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Louisiana Wrestling News "Best of 2013-14" Rankings
Editor: May 11th, 2014

LWN "Best of 2013-14" Rankings

Things fell into place fairly easily this year.  Naturally, some will feeling certain wrestlers were slighted, but I tried to build this list as fairly as possible.  Several athletes deserve notice even if they did not make my top three.

Of those who won tournaments in 2013-14, Nicholas Lirette of Hahnville deserves merit, as do Joshua Matthews of Catholic, Rick LaCava of Rummel, Gaston Eymard of Jesuit, Conor Karwath of East Ascension and Christian Ponson of Fontainebleau.  Add to that list Brusly's Noah Landry, who was also the first opponent to score an offensive point against Brother Martin's Paul Klein (and that was not until February 1st).  Sulphur's Trey Duhon had a good season, albeit a relatively short one with only 16 matches wrestled, yet still placed third in Division I.  Christopher Zea of Holy Cross placed third in Division I, but 106 lbs. proved to be one tough weight class.  So was 182 lbs., and Brendan Allen of Covington and Holy Cross' Porter Dazet had good seasons, if not the best of state tournaments. 

Listing those mentioned above, of course, just digs the editor a deeper hole due to others whom he did not cite.  T'is the folly of compiling such lists, but they are simply subjective selections which, while based on facts, are solely one man's opinion.  The editor welcomes polite harangues, of course.

(For Messrs. Klein and Claitor, I trust this year's award, though still flawed, makes up for last year's!)

Let the flaying begin!  Email: Muller, you're an idiot!

(The first record listed is against Louisiana competition.  The second record includes matches with opponents from out-of-state.  Forfeits and byes are not counted.)

The freshman Shields lost to Martin twice, yet defeated him four times, including in the state semifinals.  Shields lost to Holy Cross' Chris Zea but beat the Tiger twice after that.  His other loss was to Nick Charles of Jesuit, but Charles spent most of his time at 113 lbs.

Martin had a 2-1 advantage over Betteridge, including their last two matches.  Betteridge cannot be overlooked, however, due to his Louisiana Classic and Greater Baton Rouge championships, not to mention that injuries in his first tournament and the day before his last were dealt with in a courageous manner.
106 Pounds
Steven Shields - Brother Martin
28-4 (40-8)
1st Spartan Open, Trey Culotta, Division I State
2nd Warrior Open, Trygg Memorial
3rd Soddy Daisy, Ken Cole
Brody Martin - Jesuit
36-7 (43-7)
1st Ken Cole
2nd Trey Culotta
3rd Warrior Open, Wildcat Open, Louisiana Classic
Alex Betteridge - East Ascension
25-5 (30-6)
1st Louisiana Classic, Greater Baton Rouge
2nd Trey Culotta, Ken Cole


That the Brusly freshman and the Brother Martin junior did not face each other this season was a shame.  Only two events were scheduled in which they might have met, but the Crusaders were unable to compete in the Louisiana Classic and Lee-Kayser was not able to compete in the Ken Cole.  The Panther freshman gets the nod, however, due to a common opponent whom Lee-Kayser defeated 10-0 while Mauro only managed a split in their two matches.

Mauro, with only the loss to Breaud, ranks ahead of Charles due to a 3-0 record against the Blue Jay.
113 Pounds
Kendon Lee-Kayser - Brusly
31-0 (47-1)
1st Warrior Open, South Walton Border Wars, Brusly Invitational, Louisiana Classic, Greater Baton Rouge, Division III State
Mason Mauro - Brother Martin
25-1 (32-2)
1st Mandeville Open, Trey Culotta, Ken Cole, Division I State
2nd Spartan Open, Soddy Daisy
Nick Charles - Jesuit
24-7 (37-9)
2nd Louisiana Classic, Ken Cole, Division I State
3rd Warrior Open, Trey Culotta


