Crusaders and Tigers to clarify Louisiana Classic seeding Wednesday evening
January 13th, 2015 | Written by: Editor

At least five top seeds and three 3rd-5th seeds for this weekend's Louisiana Classic should be on the line Wednesday night at Holy Cross as the Brother Martin Crusaders visit the Tigers for their annual dual meet.  At least that is the determination of this wrestling pundit based on his personal and now seemingly nonsensical rankings of the state's best grapplers.  While my projected seeds will certainly differ from that which might be gleaned by two others' "rankings" of this season's best, the matches mentioned here will nonetheless affect seeding in one way or another.  If that is not drama enough, add that this is the first time season that any of these wrestlers have faced one another.

As I see it the following matches will be of concern to the Louisiana Classic seeding committee:

Weight Brother Martin (Grade) Holy Cross (Grade) At Stake... Notes Prediction
106 Luke Cotton (9) Chris Zea (12) #3 Blake Mateau of Rummel and Brody Martin of Jesuit will take the first two spots. Sure, you can
113 Steven Shields (10) Jeffrey Argrave (10)  #3 Shields is going to be #1, even with one loss in a dual meet.  Fairchild will be #2 because his only loss was to Shields.  Argrave, Jesuit's Austin Pfister and Catholic's Cameron Carpenter have been beating up each other.  A win over Shields puts Argrave in the front, or top, or whatever one can determine to be the best place to be in a Mobius Loop.  read this if you
120 Steven Rumney (11) Beau Bush (11) #3 Nicholas Lirette of Hahnville and Ben D'Antonio are the top two in this weight class, arguably one of the toughest this year.  Both have defeated Rumney (Lirette by a fall and D'Antonio by two points) and D'Antonio has defeated Bush.  Rumney and Bush have common victories over Colt Olinde of Live Oak, Landon Wheat of East Ascension and Eli Larriviere of Jesuit.   know how,
126 Taylor Gambill (11) Collin Guerra (12) #1 Shaw's two-time Brother Martin state champion Mason Mauro will have an effect on this weight class, but with only two matches under his belt so far it is too early to give him top billing just yet.  East Ascension's Jacob Bernard is also a serious contender for the Division I championship in this weight class, but Bernard just moved to 126 lbs. last weekend and only has one match at that weight.  Gambill and Guerra are both undefeated in Louisiana and have very respectable records against out-of-state competition. but if you
132 Paul Klein (12) Dylan Soileau (12) #1 Klein gets it with a win.  Soileau gets it with a win as, despite not having competed since December 10th, he will remain undefeated. think I am about
138 Blaine Eisensohn (12) Joey Foret (10) #1 Joey Foret is undefeated in Louisiana against some pretty good competition, including Brock Bonin of Teurlings Catholic, Max Grosch of Jesuit and Mitchell Vidrine of Catholic.  Eisensohn only has one loss in Louisiana, and he avenged that (and took a 2-1 season lead) at the Southeastern Prep Slam VII.  The two have several opponents in common and have beaten them, albeit not the same ones, more convincingly than the other. to publish predictions
145 Mason Williams (12) Jake Rando (10) #1 Like Gambill vs. Guerra, these two are undefeated in Louisiana and have done very well against high caliber out-of-state competition.  that is akin to
170 Brice Duhe (12) Pierce Williams (11) #3 or #5 This match can only improve Williams' seeding potential.  Even with a loss Duhe has dominated the best local competition, including those who have beaten Williams.  A Williams win could vault the Crusader to the #3 spot. taking me for an idiot.
285 Matthew Montalbano (11) Travis Gardner (12) #3 or #4 Northside's O'Shea Dugas and Jesuit's Dominic Carmello should be the top seeds.  Montalbano and Gardner both have losses to Fontainebleau's Christian Ponson, although the Bulldogs will not be participating.  Montalbano, however, has two losses to Shaw's Matthew Blair while Gardner defeated Blair twice.  Gardner stays to #4 with a win.  Montalbano goes to #5, behind Blair, with a win. Think again!

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