tuition to a university that accepts her, as well as the opportunity to drive the 2003 Saturn L300 with 56K miles on it when she completes DMV requirements, is none other than the Louisiana Wrestling News' editor's daughter, Camille Tyra.

Miss Tyra credits her good fortune to the LHSWA Website being the default Internet Explorer home page on the laptop the editor allows her to use, that her winnings are something she was going to receive anyway, and to the fact that her father might be overcome with paint fumes from painting a closet.
Camille Tyra finds it hard to contain her enthusiasm after the editor announced to her that she was the 1,000,000th visitor to the LHSWA Website.
The 2003 Saturn L300 with 56K miles, AC/ power doors & windows and CD player.

The editor admits he may be responsible for a substantial number of the hits, perhaps 5% of the total due to checking additions and for research purposes for the Louisiana Wrestling News, but insists he had little control over whom he specifically chose to be awarded the luxury prizes awarded to Miss Tyra.

The editor fully appreciates that evidently many find the Website enjoyable, and heartily thanks all who have helped him amass the information displayed on it since 2006.

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