Cavaliers stake their claim as the Division III state favorites by dominating the Brusly Division III Invitational
January 10th, 2016 | Written by: Editor



De la Salle sent a clear message Saturday to anyone who did not think they were the favorites to win the Division III team championship in Bossier City next month - THEY ARE.  They did so by resoundingly outscoring the second place South Plaquemines Hurricanes by 69 points in winning the Brusly Division III Invitational.

The Cavaliers had three champions, four runners-up, a third-place finisher and a fourth place finisher and scored 210 total points.  South Plaquemines had one champion and one runner-up, and scored the majority of their 141 points in the consolation rounds in which five Hurricanes placed 3rd or 4th.  North Vermillion appears to be the team to vie with South Plaquemines for the team runner-up spot in Bossier City.  The Patriots, with 136.5 points, were only five points shy of the runner-up position.

Runners-up: the South Plaquemines

Jason Truong Team Spirit Award Winner: Episcopal High School
(Left) Dunham's Grant Rabel learns he had actually won the 182 lbs. finals match.  (Center & right) Outstanding wrestlers Raekwon Thomas of De la Salle and Brandon Young of Brusly.

Consolation Finals  Finals


Weight Semifinal #1 Semifinal #2
106 Brenan Langley (BAS) defeated Jourdan Theall (NV) 4-1 Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) pinned David Kent (BRU) in 0:42
113 Richard Mack, III pinned Grant Gebo (DLS) in 4:43 Gavin Becker (NV) defeated Sam Pitts (OC) 7-2
120 Chris LeBoeuf (SPL) pinned Dominico Cornella (NOMMA) in 0:33 John Rollins (EPI) pinned Mikey Gordy (OC) in 3:31
126 Zack Vinson (BAS) pinned Noah Berryhill (StL) in 0:40 Alex Beraud (NV) defeated Brendon Wilcox (JC) 8-7
132 Raekwon Thomas (DLS) pinned Gerald Barthelemy (SPL) in 4:56 Austin Franklin (BRU) pinned John Watson (LK) in 2:44
138 Glenn Gebo (DLS) defeated Tyrone Broussard (KAP) 9-3 Matthew Matherne (OC) defeated Devin Bazinet (BAS) 10-6
145 Conrad Wyre (DLS) pinned William Gage (StL) in 0:43 Brennen Landry (NV) defeated Connor Costello (OC) 7-0
152 Landon Dorsey (DLS) pinned Logan McIver (LK) in 1:15 Luke Scoggins (DUN) defeated Kenneth Vidalier (NV) 5-3
160 Richard Hunter (BRU) defeated Austin Moss (LK) via a 14-1 major decision Trae Case (KAP) pinned Isaac Cortez (BAS) in 4:52
170 Ryan Hamrick (DLS) pinned Jacob Melancon (JC) in 1:09 Owen Mabile (BRU) defeated Jake Hebert (KAP) 6-4
182 Grant Rabel (DUN) defeated Jesse Melan (JC) 8-3 Ellis Herring (EPI) pinned Julius Johnson (KAP) in 3:00
195 Lane Joubert (BAS) pinned Royce Richardson (DLS) in 5:29 Brandon Young (BRU) pinned Daniel Gullie (JC) in 0:37
220 Xavier Mitchell (JC) pinned Eric Hamrick (DLS) in 1:23 Mason Rabel (DUN) pinned Accord Green (HR) in 2:39
285 Jonathan Wilson (SPL) pinned Joseph Presley (EVA) in 0:26 Jeremiah James (DLS) pinned Jamiran James (DLS) in 0:52

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Consolation Finals

[With apologies to the wrestlers who placed third and fourth, the LWN photographer was unaware of the availability of mat-side tickets for the last rounds of the evening, and thus did not acquire them.  As such, the vantage point selected to photograph both the finals and the consolation finals, which was in the almost vacant bleachers, was obstructed and had to be altered to a location from which only the finals matches could be photographed.]

Weight Result
106 David Kent (BRU) pinned Jourdan Theall (NV) in 0:49
113 Sam Pitts (OC) pinned Grant Gebo (DLS) in 2:08
120 Mikey Gordy (OC) defeated Curtis Sylve, Jr. (SPL) via an injury default at 0:30
126 Corey Ancar (SPL) and Adam Gaspard (KAP) tied for 3rd via the five-match rule
132 John Watson (LK) defeated Gerald Barthelemy (SPL) via an 18-2 technical fall @ 4:27
138 Devin Bazinet (BAS) defeated Tyrone Broussard (KAP) 2-0
145 Conor Costello (OC) was awarded 3rd over Tony Sode (SPL) via the five-match rule
152 Kenneth Vidallier (NV) pinned John Waldrop (OC) in 2:25
160 Brandon Turner (SPL) defeated Austin Moss (LK) 12-7
170 Jacob Melancon (JC) was awarded 3rd over Tyler McNabb (NOMMA) via the five-match rule
182 Julius Johnson (KAP) pinned Jesse Melan (JC) in 3:27
195 Royce Richardson (DLS) was awarded 3rd via the five-match rule
220 Accord Green (HR) pinned Eric Hamrick (DLS) in 0:26
285 Joseph Presley (EVA) pinned Jamirah James (DLS) in 2:01

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106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285


Brenan Landry (BAS) defeated Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) via a 10-2 major decision

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Gavin Becker (NV) pinned Richard Mack, III (EVA) in 3:20

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John Rollins (EPI) pinned Chris LeBouef (SPL) in 1:54

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Alex Beraud (NV) defeated Zack Vinson (BAS) 7-6

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Raekwon Thomas (DLS) defeated Austin Franklin (BRU) 9-5

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Matthew Matherne (OC) defeated Glenn Gebo (DLS) 11-8

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Brennen Landry (NV) defeated Conrad Wyre (DLS) 7-4

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Landon Dorsey (DLS) pinned Luke Scoggins (DUN) in 0:50

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Richard Hunter (BRU) pinned Trae Case (KAP) in 5:38

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Ryan Hamrick (DLS) pinned Owen Mabile (BRU) in 2:19

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Grant Rabel (DUN) defeated Ellis Herring (EPI) 7-6

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Brandon Young (BRU) pinned Lane Joubert (BAS) in 3:15

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Mason Rabel (DUN) defeated Xavier Mitchell (JC) 10-6

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Jonathan Wilson (SPL) pinned Jeremiah James (DLS) in 2:17

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