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Crusaders defeat Tigers 37-20 - Louisiana Classic seeds can be finalized
January 14th, 2015 | Written by: Editor

At a packed Holy Cross gymnasium Wednesday night wrestlers from the two best teams in Louisiana met for the first time all year.  At stake were not only team bragging rights but also several seeding spots at this weekend's Louisiana Classic (LACL)in Baton Rouge.  To no one's great surprise the Brother Martin Crusaders extended their now over two-year-old dual meet unbeaten streak with a 37-20 victory.  The Tigers, though, got their licks in and know well that just a few points here and there may have cost them the match.  The matches at 120 lbs., 126 lbs. and 145 lbs. were all won by three points or less by the Crusaders.  Had they gone in the Tigers' favor, Holy Cross would have won 29-28.

A summary of the matches is presented below.  An in depth article with photographs will be available later.

Weight Match BM Score HC Score Notes
106 Zea (HC) defeated Cotton (BM) 11-1 0 4 Zea merits #3 seed at LACL.
113 Shields (BM) defeated Argrave (HC) 11-3 4 4 Shields is #1 seed at LACL.
120 Rumney (BM) defeated Bush (HC) 7-4 7 4 Rumney merits #3 seed at LACL.
126 Gambill (BM) defeated Guerra (HC) 4-2 in SV 10 4 Gambill earns #1 seed at LACL.  HC's choice to take top in 3rd period with a 2-0 lead leaves onlookers baffled.
132 Klein (BM) pinned Soileau (HC) in 2nd period 16 4 Klein is #1 seed at LACL.  Soileau made it very interesting for the first minute.
138 Foret (HC) defeated Eisensohn (BM) 3-2 16 7 Foret merits #1 seed at LACL.  Eisensohn should be #2.
145 M. Williams (BM) defeated Rando (HC) 6-4 19 7 Williams merits #1 seed at LACL.  Rando should be #2, though Zachary's Sam Johnson may take that spot.
152 Benoit (HC) defeated Johnson (BM) 7-2 19 10 Benoit is #1 seed at LACL.  Johnson might make #4.
160 Danny Evans (HC) defeated Robichaux (HC) 9-2 22 10 Evans merits #1 seed at LACL.
170 Duhe (HC) defeated P. Williams (BM) 15-6 22 14 Duhe is #1 seed at LACL.  Williams merits #4.
182 Riles (BM) pinned Putnam (HC) in 1:28 28 14 Riles is #1 seed at LACL.
195 Viener (BM) defeated M. Williams (HC) 7-2 31 14 Viener merits #3 seed at LACL.
220 Clapp (BM) pinned Ritz (HC) in 2:43 37 14 Clapp merits #4 seed at LACL.
285 Gardner (HC) pinned Montalbano (BM) in 4:39 37 20 Gardner merits #3 seed at LACL.  Montalbano should be 4th.

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