And some men have tardiness thrust upon them...
February 14th, 2015 | Written by: Editor



Dear Readers,

Not for a lack of desire, but timeliness has never been a great concern to me re articles on this Website.  To provide the photos and try to include accurate information on the individuals referenced requires a great deal of time and research.  If one just wants results then NOLA.com, SportsNOLA and TrackWrestling provide fine coverage, so the wrestling fan at least has relatively quick access to what has happened in the grand scheme of things.

This season has been a little different in good and bad ways.  Not being able to use the NWCA Website to get a clue as to who has records that indicate them as standouts this year does not help.  A new camera that takes seven photos a second does not help.  Renting an f/2.8 70-200mm lens which takes great photos with that camera does not help.

However, I think I have made strides, if only late in the season, in producing pieces that are worthwhile re providing a synopsis of weekly results, and I intend to try to do that more often. I can cover something with a few pictures and some commentary a lot faster than publishing the larger articles with a ton of photographs.  I want to provide the photographs, of course, but I can get away with doing that later, I think, if I can get something published in a more timely fashion that adequately covers an event.  I have a much better system of choosing and editing photographs now for the large photo layouts I like.  With luck and some more tweaking I hope to be able to cover a lot more next season, as well as cover events better in what I used to call the "off season."

This last month has been a tad hellacious for me, though, for a number of reasons beyond my control.

Some family issues have arisen - strike that - have been manufactured, which may have serious repercussions despite their ludicrous nature.  Those matters, of course, are my top priority and, as many of you know, family matters almost caused me to miss last season's state championships.  While I would have hated to miss that event, I am sure all parents and most others completely understand where my priorities must lie.

Recent medical issues have been more than a tad pesky.  Two hospital stays, two failed attempts to remedy the cause of those hospital stays, one threat of leaving the hospital AMA ("against medical advice" - I was not about to stay in Ochsner over this weekend so the "slammed" interventional radiology doctors could make their weekend flights) have taken their toll.  Nothing is life threatening, at least not yet, but the situation needs to be addressed lest it becomes so.  With luck (a euphemism I use for hospital efficiency) all will be well after an outpatient visit on Monday.

So I ask that you bear with me a little.  Juggling what I want to do with the Louisiana Wrestling News Website with family and medical priorities has reduced what little efficiency I have created re the Website.  I prefer not to make excuses, but I ask your indulgence at this time.  Those few who know more specifics have been wonderful with their encouragement, and I am hoping others less “in the know” will react in kind.

I intend to have the Ken Cole article and the seeding guesses completed by Tuesday.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Muller

Editor - Louisiana Wrestling News

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