Host Comeaux takes early lead in 40th Ken Cole Invitational
eurlings Catholic in second, one point ahead of tied Holy Cross and Jesuit
January 23rd, 2016 | Written by: Editor



The Comeaux Spartans held a 10.5 point lead over crosstown rival Teurlings Catholic after the first day of the 40th Ken Cole Invitation Friday night at Comeaux High School.  Comeaux netted 87.5 points at the conclusion of Friday's competition.  Teurlings Catholic had 77 while Holy Cross and Jesuit each had 76.  Parkway of Bossier City was in fifth place with 70.5 points.

Seth Oubre, Hunter Fitch, and Kole Miller are top seeds for the Spartans, who have a total of 13 wrestlers in Saturday morning's quarterfinals matches.  Holy Cross has nine quarterfinalists, Jesuit has eight and Teurlings Catholic has five.

If seeding holds true, then Comeaux and Holy Cross may come out of the quarterfinals in very good shape to make a team championship run.  Nine of Comeaux's 13 quarterfinalists are facing opponents seeded lower than they are.  For Holy Cross, seven of their quarterfinals matches will be against lower seeds.  Four of Jesuit's eight and one of Teurlings Catholic's five quarterfinalists will face challengers seeded higher than they are.

Quarterfinals are where a lot of upsets occur, particularly in the top portion of the brackets when fourth and fifth seeds meet.  A little less common are third seeds losing to sixth seeds in the bottom portion of the bracket. And with 28 matches including #1 and #2 seeds, it is usually safe to say at least a couple of the higher seeds may find themselves relegated to the consolation rounds aiming for a third-place finish.

The quarterfinals and the third round of consolation matches will begin at 9:00 on Saturday morning.  The weight classes will be split between the boys and girls gymnasiums: 106-145 in the girls gym and 152-285 in the boys gym.  After the following fourth round of consolations all matches will be held in the boys gym, including the semifinals and the remaining consolation round to determine 3rd-6th place.  The event will use only one mat for the championship finals.

Selected photographs from Friday (first caption on the bottom is for the left-most photo, etc.)

120 R2: Tamburo (PKY) over Barringer (AIR) 7-0
126 C1: Pellerin (MND) over Hanson (COM-B) 17-2 TF
126 R1: Bernard (COM) over Mendez (CHL) in 3:18
126 R1: Hudson (DUT) over Hanson (COM-B) 15-0 TF
126 R1: Willie (FON) over Hanson (COM-B) in 4:00

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132 C1: Thomas (RAY) over Gaspard (LAF) in 4:39
132 C2 Kilchrist (TC) over Dahlen (SC) in 2:10
132 R1: James (BRB) over Daigle (CP) in 0:47

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132 R1: Maturin (NV) over Pratt (TC-B) in 4:27
132 R2: Verret (COM) over Nosacka (CAT) in 4:38
138 C1: Bazinet (BAS) over Bivin (EA) 4:05
138 R2: Doucet (SUL) over Barringer (AIR) in 2:36

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152 C2: Savoie (COM-B) over Wright (DUT) 11-4
160 C1: Clements (COM-B) over Smith (HUN) in 3:31
160 R2: Bedgood (CB) over Veneble (CAR) in 3:01
170 R1: Evans (AIR) over Schexnayder (KAP-B) in 0:23

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182 C1: Clay (CAR) over McBrien (MND) 5-0
195 R1: Hiatt (LAF) over Green (HR) 8-6
195 R2: Crawford (LAF) over Lampo (FNT) in 1:49

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195 R2: Monroe (HAU) over Domingue (TC-B) in 2:00
220 R2: Vanveckhoven (HAU) over Cox (AIR) in 2:35
285 R2: Benoit (RAY) over Wilson (NS) in 3:47

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113 Round 2: Luke Eccles (JES) defeated Alec Slayton (CAR) 8-7 after Tie-breaker 1
This match was tied after 6-6 after a Sudden Victory period.  Near the end of the first 30-second Tie-breaker round Slayton escaped to make the score 7-6.  Slayton rode Eccles through most of the second 30-second period and they went out of bounds.  The clock initially had five seconds remaining.  That was changed to seven seconds, although one coach thought it should have been reset to six seconds.  Regardless, Eccles stood up and turned into Slayton, basically pushing Slayton to his back as well as getting reversal points.  When the points were awarded this photographer looked at the clock and saw two seconds remaining, rendering moot the earlier very minor time disputes.

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