120 was a little wide open at the beginning of the season, but the cream rose to the top in the end.  All three earned stellar wins.  Bernard won the Ken Cole, Mire the Trey Culotta and D'Antonio the Division I state championship.  Bernard had a win over D'Antonio, Mire had a win over Bernard and D'Antonio had two wins over Mire, including the state finals. That was the difference.
120 Pounds
Ben D'Antonio - Jesuit
23-4 (33-10)
1st Division I State
2nd Trygg Memorial, Trey Culotta, Louisiana Classic
3rd Raider Open
Tyler Mire - Rummel
32-4 (38-5)
1st Trey Culotta, St. Paul's
2nd Mandeville Open, Division I State
3rd Spartan Open, Louisiana Classic
Jacob Bernard - East Ascension
41-9 (47-9)
1st Griffin Open, Ken Cole
2nd Warrior Open, Spartan Open, Greater Baton Rouge
3rd Division I State


This one did come down to the state finals.  Stampley and Gambill split during the season, both defeating the other by one point.  Gambill won the Ken Cole and Stampley the Division I title.  Stampley did have an early season loss to Kendon Lee-Kayser, but who in Louisiana did not that wrestled the kid from Brusly? 

Placing Cody Hill third generates an odd feeling, but he did have a one point loss to Gambill as well as one loss (albeit followed by two victories) over Airline's phenomenal freshman Christian Walden (whom Stampley handled quite well in the Division I semifinals).  Hill did get his second Louisiana Classic title along the way, however, en route to a season ending LHSAA career victories record of 243.  And for good measure, why not tack on the 2014 Dave Schultz Award?
126 Pounds
Connor Stampley - Comeaux
30-2 (35-3)
1st Wildcat Open, The Woodlands, Big Horse Open, Jacob McMillan, Lafayette Metro, Division I State
2nd Ken Cole
3rd Warrior Open
Taylor Gambill - Brother Martin
30-2 (40-4)
1st Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Trygg Memorial, Ken Cole
2nd Trey Culotta, Soddy Daisy, Division I State
Cody Hill - Live Oak
67-4 (71-4)
1st Wildcat Open, Griffin Open, Istrouma Open, Lone Survivor, Louisiana Classic, Greater Baton Rouge, Division II State
2nd Spartan Open, Trey Culotta
3rd Warrior Open, Ken Cole


Klein had one loss all season, and it was to Benoit, but the Crusader defeated the Tiger twice, the last time in the Division I finals.  Taylor had quite a year, but a semifinals loss to Klein at the state tournament and two major decision losses against Benoit kept him the sophomore of their league this year at least.
132 Pounds
Paul Klein - Brother Martin
30-1 (43-1)
1st Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Trygg Memorial, Trey Culotta, Soddy Daisy, Division I State
2nd Ken Cole
George Benoit - Holy Cross
33-5 (33-6)
1st Louisiana Classic, Ken Cole, Greater New Orleans
2nd Raider Open, Division I State
3rd Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Las Vegas Holiday Classic
Brennan Taylor - Sulphur
35-4 (37-4)
1st Ronnie Suarez, Raider Open, Jacob McMillan, Southwest Shoot-Out
2nd Louisiana Classic
3rd Division I State


Trevor Schermer dominated 138 lbs. with a 17-0 record that included decisive victories over the Division I state champion Meyn at the Ken Cole and over the Division I runner-up Taylor at the Louisiana Classic.  He was also undefeated at 152, including a win over the Division I state champion.  Both of the wrestlers who defeated him this year won state championships (Claitor in LA, Breindel in FL).

Meyn gets the nod over Taylor with a 2-0 season record against the Catholic wrestler who defeated him in the 2013 126 lbs. Division I championship.
138 Pounds
Trevor Schermer - Brusly
34-2 (51-3)
1st Warrior Open, Brusly Invitational, Louisiana Classic, Ken Cole, Division III State
2nd South Walton Border Wars, Greater Baton Rouge
Austin Meyn - Brother Martin
29-1 (39-4)
1st Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Trey Culotta, Division I State
2nd Ken Cole
3rd Soddy Daisy
Brennan Taylor - Catholic
30-3 (47-7)
1st Warrior Open, Wildcat Open, Hoover Invitational, Greater Baton Rouge
2nd Spartan Open, Louisiana Classic, Division I State


Claitor, a two-time Division I state champion, is the only wrestler with a winning match record against Schermer.  Evans had a phenomenal year in which he was undefeated against Louisiana wrestlers until the state tournament, which was just a bad weekend for him.  But he had victories at the Trey Culotta and the Ken Cole.  Prior to the weekend of the state tournament he had two victories over Dutchtown's Brandon Cowell.

