Louisiana grade-schoolers bring home four national championships
April 9th, 2016| Written by: Editor | Photographs stolen from: Pat Mahoney, Will Blanchard, Carl Griffin, Angela Hill, Toby Dodson, Evangel Eagles Wrestling Club.  Special thanks to Matthew Chenevert



Forty-one Louisiana wrestlers, ranging in age from first-graders to eighth-graders, competed today in the Brute Nationals Folkstyle Championships in Independence, Missouri.  Four came home as national champions.  Twenty-six more came home as All-Americans.  Eleven others came back better wrestlers than they were when they got there.

Choosing a cover photo was very difficult between this young man and Trent Mahoney, but the one that, in the editor's days would not have cost a team point, won out.

Left is first-grader Zane Blanchard who, after a first-round bye, scored a 10-1 major decision in the quarterfinals, a 7-1 semifinals win and followed that with a 14-0 shutout to win top honors in the 1st-grade 43 lbs. weight class.

Three other Louisiana wrestlers came home with championships.

Second-grader Alex Rojas won at 52 lbs. with falls in 1:46 and 0:43, followed by a 5-0 semifinals win and a 4-1 finals victory.  Seventh-grader Waggoner Allen Baylor used falls in 0:18 and 0:31 to win his round-robin 141 lbs. weight class, and eighth-grader Christopher Norris scored falls in 2:11, 1:52 and 2:03 to win the 215 lbs. round-robin event.

Anthony Dodson - 5th Clayton Hill - 7th Donnie Scott - 6th and
Richard Mack, III - 5th
Jordan Griffin - 7th Trent Mahoney - 3rd

Coach Phil Bode and the Allstar Wrestling Club

Anthony Dodson, Rayden Ingram, Clayton Hill , Jordan Griffin, Camdyn Ingram of the Live Oak Wrestling Club each went home as All-Americans

Maxx LaFleur, Ozias Gray and Jeremiah Brooks came out of the event as runners-up, while Audie Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Kaiser Robbins, Rayden Ingram and Trent Mahoney placed third.  Eighteen others placed in the top-eight and received All-American status. 

As was said earlier, the experience is the important factor in events like this, hence 0-2 beats 0-0. 

Name Grade Weight Record Place/Status
Maxx Lafleur 1st 37 lbs. 2-1 (Round-Robin) 2nd
Audie Murphy 1st 37 lbs. 1-2 Round-Robin 3rd
Austin Greene 1st 40 lbs. 0-2 7th
Kendrich Hofmeister 1st 40 lbs. 2-2 5th
Zane Blanchard 1st 43 lbs. 3-0 Champion
Caleb Kirk 1st 46 lbs. 0-1 Experienced
Patrick Murphy 1st 46 lbs. 3-1 3rd 
Kaiser Robbins 1st 52 lbs. 5-1 3rd 
Ozias Gray 2nd 52 lbs. 3-1 2nd
Alex Rojas 2nd 52 lbs. 4-0 Champion
Kael Roux 3rd 55 lbs. 1-2 Experienced
Kelby Bernard 3rd 60 lbs. 0-2 Experienced
Brandt Babineaux 3rd 65 lbs. 2-2 7th
Brennan Boyer 4th 70 lbs. 1-2 Experienced
Abel Gray 4th 80 lbs. 0-2 Experienced
Ryan Fobbs 4th 92 lbs. 1-2 5th
Ethan Herring 4th  100 lbs. 2-2 5th
Austin Willis 4th 100 lbs. 0-3 8th
Landon Reaux 5th 60 lbs. 1-2 5th
Wesley Brands 5th 85 lbs. 0-2 Experienced
Name Grade Weight Record Place/Status
Ashton Sonnier 6th 65 lbs. 1-3 (Round-Robin) 5th
Trent Trouth 6th 85 lbs. 1-3 8th
Avery Porche 6th 85 lbs. 0-2 Experienced
Rayden Ingram 6th 92 lbs. 4-1 3rd
Evan Kelley 6th  119 lbs. 0-2 Experienced
Job Broussard 7th 78 lbs. 0-3 5th
Tyrick Clay 7th 98 lbs. 1-2 Experienced
Jordan Griffin 7th 118 lbs. 1-3 5th
Anthony Dodson 7th 125 lbs. 2-1 5th
Waggoner Allen Baylor 7th 141 lbs. 2-0 (Round-Robin) Champion
Reed Bergeron 8th 85 lbs. 1-3 5th
Blane Hanson 8th 92 lbs. 0-3 8th
Clayton Hill 8th 92 lbs. 1-2 7th
Jaise Bouillion 8th 98 lbs. 0-2 Experienced
Camdyn Ingram 8th 111 lbs. 4-2 4th
Trent Mahoney  8th  125 lbs. 4-1 3rd
Richard Mack, III 8th 125 lbs. 3-2 5th
Donnie Scott 8th 141 lbs. 1-3 6th
Logan David 8th 148 lbs. 1-2 Experienced
Jeremiah Brooks 8th 168 lbs. 3-1 (Round-Robin) 2nd
Christopher Norris 8th 215 lbs. 3-0 (Round-Robin) Champion

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