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Saturday results briefer than an LSU drive against Arkansas
November 15th, 2015| Written by: Editor; Photographs from various Facebook sources.



Brusly 8 Wildcat Open Cinco Ranch Big 12

The Brusly 8, Central Wildcat and Cinco Ranch Big 12 results are on TrackWrestling, whereas the Mandeville Open results are not available on-line (aside from here, of course, at the moment at least).  Notes of interest re those events may be found below the Mandeville Open summary.

Mandeville Open

St. Paul's showed their mettle, and without the services of Jared Thieler and Hunter Bourgeois, by placing 10 wrestlers in the top four at the Mandeville Open.  The Wolves had six champions, one runner-up, two thirds and a fourth.  Were team scores kept* Jesuit would have finished second, as the Blue Jays garnered four championships, two runners-up, two thirds and a fourth.  Holy Cross placed eight wrestlers, with two champions, three runners-up, one third place and two fourth placer finishers.*

Four matches stood above the rest:

 The 126 lbs. finals pitted 2015 Division I runners-up Joseph Dupree of Jesuit and Beau Bush of Holy Cross, both of whom were unbeaten upon entering the event.  Bush caught Dupre in the first round with a 360-double-leg takedown, but after that the senior Blue Jay dominated the match in a 19-9 win.

Earlier, in the semifinals at 132 lbs., previously unbeaten Eli Larriviere lost a controversial Sudden Victory match 10-8 to Brother Martin's Seth Gambill.  Larriviere's woes continued as he lost his next match to Ehret's Joseph Davis-Lucas in another Sudden Victory period.  Gambill went on to win the weight class.

Holy Cross' Joey Foret came very close to blemishing his undefeated record twice.  In the semifinals he was behind Shaw's Division II runner-up Brad Albarado for much of the match, but was strong in the third period and escaped with a one point victory.  In the finals, Jesuit's Griffin Mason stayed even with the Tiger throughout the match until the last minute when Foret took control.

Holy Cross' Jake Rando was voted the Outstanding Wrestler of the event.

(More on the Mandeville Open will be published later this week.)

Weight Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place
106 Brandon Stein (StP) Jacob Spahn (HC) Michael Lundin (HC) Daniel Croy (BM)
113 Adam Larriviere (JES) Austin Ashburn (JES) Cole House (StP) Mason Macaluso (HC)
120 Jordan Giewat (JES) Dominic Holbrook (BM) Paul-Stephen Schmidt (BM) James Geiger (HAN)
126 Joseph Dupre (JES) Beau Bush (HC) Shane Ulfers (StP) Matt Williams (BM)
132 Seth Gambill (BM) Trey Fauthree (COV) Joseph Davis-Lucas (EHR) Cole Clement (HC)
138 Billy Harrison (StP) Joshua Bell (EHR) Christopher Gonzales (COV) Jordan Verhoeven (JES) 5-Match Rule
145 Jake Rando (HC) Nathan Koenig (JES) Eduardo Garcia (SHW) Jake Arena (StP)
152 Joey Foret (HC) Griffin Mason (JES) Brad Albarado (SHW) William Rosevalley (JES)
160 Sam Dufour (StP) Michael Benton (HC) Brandon Greer (JES) Vincent Acosta (TJ)
170 Evan Palmisano (JES) Martin Garrett (SHW) Spencer Rayes (HC) Wesley Ben (CHL)
182 Josh Mascaro (StP) Dakota Brogdon (COV) Gregory Bohn (JES) Alejandron Nunez (NOMMA)
195 Kyle Schech (StP) Cameron Bertot (SHW) Michael Fos (CHL) Spencer Naquin (NOMMA)
220 Collin Francis (StP) Ridge Morales (MND) Windale Johnson (NOMMA) N/A
285 Matthew Blair (SHW) Christian Fortner (StP) Avery Cox (CHL) N/A

* In compiling placers only the highest placer of each team in each weight class was counted.