Cowell was due to break into the upper echelon of wrestlers in Louisiana, and he did so with his defeat of Evans to make the Division I state finals.
145 Pounds
James Claitor - Catholic
18-2 (34-3)
1st Hoover Invitational, Greater Baton Rouge, Division I State
3rd Louisiana Classic
Danny Evans - Brother Martin
31-2 (35-3)
1st Mandeville Open, Griffin Open, Trey Culotta, Ken Cole
2nd Trygg Memorial
Brandon Cowell - Dutchtown
52-9 (54-11)
1st Wildcat Open, Istrouma Open, Big Horse Open
2nd Griffin Open, Spartan Open, Ken Cole, Division I State
3rd Trygg Memorial


Williams and Mire split matches over the season, but Mire won the last one in the Division I finals.

Fontenot, despite a fifth-place finish at the state championships, won four tournament championships and notched runner-up places at the Louisiana Classic (falling to Mire) and the Ken Cole (falling to Williams).
152 Pounds
Matthew Mire - Catholic
28-4 (40-5)
1st Louisiana Classic, Division I State
2nd Warrior Open, Wildcat Open, Spartan Open, Hoover Invitational, Greater Baton Rouge
Mason Williams - Brother Martin
27-3 (37-4)
1st Spartan Open, Trygg Memorial, Soddy Daisy, Ken Cole
2nd Division I State
3rd Trey Culotta
Jack Fontenot - John Ehret
1st Pearl River Open, Griffin Open, Jefferson Invitational, Greater New Orleans
2nd Louisiana Classic, Ken Cole


This one came down to the Louisiana Classic finals, which LeBlanc won by a point over Martin (who gave LeBlanc his only loss in the Trygg Memorial finals).  It would have been harder had Martin not lost a 170 lbs. match against Shaw's Kody Woodson.  In his third try, though, Martin did get a Ken Cole title.

Quarterman did a fine job all season despite not winning a tournament title due to the likes of LeBlanc, Martin and Holy Cross' Brice Duhe.  The Texas transfer (who most likely followed his family to New Orleans rather than the opposite just to compete with the Crusaders) came through strong in the end by making the Division I finals.
160 Pounds
Tanner Leblanc - St. Paul's
36-1 (43-1)
1st Mandeville Open, South Walton Border Wars, St. Tammany Open, Trey Culotta, Louisiana Classic, St. Paul's Invitational, Division I State
2nd Trygg Memorial
Alex Martin - De la Salle
42-2 (44-2)
1st Pearl River Open, Trygg Memorial, GNO Division III, Brusly Invitational, Greater New Orleans, Ken Cole, Division III State
2nd Louisiana Classic
Travis Quarterman - Brother Martin
26-7 (32-11)
2nd Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Ken Cole, Division I State
3rd Trey Culotta, Soddy Daisy


Brice Duhe won just about everything he entered, including the Louisiana Classic against Eccles, but in the last two of their three matches, including the Division I finals, Eccles came out on top.

Woodson finally won the title he came so close to in 2012 and in which he was denied a second opportunity in 2013 by Duhe.
170 Pounds
Jake Eccles - Jesuit
25-1 (35-2)
1st Warrior Open, Greater New Orleans, Division I State
2nd Louisiana Classic
Brice Duhe - Holy Cross
32-2 (38-4)
1st Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Raider Open, Louisiana Classic, Ken Cole
2nd Greater New Orleans, Division I State
Kody Woodson - Shaw
33-6 (36-6)
1st Jefferson Invitational, Skipper "Last Chance", Division II State
2nd Jefferson Parish Championships
3rd Mandeville Open, Louisiana Classic


It does not get any closer of a contest than it was between the junior Crusader and the sophomore Blue Jay.  Patron, Jr. dominated the first two matches at the Trey Culotta, whereas Riles solved the Blue Jay's attacks at the Deep South Bayou Duals and in the Jesuit-Brother Martin dual meet.  And then there was the match in the finals that only ended after the two fought each other for 7 1/2 minutes.  Riles won that and gets the nod.

