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Hurricanes storm to John Curtis title
January 28th, 2015 | Written by: Editor


On Friday, the day before the 2015 John Curtis Tournament, Evangel, Crescent City and John Curtis held a tri-meet and, on another mat, John Curtis middle school kids and kids from the Champions Wrestling Academy competed just for fun.  Photos of those events may be found by clicking the links below:
Kids Event Tri-Meet


1st - South Plaquemines 2nd - John Curtis 3rd - Episcopal

4th - Episcopal Crescent City medalists and coach OW Brendon Wilcox (JC) OW Kelvin McNeil (EVA)


106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285


Early and Consolation Rounds
1 CF: Cornella (NOMMA) over Lim (SP)
2 CF: Cornella (NOMMA) over Lim (SP)
3 CF: Cornella (NOMMA) over Lim (SP)
4 C2: Lim (SP) over Herlache (JC)
5 R1: Rollins (EPI) over David (EVA)
John Rollins (Episcopal) pinned Drew Sartor (John Curtis) in 1:11

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 R1: Mack (EVA) over Sylve (SP)
2 R1: Mack (EVA) over Sylve (SP)
3 R1: Mack (EVA) over Sylve (SP)
4 R1: Mack (EVA) over Sylve (SP)
5 R1: Mack (EVA) over Sylve (SP)
6 R1: Mack (EVA) over Sylve (SP)
Brendon Wilcox (John Curtis) defeated Richard Mack, III (Evangel) 12-5

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 CF: Bochner (SP) over Evers (EVA)
2 CF: Bochner (SP) over Evers (EVA)
3 CF: Bochner (SP) over Evers (EVA)
4 CF: Bochner (SP) over Evers (EVA)
David Rollins (Episcopal) defeated Brandon Mockbee (John Curtis) 4-0

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 Ancar (SP) over Reed (EVA)
2 Ancar (SP) over Reed (EVA)
3 Ancar (SP) over Reed (EVA)
4 Ancar (SP) over Reed (EVA)
Correy Ancar (South Plaquemines) pinned Giancarlo Hernandez (John Curtis) in 0:39

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 R1: Phea (SP) over Fuest (BON)
2 SF: Chestnut (NOMMA) over Lewis (HR)
3 SF: Chestnut (NOMMA) over Lewis (HR)
4 SF: Grantham (EPI) over Phea (SP)
5 CF: Lewis (HR) over Phea (SP)
6 CF: Lewis (HR) over Phea (SP)
Christian Chestnut (NOMMA) defeated Grant Grantham (Episcopal ) 10-9

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 R1: Almondovar (JC) over Kirkland (NOMMA)
2 R1: Crowley (HR) over Villaronga (BON)
3 C2: Crowley (HR) over Kirkland (NOMMA)
4 CF: Crowley (HR) over Almondovar (JC)
5 CF: Crowley (HR) over Almondovar (JC)
Gerald Barthelemy (South Plaquemines) pinned Jacob Pelle (Crescent City) in 2:47

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 R1: Ormond (DLS) over Martinez (JC)
2 SF: Sode (SP) over Dynes (EPI)
3 SF: Ormond (DLS) over Fincher (CC)
4 CF: Fincher (CC) over Martinez (JC)
5 CF: Fincher (CC) over Martinez (JC)
Tony Sode (South Plaquemines) pinned Alex Ormond (De la Salle) in 0:15

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 R1: Nassar (BON) over Guillie (JC)
2 R1: Porter (NOMMA) over Talley (HR)
3 R1: Porter (NOMMA) over Talley (HR)
4 SF: Bowman (EPI) over Porter (NOMMA)
5 CS: Nguyen (SP) over Terrel (DLS)
6 CF: Porter (NOMMA) over Nguyen (SP)
Jack Bowman (Episcopal) pinned Kosai Nassar (Bonnabel) in 1:51

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 R1: Hamrick (CC) over Locantro (BON)
2 R1: Hamrick (CC) over Locantro (BON)
3 R1: Turner (SP) over Hairston (EVA)
4 R1: Turner (SP) over Hairston (EVA)
5 SF: Turner (SP) over Lane (JC)
6 SF: Turner (SP) over Lane (JC)
7 CF: Hairston (EVA) over Lane (JC)
Brandon Turner (South Plaquemines) pinned Ryan Hamrick (Crescent City) in 3:02

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 CF: Ellers (EVA) over Krake (DLS)
2 CF: Ellers (EVA) over Krake (DLS)
Randall Ross (Bonnabel) pinned Kaleb McNair (NOMMA) in 3:41

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 R1: San (SP) over Green (HR)
2 SF: Inocencio (DOY) over Maassen-Veeters (HR)
3 C1: Green (HR) over Washington (BON)
4 CF: Lanassa (JC) over Green (HR)
5 CF: Lanassa (JC) over Green (HR)
Chris Inocencio (Doyline) pinned Jacob Melancon (John Curtis) in 0:54

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Early and Consolation Rounds
1 CF: Whitley (EPI) over Brown (CC)
2 CF: Whitley (EPI) over Brown (CC)
Braxton Williamson (South Plaquemines) pinned John Inocencio (Doyline) in 1:26

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Kelvin McNeil, Jr. (Evangel) pinned Princeton Stevens (John Curtis) in 0:52

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Vincent Hall, Jr. (Evangel) pinned Joseph Presley (Evangel) in 1:20

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