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Crusader starters dominate Griffin Open
November 25th, 2014 | Written by: Editor


[Editor's note: The 2014 Griffin Open was bombarded with last-minute entries and thus had 35 teams instead of the 21 expected earlier in the week.  As such the tournament directors had to adjust the tournament's organization.  That entailed holding matches in the 170-285 lbs. weight classes in a second gym, and that included the semifinals matches in those weight classes.  Additionally, to enable people to leave at a reasonable time, once a second mat was available to use during the finals, the 220 and 285 lbs. finals were held on it.  These events prevented the Louisiana Wrestling News from covering the semifinals from 170-285 lbs. as well as the 220 and 285 lbs. finals.]

In Brother Martin's first Louisiana tournament the Crusaders firmly asserted that they are still the team to beat in the 2014-15 season.  Seven of the nine Crusader starters entered won championships.  Four of the five non-starters placed third or fourth.  The Crusaders racked up 321 points, outdistancing runner-up Live Oak (133.5 points) by 111.5.  East Ascension, with two finalists, placed third with 125 points, closely followed by Baton Rouge and St. Amant, which tied for fourth place with 120 points.

Steven Shields, Stephen Rumney, Paul Klein, Blaine Eisensohn, Danny Evans, Yehia Riles and Matt Montalbano placed first for the Crusaders.  Other winners were Jesuit's Adam Larriviere, Nicholas Lirette and Kendrick Jones of Hahnville, Sam Johnson of Zachary, host school Dutchtown's Brandon Cowell, Baton Rouge's Thomas Stremlau and Nic Cashio of Catholic.

The Crusaders swept the Outstanding Wrestler awards.   Three-time defending Division I state champion Paul Klein scored falls in 0:30 and 0:34 prior to a 14-5 championship victory over East Ascension's Jacob Bernard (third in the 2014 Division I state championships) at 132 pounds.   At 182 pounds Division I state champion Yehia Riles prevailed with decisions of 12-0 and 9-2, a fall in 5:13and then a 3-1 Sudden Victory win in the finals against Division II state runner-up Brody Bonura of Live Oak.

The Brother Martin Crusaders crowned seven champions at the 2014 Griffin Open while taking the team title by a 111.5 point margin. Outstanding Wrestler winners for the Crusaders: Yehia Riles and Paul Klein


106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285


Early and Consolation Rounds
 C1: Austin Gouedy (CEN) over Goldsmith (CAT)  QTR 1: Cotton (BM) over Sells (HAHN)  QTR 3: Rollins (EPI) over Celli (BYR)  QTR 4: Larriviere (JES) over Menard (COM)
Luke Cotton (BM) pinned Jeremiah Johnson (MCK) in 1:20
Adam Larriviere (JES) over John Rollins (EPI) 7-0
Consolation Finals: John Rollins of Episcopal received a forfeit via the 5-match rule
Adam Larriviere (Jesuit) defeated Luke Cotton (Brother Martin 5-1 
In a battle between two freshmen it was Cotton scoring first with a duck-under attempt that was whipped back by Larriviere but then countered when the Crusader jumped over the Blue Jay's hips on the way down for the match's first two points.  But that was all the Blue Jay would allow.  Larriviere soon escaped and scored a takedown to take a 3-2 lead, the rode Cotton out for the remainder of the period.  In the second round Larriviere took advantage of Cotton riding him high and caught Cotton's head, pulling him over for a reversal.  For the rest of the second period and the entirety of the third period Larriviere used a stellar leg ride to control Cotton for the 5-2 win.  This was Larriviere's first tournament championship after a runner-up finish to teammate Brody Martin at the Warrior Open.


