Crusaders net two champions and place second at Prep Slam VIII
January 2nd, 2016| Written by: Editor, Mark Cotton



4th-seeded Luke Cotton placed third

The Brother Martin Crusaders placed second for the second consecutive year at the Prep Slam VIII at Holy Innocent's School in Atlanta, GA.  The Crusaders decreased the winning team's margin of victory significantly, though.  In 2015 Wyoming Seminary outscored the Crusaders by 69 points.  This time the margin was only 21.5 points as the Crusaders scored 229 points.  Tournament champion Lake Highland Prep. of Orlando, Florida, won the event with 250.5 points.

Top-seeded Steven Shields was the 120 lbs. champion and, at 132 lbs., junior Seth Gambill continued what so far has been an exceptional season by winning from a 3rd-seed position.  Eight other Crusaders finished in the top-six places.

A list of Brother Martin's place winners is present below:

Weight Crusader Seeding Record Place   Weight Crusader Seeding Record Place
113 Luke Cotton 5th 5-1 3th   170 Pierce Williams 2nd 3-1 2nd
120 Steven Shields 1st 5-0 1st   182 Travis Viener 6th 4-2 4th
132 Seth Gambill 3rd 4-0 1st   195 Cole Alphonso 5th 2-2 4th
138 Taylor Gambill 1st 3-1 3rd   220 Jacob Clapp 4th 4-2 5th
160 Brad Guidry Unseeded 5-2 5th   285 Mohammad Mohammad Unseeded 4-2 5th

Crusaders second after day one of Prep Slam VIII
January 1st, 2016| Written by: Editor

The Brother Martin Crusaders are in a two-team race for the Prep Slam VIII championship at Holy Innocent's School in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Crusaders netted 104.5 points on Friday, seven points behind tournament leader Lake Highland Prep of Orlando, Florida.  The McCallie School of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is in third place but 24 points behind the Crusaders.

Lake Highland has an edge on Saturday as they have eight wrestlers in the semifinals, including five #1 seeds.  Only five Crusaders made it to the semifinals, and of those only Steven Shields and Taylor Gambill are seeded first.  Each Crusader, however, scored at least one win so far.  A brief summary of how the Crusaders fared is presented below:

Update at 1:45 on 01-02-16

Steven Shields, Seth Gambill and Pierce Williams advanced to the finals.  Taylor Gambill and Cole Alphonso are waiting for opponents in the consolation semifinals.  Luke Cotton, Steven RUmney, Kevin Casey, Brad Guidry, Travis Viener, Jacob Clapp and Mohammed Mohammed are in Cousolation Round IV matches.

The Crusaders are in second place with 165 points,  Lake Highland Prep has extended their lead over Brother Martin to 26 points with 191.

Weight Crusader Seeding Record Next Match   Weight Crusader Seeding Record Next Match
106 Daniel Varnado 6th 1-1 Withdrew   152 Kevin Casey Unseeded 2-2 Out
113 Luke Cotton 5th 4-1 C Finals   160 Brad Guidry Unseeded 4-1 C Semis
120 Steven Shields 1st 4-0 Finals   170 Pierce Williams 2nd 3-0 Finals
126 Steven Rumney 7th 2-2 Out   182 Travis Viener 6th 3-1 C Semis
132 Seth Gambill 3rd 3-0 Finals   195 Cole Alphonso 5th 1-1 C Semis
138 Taylor Gambill 1st 2-1 C Semis   220 Jacob Clapp 4th 3-1 C Semis
145 Cal Palermo Unseeded 0-12 Out   285 Mohammad Mohammad Unseeded 3-1 C Semis

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