Eisenhardt, in a very tough weight class, notched third with his win over Covington's Brendan Allen in the state consolation finals.
182 Pounds
Yehia Riles - Brother Martin
35-4 (45-4)
1st Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Soddy Daisy, St. Paul's, Division I State
3rd Trygg Memorial, Ken Cole
Guy Patron, Jr. - Jesuit
33-4 (47-5)
1st Warrior Open, Raider Open, Trey Culotta, Louisiana Classic
2nd Division I State
Ethan Eisenhardt - Fontainebleau
38-6 (39-6)
1st St. Tammany Parish
2nd Louisiana Classic
3rd Trey Culotta, St. Paul's, Division I State


The only major tournament in which Jones participated before the state championships was the Louisiana Classic, in which he lost his only match to a Louisiana wrestler, 3-0 versus Sulphur's Matthew Perez.  At the state tournament he was unstoppable, pinning Brother Martin's Joshua Tapia as well as Perez, and then surprising Relayson with a quick takedown shot in the Sudden Victory period of the Division I state finals.

Relayson gets the nod over Perez due to a 4-0 match record against him.  Perez is a solid third, though, as his only losses were to Relayson and Jones.
195 Pounds
Kenderick Jones - Hahnville
37-1 (39-4)
1st Pearl River Open, Jefferson Invitational, St. Paul's, Division I State
2nd Big Horse Open
Daniel Relayson - Holy Cross
27-4 (37-5)
1st Raider Open, Louisiana Classic, Ken Cole
2nd Mandeville Open, Spartan Open, Las Vegas Holiday Classic, Division I State
Matthew Perez - Sulphur
27-7 (34-10)
1st Ronnie Suarez, Jacob McMillan, Southwest Shoot-Out
2nd Raider Open, Ken Cole
3rd Cy-Fair ISD, Louisiana Classic, Division I State


At 42-0 Gilliam was the only undefeated wrestler at the state championships and had wins at the Louisiana Classic and the Ken Cole before the Division I state championships.  The Byrd senior was unbeatable in Louisiana.

Marbley was also undefeated until he met Gilliam.

Yeatman lost to two Louisiana wrestlers all season, but they were Gilliam and Marbley.  (Yeatman was injured in his match against Marbley and was forced to forfeit against two wrestlers whom he had defeated a combined seven times during the season.)
220 Pounds
Quin Gilliam - C.E. Byrd
38-0 (42-0)
1st Griffin Open, Spartan Open, Airline Invitational, Louisiana Classic, Shreveport City, Ken Cole, Northwest Louisiana Regionals, Division I State
Rae Juan Marbley - Destrehan
14-1 (15-1)
1st Istrouma Open, Big Horse Open, St. Paul's
2nd Division I State
Michael Yeatman - Holy Cross
24-4 (30-5)
1st Mandeville Open, Raider Open, Greater New Orleans
2nd Spartan Open, Las Vegas Holiday Classic, Louisiana Classic, Ken Cole


The Division III champion Williams get the nod here as his only loss all season was to Byrd's Gilliam, 1-0.  He also defeated Dugas, who split two matches with Kennedy, but won the last one in the Division II finals.
285 Pounds
Logan Williams - Evangel
25-1 (25-2)
1st Eagle Open, Teurlings Catholic Open, Brusly Invitational, Tri-State Regionals, Northwest Louisiana Regionals, Division III State
2nd Shreveport City
O'Shea Dugas - Northside
1st Rayne Invitational, Jacob McMillan, Lafayette Metro, Division II State
2nd Teurlings Catholic Open, Ken Cole
Robert Kennedy - Belle Chasse
1st Trygg Memorial, Jefferson Invitational, Big Horse Open, Ken Cole
2nd Division II State
3rd Louisiana Classic

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