Early and Consolation Rounds
 QTR 1: Shields (BM) over Coates (CAT)  QTR 2: Christ (BAS) over Coker (LAF)  QTR 3: Wilcox (JC) over Bowie (STA)   Middleton (LO) over Lorenzo (MCK) 
Steven Shields (Brother Martin) pinned Gavin Christ (Basile) in 1:57
Mason Middleton (Live Oak) pinned Brendon Wilcox (John Curtis) in 1:31
Consolation Finals: Brendon Wilcox (John Curtis) over Austin Ashburn (Jesuit) via the 5-match rule.
Steven Shields (Brother Martin) pinned Mason Middleton (Live Oak) in 1:57. 
The defending Division I state champion Shields used a double-leg takedown to score the first points, a tilt one way and then the other for three nearfall points, and then a near-side cradle to finish off Middleton in 1:57.  This was Shields' second tournament championship of the season, having won the Cinco Ranch Big 12 last week.


Early and Consolation Rounds
R2: Marson (DS) over Bourque (ACA) R2: Rumney (BM) over Larriviere (JES) QTR 1: Bushnell (BAS) over Rollins (EPI) QTR 2: Wheat (EA) over Marson (DS) QTR 3: Olinde (LO) over Mallet (WLK) QTR 4: Rumney (BM) over Babin (STA)

Raymond Bushnell (Basile) pinned Landon Wheat (East Ascension) in 5:11
Steven Rumney (Brother Martin) defeated Colt Olinde (Live Oak) 7-4
Consolation Finals: Landon Wheat (East Ascension) defeated Colt Olinde (Live Oak) 4-1
Steven Rumney (Brother Martin) defeated Raymond Bushnell (Basile) 7-3 
Two-time Division III state champion Randy Bushnell was pursuing his third tournament win in a row after posting championships at the Warrior and the Wildcat in the last two weeks.  Rumney, however, made a stellar varsity debut in winning last week at Cinco Ranch.  Bushnell had Rumney in trouble first when he locked two underhooks behind Rumney's back but he was not able to utilize the position to his advantage.  When Rumney got out of that predicament he was able to grab Bushnell's head and spin behind his opponent for the first points of the match.  Bushnell managed an escape when Rumney rode high trying to follow him and the first round ended 2-1 in the Crusader's favor.  Rumney stood up and escaped to start the second period, but when he shot Bushnell sprawled and spun around for a takedown of his own and a 3-2 lead.  Then Rumney stood up and turned into Bushnell, sprawling on top and around him for a reversal and a 4-3 lead.  Controlling Bushnell's wrist and ankle, Rumney parlayed a nearside cradle into two points and a 7-3 period-ending lead.  On top for the third period Rumney was able to ride Bushnell through the entire round for the victory.


Early and Consolation Rounds
R2: Fontenot (CEN) over Morris (STA) R2: Williams (BYR) over Fautheree (COV) QTR 1: Lirette (HAH) over Johnson (MCK) QTR 2: Boutte (COM) over Fontenot (CEN) QTR 3: Williams (BM) over Fereday (DUT) QTR 4: Roby (BR) over Williams (BYR)
Micah Roby (Baton Rouge) pinned Matt Williams (Brother Martin) in 1:27

Nicholas Lirette (Hahnville) defeated Malik Boutte (Comeaux) via disqualification
Consolation Finals: Matt Williams (Brother Martin) defeated Alex Williams (Byrd) 9-7
Nicholas Lirette (Hahnville) defeated Micah Roby (Baton Rouge) 18-8 
The 2014 Division I runner-up Lirette rolled through a Roby head-and-arm throw attempt, scoring two takedown points for an early lead.  Roby then tried a roll but Lirette caught him and tacked on another two nearfall points for a 4-0 lead.  Roby turned in on Lirette and managed an escape point as the two went out of bounds.  Upon restarting, Roby shot a deep double-leg to score a takedown of his own and reduce Lirette's lead to 4-3.  Lirette caught Roby riding high and used an arm roll to score a reversal to lead 6-3, but then Roby benefitted from what every coach hates - he reached back for Lirette's head, got it, and flipped Lirette over for two reversal points and two nearfall points.  Upon extracting himself from that predicament Lirette grabbed hold of Roby's legs and scored a reversal for an 8-7 first period lead.  On bottom for the second period Lirette escaped and then ducked under a Roby throw attempt to a takedown and an 11-7 advantage which he took with him to the third period via some outstanding riding.  Roby chose to start the third period in the neutral position but the Hahnville Tiger turned a single into a double for two more points.  Roby managed one more escape but then Lirette caught him reaching forward and whipped him to his back for a takedown and three nearfall point to secure his first 2014-15 title 18-8.


