Division III - 106 pounds: Basile's Langley unbeaten in Division III.
March 25th, 2016 | Written by: Editor


Brenan Langley of Basile finished an undefeated Division III season and a very respectable season against Division I and II opponents with an 8-6 championship win over Brusly's David Kent.


Basile junior Brenan Langley had an excellent 2015-16 season.  He was undefeated against Division III competition and his six losses came to the Division I and II 106 lbs. runners-up, the 113 lbs. Division II 3rd place finisher, and to the Division I 5th and 6th place finishers.  Langley had soundly defeated #2 Jeffrey Hefner of De la Salle and was 3-0 against #4 Jourdan Theall of North Vermillion.  Langley, however, did not meet Brusly's David Kent during the season.  The sophomore was seeded third, behind Hefner, who defeated him in the Brusly Invitational semifinals.

Heffner, a sophomore for the Cavaliers, won the Pearl River Invitational, the GNO Division III District Tournament and placed second at the Trygg Memorial.  He also placed second at the Brusly Invitational, losing to Langley.  After losing to Brusly's David Kent in the semifinals 10-7, Hefner proceeded to place third with a close 8-7 win over fourth-seeded Justin Theall of North Vermillion.

David Kent of Brusly only wrestled five Division III matches all season.  Four were at the Brusly Invitational, in which he placed third.  The last was in a dual meet with De la Salle which he won despite moving up to the 120 lbs. weight class.  His Brusly Invitational loss was to Heffner in 0:42 seconds, so his semifinals win over Hefner was, to say the least, unexpected.

When looking at the scores in the matches semifinals, consolation finals and finals, this weight class showed parity not often seen in Division III.  The average margin of victory was a mere two points.

Place Name School Seed Year
1st Brenan Langley Basile 1 11
2nd David Kent Brusly 3 10
3rd Jeffrey Hefner De la Salle 2 10
4th Jourdan Theall North Vermillion 4 10
5th Cameron Witherwax St. Louis 5 10
6th Colton Kendrick John Curtis 6 8

Consolation Rounds

CSF: Theall (NV) over Kendrick (JC) in 2:35  

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(1) Brennan Langley (BAS) pinned Dallin Sylve (SPL) in 1:38.
(4) Jourdan Theall (NV) pinned (5) Cameron Witherwax (StL) in 5:17. 
(3) David Kent (BRU) pinned (6) Colton Kendrick (JC) in 1:03.
(2) Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) pinned Hunter Colding (EVA) in 0:17.

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(1) Brenan Langley (BAS) defeated (4) Jordan Theall (NV) 7-5.
While Langley had defeated Theall three times during the season, they were all close matches with scores of 4-1, 6-1 and 6-4.
(3) David Kent (BRU) defeated (2) Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) 10-7.
Kent avenged a 42 second fall to Hefner at the Brusly Invitational to advance to the finals.

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(2) Jeffrey Hefner (DLS) defeated (4) Jourdan Theall (NV) win 3rd place.
(5) Cameron Witherwax (StL) defeated (6) Colton Kendrick (JC) to win 5th place.


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(1) Brenan Langley of Basile defeated (3) David Kent of Brusly 8-6.

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