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Nationals at Fargo to include a balanced Louisiana attack
July 03, 2014 | Written by: Editor


Louisiana is sending a very politically correct sampling of wrestlers to the USAW Cadet and Junior Freestyle and Greco-Roman national championships to be held in Fargo, North Dakota from July 19th to July 26th.  The hail from Division I, Division II and Division III.  There are freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.  And there are boys and girls (well just one girl).

Team members must complete a clinic at the Southeast Regional Olympic Training Center at Rummel High School in order to qualify for the trip.

Brittany Bates of Doyline, who arguably has the most experience on the national levels than any of the young men, will complete a clinic and travel with Team Texas as soon as permission is received from Louisiana USAW officials.

Louisiana wrestlers who will participate in Fargo:

2014-15 Year School 2013-14 Highlights

Brittany Bates*
Cadet & Junior
Junior Doyline Eagle Open Champion
Lamar, TX Invitational Women's Champion and OW
Brusly Invitational Champion and OW
John Curtis Champion and OW
Jacob McMillan Champion and OW
5th place Division III State
USGWA Girls Folkstyle Finalist
6th at USAW Jr. Women's Folkstyle Nationals
 6th at USAW Cadet Women's Folkstyle Nationals
1st - USAW Texas Cadet Freestyle State
2014 Girls High School All-American Team

Zach Funderburk
Senior Parkway Airline Invitational Champion

Evangel Holiday Classic Champion

Division II Lone Survivor Champion

Division II State Champion

Taylor Gambill
Junior Brother Martin Mandeville Open Champion
Spartan Open Champion
Trygg Memorial Champion
Trey Culotta Finalist
Ken Cole Champion
Division I State Runner-up

Kendon Kayser
Sophomore Brusly Warrior Open Champion
South Walton Border Wars Champion and OW
Brusly Invitational Champion
Louisiana Classic Champion
Greater Baton Rouge City Champion
Division III State Champion

Paul Klein
Senior Brother Martin Mandeville Open Champion and OW
Spartan Open Champion and OW
Trygg Memorial Champion and OW
Trey Culotta Champion
Soddy Daisy Showdown Champion
Ken Cole Finalist
Division I State Champion
(3 x Division I State Champion)
7th at 2014 NHSCA Nationals

In 2013 Klein garnered a 4-4 record at Fargo.

Colt Olinde
Senior Live Oak Warrior Open Finalist
Wildcat Open Champion
Spartan Open Finalist
Division II Lone Survivor Champion
Greater Baton Rouge City Finalist
Division II State Champion

Guy Patron, Jr.
Junior Jesuit Warrior Open Champion
Wildcat Open Champion
Raider Invitational Champion
Trey Culotta Champion
Louisiana Classic Champion
Division I State Runner-up
USAW Southeast Regionals Greco-Roman and Freestyle Champion
USAW/Cliff Keen Folkstyle All-American
Josh Ramirez
Freshman Rummel Middle School State Champion
USAW Kids State Champion
USAW Kids Greater Baton Rouge Champion
USAW Kids Tiger Open Champion
USAW Kids Junior Storm Open Finalist

Kirk Wilson
Senior Dunham Nawaganti Open Finalist
Zachary Big Horse Finalist
Brusly Invitational Finalist
Ken Cole - 3rd
Greater Baton Rouge Championships Finalist
Division II State Runner-up

Miss Bates will be wrestling with the Team Texas squad.

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