Early and Consolation Rounds
QTR 1: Klein (BM) over Scott (BAK) QTR 3: Webb (LO) over Fitch (COM) C1: Petiss (DUT) over Washington (STM) C1: Sandifer (HAH) over Blue (MCK) C3: Fitch (COM) over Petiss (DUT)
Paul Klein (Brother Martin) pinned Joshua Averett (St. Amant) in 0:34 (photo left);
Jacob Bernard (East Ascension) pinned Brennan Webb (Live Oak) in 4:54 (photo right)
Consolation Finals: Joshua Averett (St. Amant) defeated Brennan Webb (Live Oak) 9-5
Paul Klein (Brother Martin) defeated Jacob Bernard (East Ascension) 14-5
Paul Klein put on a takedown clinic against one of the hardest wrestlers on whom to score any points in Jacob Bernard.  Klein used shucks and single-legs to score four takedowns, one escape and, in the first period, a head-and-arm throw from his knees that also merited three nearfall points.  Bernard was able to score some legitimate escapes on Klein though, which is admirable because nobody scored an offensive point against Klein that he did not give away until the Ken Cole last season.


Early and Consolation Rounds
R2: Bourgeois (FSH) over Parks (STA) R2: Howell (HAH) over Cosse (ZAC) R2: Warner (DUT) over Russ (MCK) QTR 1: Eisensohn (BM) over Howell (HAH)
Blaine Eisensohn (Brother Martin) pinned Pierce Richard (Comeaux) in 2:55
Brandon Wolff (Jesuit) defeated Troy Bourgeois (Fisher) 6-2
Consolation Finals: Pierce Richard (Comeaux) defeated Troy Bourgeois (Fisher) 5-4
Blaine Eisensohn (Brother Martin) defeated Brandon Wolff (Jesuit) 9-2
The Cinco Ranch Big 12 champion Eisensohn scored four takedowns, one escape and only allowed two escapes against himself to cruise to a 9-2 victory over the rival Blue Jay.


Early and Consolation Rounds
C1: Acosta (TJ) over Fry (CEN) C1: Thomas BAK) over Bourelia (ACA) C2: Joyeu EA) over Colligan (CP) QTR 4: Brownell (STA) over Wherlin (DES) QTR 1: Johnson (ZAC) over Arceneaux (DUT) QTR 2: Wright (BM) over Cambre (HAH)
Sam Johnson (Zachary) pinned Gavin Wright (Brother Martin) in 4:32;

Clint Brownell (St. Amant) defeated Davis Polito (Catholic) 9-3
Consolation Finals: Gavin Wright (Brother Martin) over Davis Polito (Catholic) via 5-match rule
Sam Johnson (Zachary) defeated Clinton Brownell (St. Amant) 5-4
This was a rematch of last week's Central Open finals, won by Johnson 8-6, and it lived up to that event.  Neither wrestler was able to score in the first period.  In the second Johnson was able to manage an escape, but that constituted all of the scoring and Brownell found himself down only 1-0 when starting on bottom in the third.  A switch to a high single-leg earned Brownell a takedown and his first lead, 2-1.  Johnson then used a standing switch to regain the lead at 3-2, which was followed by a Brownell escape that evened the score at 3-3.  Johnson flattened a Brownell shot and spun behind for a takedown and, rather than possibly giving up another switch, allowed Brownell to escape and successfully fought off the Gator's takedown attempts to preserve a 5-4 victory, and undefeated record and his third tournament championship.