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Brusly 8

Despite having only two champions the Catholic Bears won the inaugural Brusly 8 tournament by eight points over Rummel, who edges Comeaux by half a point.  Live Oak was 14 points behind Catholic.  The Raiders, though, had four champions, while the Spartans and Eagles had three apiece.  The top four placers and team scores are presented below:

Weight Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place
106 Blake Menard (COM) Evan Goldsmith (CAT) Matt Martin (ND) Isaac Suarez (RUM)
113 Blake Mateu (RUM) David Kent (BRU) Luke Romano (CAT) N/A
120 Robert Fairchild (RUM) Mason Middleton (LO) Jayce Menard (COM) Cung Thang (LAF)
126 Daniel Gunn (CAT) Jonathan Ramirez (RUM) Tyler Hanson (COM) Seth Oubre (COM)
132 Jake Verret (COM) Chase Bates (ND) John Doyle (RUM) Ean Hill (LO)
138 Austin Franklin (BRU) Dawson Mire (RUM) Pierce Richard (COM) Andre Touchet (LAF)
145 Brennan Webb (LO) Evan Richards (COM) Davis Polito (CAT) Dylan Hezeau (RUM)
152 Jarrett Rupert (LO) Hunter Fitch (COM) Cody Hickman (ND) Tyler Warner (CAT)
160 Damien Lasseigne (LAF) Kyle Roberts (LO) Nicholas Burchell (ND) Jairus Lewis (LAF)
170 Kole Miller (COM) Jacob Fereday (CAT) Diep Tran (LAF) Harrison Bond (LO)
182 Josh Ramirez (RUM) Richard Hunter (BRU) Brandon Young (BRU) Benjamin Flickinger (BR)
195 Nicholas Danna (CAT) Cullen Fonseca (LAF) Christopher Rayburn (BR) Dillon Fontenot (LAF)
220 Chase Stuckey (BR) Jon Hebert (COM) Jonah Aydell (LO) Andrew Hiatt (LAF)
285 Anthony Ingram (LO) Dominique Williams (LAF) Patrick Mahoney (CAT) Wesley Ennis (BR)

Team Scores

Place Team Points
1 Catholic 140
2 Rummel 132
3 Comeaux 131
4 Live Oak 109
5 Lafayette 76
6 Baton Rouge 52
7 North Desoto 49.5
8 Brusly  

Central Wildcat

With only 10 wrestlers the St. Amant Gators beat out 23 other varsity teams to win the Central Wildcat Open.  Clint Brownell and Sage Nugent won championships for the second consecutive week as the Gators scored 136 points, 6.5 ahead of runner-up Fontainebleau. 

St. Amant won the Wildcat Open with only 10 entrants Gator champions Brownell and Nugent with the team trophy Basile champions Gavin Christ and Brennan Langley  Ascension Parish Wildcat champions Chris Roux (EA), Sage Nugent (StA), Clint Brownell (StA) and Landon Wheat (EA)(missing: Dutchtown's Luther Jones ) Dylan Sweeney of Belle Chasse garnered the Outstanding Wrestler award by winning the 220 lbs. title.

Birthday Boy
Celebrating his 18th (according to his mother's Facebook page) or 25th (according to his Facebook page) birthday, East Ascension's Landon Wheat reached the finals with Major Decisions of 17-8 and 12-4 before being tested by Central's Tyler Fontenot in the finals, a match Wheat won by a 10-8 score.

In a rematch of the St. Michael Warrior Open 106 lbs. semifinals, Central's Austin Gouedy avenged a 10-6 loss to Cooper Simon of Rayne, defeating the sophomore by a 12-4 Major Decision in the finals.    The Raiders, though, had four champions, while the Spartans and Eagles had three apiece.  The top four placers and team scores are presented below:

Weight Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place
106 Austin Gouedy (CEN) Cooper Simon (RAY) Nik Parish (FNT) Bryce Falcon (BC) (5MR)
113 Brennan Langley (BAS) Josh Fitzpatrick (FNT) Ruben Lorenzo (McK) Lawson Turner (StM-B)
120 Gavin Christ (BAS) John Rollins (EPI) Morgan Manuel (RAY) Troy Detweiler (DUT) (5MR)
126 Dyllon Bernard (COM) Grant Martin (LO) Briar Babin (StA) Mikey Gordy (OCCS)
132 Landon Wheat (EA) Tyler Fontenot (CEN) Zach Vinson (BAS) Lance Blanchard (CAT) (5MR)
138 Matthew Matherne (OCCS) Jeremy Flieg (CAT) Michael Sheppard (FNT) Mason Fereday (DUT)
145 Leaf Ballast (FNT) Brent Torres (CAT) Matthew Webre & Jon Winfrey (CEN) - (5MR Tie) N/A
152 Clint Brownell (StA) Connor Costello (OCCS) Andrew Aucoin (SH) Tyruss Cobbings (McK)
160 Thaquan Priestly (LAF) Andrew Messina (CAT) Kaelin Lambert (StA) Aaron John (SH) (5MR)
170 Sage Nugent (StA) Chase Menendez (DES) Tristan Norwood (SH) Zachary Edwards (BC-B)
182 Luther Jones (DUT) Alfred Hyams (McK) William Price (CAT) Christopher Inocencio (DOY)
195 Chris Reaux (EA) Ian Crawford (LAF) Theo Edwards (McK) John Inocencio (DOY) (5MR)
220 Dylan Sweeney (BC) Hamza Ott (McK) Zachary Miller (StM) Henry Slater (EPI)
285 John Sinegal (LAF) Cameron Cormier (ACA) Cameron Borne (StA) Alex Baltas (StM)

Team Scores

Place Team Points Place Team Points
1 St. Amant 136 13 Belle Chasse 53.5
2 Fontainebleau 123.5 14 Rayne 51.5
3 Catholic 106.5 15 Episcopal 49
4 McKinley 103 16 Comeaux 47.5
5 Dutchtown 85 17 St. Michael 42
6 Central 82 18 Live Oak 36.5
7 Lafayette 73 19 Destrehan 32
8 Basile 70.5 20 Doyline 31
9 East Ascension 65 21 Woodlawn 16
10 Ouachita Christian 63.5 22 Barbe 14
T-11 Acadiana 55 23 St. Louis 11
T-11 Sam Houston 55 24 Leesville 3


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Cinco Ranch Big 12

The Brother Martin Crusaders won another Cinco Ranch Big 12 tournament in Katy, Texas, this time by 134 points over Katy, TX and 134.5 over host school Cinco Ranch, TX.  The Crusaders had six champions and, including four in a row to start the finals.  Last season the Crusaders scored 124.5 points more than their closest competitor.

Sophomore Luke Cotton (chaperoned right), at 113 lbs., was voted the tournament's Outstanding Wrestler with fall in 0:21 and 0:24 followed by a 7-5 Sudden Victory semifinals win and an 11-4 finals victory.

The Brother Martin placers are presented below.  Every Crusader entered placed fifth or better.  The event gave the wrestling community a little taste of who the Crusaders will use to fill the voids left by the six senior starters who graduated last year.  The new starters at Cinco Ranch are in bold-faced type:

Weight Wrestler Place
106 Daniel Varnado 1st
113 Luke Cotton 1st
120 Steven Shields 1st
126 Stephen Rumney 1st
132 Patrick Evans 3rd
138 Benjamin Wisniewski 4th
145 Paul Elmer 2nd
152 Alex Morrison 3rd
160 Brad Guidry 2nd
170 Pierce Williams 1st
182 Cole Alphonso 5th
195 Travis Viener 1st
220 Garrett Legendre 4th
285 Mohammed Mohammed 3rd

It is unknown where Taylor Gambill, the 2014 Division I runner-up and 2015 Division I third-place finisher, will be in the line-up as the season progresses.  Assuming he competes this season, the editor surmises that it will be either at 132 lbs. or 138 lbs., allowing for a little growth since last season as well as the stellar lineup the Crusaders have from 106 lbs. to 126 lbs.

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