Time to kill in Bossier City
Pre-state update from Bossier City
February 11th, 2016| Written by: Editor



Having travelled this far northwest from River Ridge, the first thing that came to my mind on this "down" day was the opportunity to hunt moose.  Oddly enough, there were no moose to be found.  I even inquired in Scandinavian, "Verr fer tu shoot der bullvinkle," but still had no luck.  Subsequent searches on a map for Denali (it was a brand new map) and Garrison Keillor's house also netted zero results.  I did find an igloo, but it was just an ice chest I bought.  Perhaps Bossier City is not as far northwest as I was led to believe.

So I decided to visit the CenturyLink Center to test the lighting.  That did not work well either, as the arena was not illuminated as it will be on Friday and Saturday.

Despte the dim lighting the CenturyLink Center facility was very impressive:

Ten mats in one room with ample space on the edges for wrestlers and the media.

So for a while I found myself absolutely purposeless.  Then, however, I learned that the entrance I used was not the one for the general public.  Perhaps some directions will be useful for those who have not previously been to the CenturyLink Center.

The spectators enter from the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway entrance.  (Among other accomplishments, Arthur Ray Teague, b. 1907, d. 1975, was responsible for naming Bossier High School athletes the Bearkats.) 

The spectator entrance to the CenturyLink Center is accessed from Arthur Teague Parkway.  If you can see the bridge view below, you are on the right path.  Parking is available on either side of the building:
(north side above - south side below)

Members of the media obtaining press passes (as if any others are reading this) enter through the loading dock area on the other end of the facility facing CenturyTel Drive.  Teams also enter from the loading dock.

A map of the CenturyLink Center in a PDF file may be found by clicking HERE.

And, you know, sometimes one sees something unusual and just has to share it:

(Actually, it is a bus for the Bossier Olympiad Gymnastics team.)

(More points for the CenturyLink Center!)

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