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Looking Back (just for fun)...
October 8th, 2015| Written by: Editor



Imagine, if you will...

1) A weight class including Division II state champion Dylan Holliday of Haughton, Division I state champion Brody Martin of Jesuit and Live Oak's two-time Division II state champion Colt Olinde -  but none of them winning it;
2) Now, imagine that again;
3) A Holy Cross Tiger-stacked weight class with Jake Rando, Beau Bush and Joey Foret of Holy Cross;
4) A weight class with both of Jesuit's Larriviere brothers (when they were fed the same amount each day) and Cole Houser of St. Paul's, which was won by a kid even younger than them;
5) Guy Patron of Jesuit making a 144-152 lbs. weight class;
6) A weight class with Jake Rando and Stephen Rumney, but won by neither.

(See below for answers.)

They all happened.  One just has to go back a few years to the 2012 USA Wrestling Louisiana Folkstyle State Championships (March 24th) and, seven weeks later (May 19th), the USA Wrestling Louisiana Freestyle & Greco State Championships.  2012 is the earliest year of three USA Wrestling seasons available on the LHSWA Website.  More might be nice to have, but with some of those events having six groups of different weight classes, well, anyone who has been to such an event can imagine the time required to compile the results onto one Webpage.

The names of the oldest three groups, Novice, Schoolboy and Cadet in Folkstyle, and Schoolboy Cadet and Junior in freestyle, and Greco-Roman, read like a Who's Who of Louisiana wrestling over the past couple of years.  Included are 15 LHSAA state champions and 18 LHSAA state runners-up.


1) In the freestyle Cadet 100 lbs. weight class, Martin placed second, followed by Olinde and Holliday.  In the Greco-Roman competition it was Olinde placing second, followed by Holliday and Martin.  The winner both times: Devin Breaud, the 2013 Division I runner-up and 2014 Division 1 fifth-place finisher of Rummel.

2) The Tiger-stacked weight class was the in the Folkstyle Cadet 105 lbs. weight class.  2015 Division I state champion Rando placed first, followed by the 2015 Division I runners-up Bush and then Foret.

3) The younger Holy Cross Tiger who bested the Larriviere's and Houser: Brady Butler, who is a freshman in the 2015-16 season while the others are sophomores.

4) Jesuit's Guy Patron wrestled in the Schoolboy 144-152 lbs. in the freestyle competition and 160 lbs. in the Greco-Roman, winning both titles.

5) In the freestyle Schoolboy 105 lbs. weight class it was Brother Martin's Seth Gambill who bested Rando and Rumney for the title.

Among the LHSAA state champions who placed in one of those 2012 events are Rando, Christian Walden of Airline, Olinde, Martin and Trappey, Brock Bonin of Teurlings Catholic, Gavin Cortez of Basile, Ethan Eisenhardt of Fontainebleau, Nicholas Simeneaux and Brody Bonura of Live Oak, Kendon Kayser and Blayze Olano of Brusly, Paul Klein of Brother Martin, Ben D'Antonio of Jesuit and Matthew Mire of Catholic.  (Bonin's opponent in the Folkstyle finals, foreshadowing matches to come, was Andrew Aucoin of Sam Houston.)

LHSAA runners-up who placed are Blake Mateu of Rummel, Matthew Matherne of Ouachita Christian, Jesuit's Patron, Holy Cross' Collin Guerra (this time with a victory over Brother Martin's Taylor Gambill), Beau Bush and Joey Foret, Brandon Verges and Christian Ponson of Fontainebleau, Dutchtown's Brandon Cowell, Kynan Sonnier, Dante Hebert, Dakota Hebert and Brennan Trosclair of Teurlings Catholic, Aaron Tanner of St. Louis, Andrew Aucoin of Sam Houston, and Taylor Gambill, Stephen Rumney, Pierce Williams, Mason Williams and Danny Evans of Brother Martin.

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