Brute National High School Results - Barbe's Mitchell wins championship;
Ames, Langley, Simon are runners-up; Christ, Bernard, Richards, Monroe, Jr., J. Johnson, Holliday, Fuselier place third
April 8th, 2016| Written by: Editor | Photos stolen from Glenn Bernard, Avery Porche and Cassie Christ



Updated as of 9:40 p.m.

Barbe's Darian Mitchell took home top honors at the Brute Nationals in Independence, Missouri Friday evening.  Mitchell pinned all four of his opponents, who hailed from Missouri (2), Nebraska and Arkansas, in times of 1:41, 2:58, 0:37 and 1:15.

Placing second from Louisiana were Dylan Ames of Comeaux, Brenan Langley of Basile and Cooper Simon of Rayne.  Third place winners were Basile's Gavin Christ, Comeaux's Dyllon Bernard and Evan Richards, Sulphur's Kiefer Fuselier, and Dyllon Holliday and Daniel Monroe of Haughton.

Photo I (three images): Dyllon Bernard and father/coach Glen Bernard; Photo II: Hadley Trahan, Luke Westbrook, Dyllon Bernard and Dylan Ames; Photo III: Runner-up Brenan Langley; Photo IV: Runner-up Dylan Ames; Photo V: Ames on the podium; Photo VI: Gavin Christ (3rd); Photo VII: Christ on the podium; Photo VIII: Brandon Revere (6th) on podium.

In fifth place was Barbe's William Jicks.  Sixth-place award winners were Carencro's Taylor Cray, Lance Robinson of St. Michael, Brandon Revere of Lafayette, Haroon Wali of Barbe and Kendrick Kruskie of Haughton.

Seventh-place winners were Mason Macaluso of Holy Cross and Lafayette's Thaquan Priestley.  Placing eighth were Zachary's Brandon Cosse and Joshua Guillory of Acadiana.  St. Louis' Robert Christman was one match away from gaining podium status.

For all who went 0-2, 1-2 or the like, and did not place - well done anyway!  You went to Independence, wrestled in a new arena and competed against kids from out of state about whom you knew nothing.  You learned some were a lot better than you, some just a little better, but all are human (I am not venturing into how they all put on their singlets).  Keep going to these events and the win column will start improving.  Again, 0-2 is vastly better than 0-0.

A summary of the Louisiana participants in the High School Division is presented below:

9th Name Record Place/Status
122 LBS Dylan Ames 3-1 Runner-up
122 LBS Brody Gray 1-2 Out
128 LBS Gavin Christ 4-1 3rd Place via pin in 0:36
128 LBS Mason Macaluso 1-2 7th Place
133 LBS Dyllon Bernard 5-1 3rd Place via pin in 3:24
133 LBS Morgan Manuel 1-2 Out
133 LBS Hadley Trahan 0-2 Out
138 LBS Taylor Clay 1-3 6th Place via 6-1 Decision
155 LBS William Jicks 5-2 5th Place via 9-1 Major Decision
155 LBS Lance Robinson 2-3 Placed 6th
10TH Name Record Place/Status
115 LBS Luke Westbrook 0-2 Out
115 LBS Cooper Simon 3-1 Runner-up
122 LBS Jacob Ruton 0-2 Out
133 LBS Isaiah Johnson 0-2 Out
143 LBS Robert Christman 2-2 T-9th
148 LBS Evan Richards 4-1 3rd Place via pin in 3:54
155 LBS Eric Trahan 0-2 Out
163 LBS Brandon Revere 1-1 6th Place
174 LBS Bobby Jicks 1-2 Out
192 LBS Daniel Monroe Jr. 5-1 3rd Place via 6-1 Decision
192 LBS Tyler Carriere 2-2 Wrestling for 5th
11th Name Record Place/Status
115 LBS Jerimiah Johnson 2-2 3rd Round Robin
115 LBS Brenan Langley 3-1 2nd Round Robin
128 LBS Tyler Hanson 1-3 Out
133 LBS Tyler Fontenot 0-2 Out
143 LBS Haroon Wali 1-2 6th Place
148 LBS Brandon Cosse 0-2 8th Place
218 LBS Darion Mitchell 4-0 Champion via a pin in 1:15
12th Name Record Place/Status
122 LBS Kiefer Fuselier 1-3 (Injured) 4th Round Robin
122 LBS Dylan Holliday 2-2 3rd Round Robin
163 LBS Thaquan Priestley 1-2 7th Place via 25-10 Decision
163 LBS Joshua Guillory 0-3 8th Place
174 LBS Kendrick Kruskie 0-3 6th Place

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