Early and Consolation Rounds
R2: Feredy (CAT) over Adams (COV) R2: Guillory (ACA) over Hills (MCK) QTR 4: Johnson (BM) over Carter (WLK) C2: Bowman (EPI) over Hills (MND)
Brandon Cowell (Dutchtown) pinned Thaquan Priestly (Lafayette) in 4:26
Seth Johnson (Brother Martin) defeated Jacob Feredy (Catholic) 11-9
Consolation Finals: Jacob Feredy (Catholic) defeated Thaquan Priestly (Lafayette) 8-7
Brandon Cowell (Dutchtown) defeated Seth Johnson (Brother Martin) 5-0
The 2014 Division I runner-up Cowell was methodical in shutting out his Crusader opponent, scoring a takedown off of a nearside cradle attempt in the first period, riding Johnson for the entire second period, and then escaping and adding a shuck-and-spin takedown in the final period for his second tournament title in as many weeks.


Early and Consolation Rounds
C1: Hardin (CEN) over Brawley (STM) C1: Cave (CAT) over Stepter (BAK) C1: Dixon (LAF) over Phillips (BYR) C2: Cave (CAT) over Burnham (JC)
R2: Fontenot (JE) over Dixon (LAF) R2: Fontenot (JE) over Dixon (LAF) QTR 1: Evans (BM) over Dempster (HAH) QTR 4: Fontenot (JE) over Oneal (ZAC)
Danny Evans (Brother Martin) defeated Kaleb Faul (Dutchtown) 3-2 (TB-3)
Jack Fontenot (John Ehret defeated Jarrett Moss (Baton Rouge) 6-5 (TB-3)
Consolation Finals: Jarrett Moss (Baton Rouge) over Kole Miller (Comeaux) via 5-match rule
Danny Evans (Brother Martin) defeated Jack Fontenot (John Ehret) 5-2
If the semifinals taught us anything it was that these two grapplers would probably not score many points against one another.  In the first semifinal (Fontenot vs. Moss started first), Fontenot and Moss finished 4-4 at the end of regulation, scored no points in the Sudden Victory round, each scored an escape in the first two overtime periods, and the match did not end until Fontenot escaped from Moss in the third OT session.  The Evans-Faul match was not quite the score-fest the other semifinal was.  The two each only managed an escape in regulation.  Sudden Victory was scoreless and each scored an escape from bottom in the first two OT periods.  Luck put Evans on bottom for the third OT and his escape vaulted him into the finals.

The finals match was scoreless after the first period and, as expected Evans only scored an escape in the second period which was followed by a Fontenot escape in the beginning of the third period.  The match appeared to be headed to a third OT scenario as their semifinals matches did, except that in the third period when Evans pounced on a low Fontenot stance, his ankle collapsed on him.  Fontenot continued the match but it was obvious that he was hurt and could not defend Evans's attacks any longer.  Evans was able to score a single-leg takedown and rode Fontenot for about 40 seconds before he got too high and Fontenot was able to back out for an escape.  But Fontenot was reduced to trying to defend himself on his knees, which Evans used to his advantage by pushing the Ehret wrestler's head down and spinning behind him for another two points and a 5-2 victory.


Early and Consolation Rounds
R2: Thomas Stremlau (Baton Rouge) over Ellis Herring (Episcopal)

