Division III - 126 pounds: Kaplan's Gaspard avenges three earlier defeats to capture championship
March 25th, 2016 | Written by: Editor


During the 2015-16 season second-seeded Alex Beraud of North Vermillion beat him twice by a combined score of 15-3, and Basile's Zack Vinson, seeded in the top spot, pinned him in 0:59.  Yet Kaplan junior Adam Gaspard did not care about the previous losses as he beat Beraud 9-7 in the semifinals and Vinson 6-2 in the finals to lay claim to the Pirates' first state championship.


In 2015, as a sophomore, Kaplan's Adam Gaspard was seeded and finished fourth at the 106 lbs. weight class.  At 126 lbs. for the state championships this year, he was seeded third.  He had a good season, but he had been dominated by the first and second seeds Zack Vinson of Basile (3rd in 2015 at 126 lbs.) and Alex Beraud of North Vermillion (2nd in 2015 at 120 lbs.).  The closest he came to a tournament win was a runner-up spot in the Lafayette Metro, but that was at 132 lbs. and hence Vinson and Beraud were not factors.  He did place third (with another opponent due to the five-match rule) at the Brusly Invitational, but that was won by Beraud over Vinson.  He placed third at the Rayne Invitational also, but that was won by Vinson.  Vinson also placed third in the Central Wildcat Open, the Jacob McMillan Memorial, the Ken Cole and the Lafayette Metro.  Beraud won the Brusly Invitational (over Vinson), placed third at the McMillan (at 132 lbs.) and fourth at the Lafayette Metro.

After his semifinals loss Beraud defeated fourth-seeded Corey Ancar of South Plaquemines 4-1 to make the consolation finals.  There he met fifth-seeded Brendon Wilcox of John Curtis, who made it to the semifinals via a 10-8 TB-1 match over Ancar in the quarterfinals.  Breaud defeated Wilcox 9-3 to take third place while Ancar took fifth with a fall over unseeded St. Louis freshman Noah Berryhill.

Place Name School Seed Year
1st Adam Gaspard Kaplan 3 11
2nd Zack Vinson Basile 1 12
3rd Alex Beraud North Vermillion 2 12
4th Brendon Wilcox John Curtis 5 9
5th Corey Ancar South Plaquemines 4 12
6th Noah Berryhill St. Louis >8 9

Early and Consolation Rounds

C1: Berryhill (StL) over Spencer (BRU) 7-1; C1: Toce (LAVI) over DeRas (SC) in 4:32

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(1) Zack Vinson (BAS) pinned Bruce Arceneaux (CP) in 0:59.
(5) Brendon Wilcox (JC) defeated Corey Ancar (SPL) 10-8 TB-1.
(3) Adam Gaspard (KAP) pinned (6) Donnie Scott (EVA) in 2:56.
(2) Alex Beraud (NV) pinned Bruce Butler (NOMMA) in 1:32.

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(1) Zack Vinson (BAS) pinned Brendon Wilcox (JC) in 5:16.
(3) Adam Gaspard (KAP) defeated (2) Alex Beraud (NV) 9-7.

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(2) Alex Beraud (NV) defeated (5) Brendon Wilcox (JC) 9-3 to win 3rd place.
(4) Corey Ancar (SPL) pinned Noah Berryhill (StL) in 3:47 to win 5th place.

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(3) Adam Gaspard of Kaplan defeated (1) Zack Vinson of Basile 6-2.

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