Thomas Stremlau (Baton Rouge) defeated Murphy Miller (Zachary) 2-1

Sydney Mitchell (East Ascension) defeated Richard Hunter (Brusly) 8-4
Consolation Finals: Richard Hunter (Brusly) over Brad Guidry (Brother Martin) via 5-match rule
Thomas Stremlau (Baton Rouge) defeated Sydney Mitchell (East Ascension) 9-8
Stremlau started the scoring by trying an overhead-underhook throw but settling for ducking behind his opponent for a mere two-point takedown.  Mitchell escaped and shot a deep double-leg but Stremlau was able to sprawl out of it and spin behind for another takedown and a 4-1 lead.  A stand-up switch attempt merited Mitchell another escape point and the round ended 4-2 in Stremlau's favor.  Midway through the second period, after Stremlau had been warned for stalling, Guedry made the score 4-3 with an escape.  Near the end of the period Stremlau sprawled on a Mitchell double-leg shot, was able to grab and lift an ankle when Mitchell backed out, and turned that into a takedown for a period ending 6-3 lead.  On bottom to start the third period Stremlau was allowed to escape after about a minute had elapsed, which increased his lead to 7-4.  The strategy worked as, after Stremlau was assessed a stalling point Mitchell succeeded with a double-leg shot to tie the match at 7-7.  Stremlau, however, was able to turn into Mitchell, lift a Mitchell leg and slip behind the Spartan for a two-point reversal and a 9-7 lead.  Mitchell managed another escape but Stremlau was able to fend off his takedown attempts to preserve a 9-8 win.  This was Stremlau's second championship in as many weeks.


Early and Consolation Rounds
C2: Mire (LAF) over Hall (ACA) C2: Knowles (HAH) over Durant (DES)

Yehia Riles (Brother Martin) pinned Dylan Verret (St. Michael) in 5:13

Brody Bonura (Live Oak) pinned Tyler Ventress (McKinley) in 0:56
Consolation Finals: Tyler Ventress (McKinley) pinned Dylan Verret (St. Michael0 in 4:36
Yehia Riles (Brother Martin) defeated Brody Bonura (Live Oak) 3-1 (Sudden Victory)
This was a very good match but there is not much to describe.  The first round between the Division I state champion from Brother Martin and the Division II runner-up from Live Oak ended scoreless.  Riles escaped in the second period and tried several shots but Bonura was able to counter them.  Bonura tied the match with an escape in the third period and again neither wrestler could score a takedown.  It was in the Sudden Victory period in which Riles, after almost succeeding twice but going out of bounds, finally finished a double-leg takedown in bounds for a 3-1 victory.



Kendrick Jones (Hahnville) defeated Payton Wicker (Zachary) 15-4

Jimmy Do (Baton Rouge) defeated Christen Free (Brusly) 5-4
Consolation Finals: Andrew Arceneaux (Rayne) and Mark Kingsberry (Brother Martin) qualified for the consolation finals match but were unable to wrestle due to the 5-match rule.
Kendrick Johnson (Hahnville) pinned Jimmy Do (Baton Rouge) in 4:28
Brother Martin was not the only school to bring a Division I state champion.  Hahnville's Kendrick Jones was at the Griffin and dominated the 195 lbs. weight class with a first round fall in 1:04 followed by 12-2 and 15-4 wins in the quarterfinals and semifinals.  His finals opponent was Baton Rouge's Jimmy Do, last week's Wildcat Open champion.  Jones opened the scoring with a double-leg takedown and rode Do for the rest of the first period.  On bottom for the second period start, Jones escaped and then shucked Do's head and spun around him for a 5-0 lead which he took into the third period.  Having been unable to get away from Jones in the first two periods Do decided to start the third period in the neutral position.  The two sparred on their feet for almost 90 seconds before Jones secured Do's head and an underhook with which he spun Do onto his back to score a fall in 4:28 for his first championship of the season.


Early and Consolation Rounds
R1: Guedry (EA) over Jackson (MCK) R1: Guedry (EA) over Jackson (MCK)

Rodrigo Diaz (Lafayette) defeated Nick Simoneaux (Live Oak) 9-8

Nic Cashio (Catholic) defeated Donald Johnson (Brusly) 3-2
Consolation Finals: Donald Johnson (Brusly) defeated Austen Guedry (East Ascension) via 5-match rule
Nic Cashio (Catholic) defeated Rodrigo Diaz (Lafayette) 3-1


Matthew Montalbano (Brother Martin) defeated Joe Baluch (St. Amant) 11-3
Christopher Banks (Baker) pinned Jovonte Wheeler (Brusly) in 5:15
Consolation Finals: Jovonte Wheeler (Brusly) defeated Joe Baluch (St. Amant) 8-3
Matthew Montalbano (Brother Martin) defeated Christopher Banks (Baker) 7-3

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