First November Fortnight Review
November 13th, 2016| Written by: Editor



[Editor's note:

I wish to apologize for the delays in posting articles and photographs so far.  The last two-and-a-half months have included daily reminders that "you are not 52 anymore!"  I will have articles on the events I have attended, but hopefully this little update will assist folks trying to learn everything from their phones.]

Warrior Open Brusly 8 Central Wildcat Jesuit Invitational Mandeville Open Cinco Ranch Big 2 Raven

The 2016-17 Louisiana High School wrestling season is now in full swing.  Regretfully, it started with the passing of Holy Cross icon Ed Kavanaugh, a 1967 state champion for the Tigers and their coach and athletic director for three decades.

Were the Louisiana Wrestling Hall of Fame an actively pursued venture, Coach Kavanaugh would surely be a member.

Coach Kavanaugh would certainly not want that event to hinder the season's progress.  Below, I will try to summarize what has happened so far:

2016 St. Michael the Archangel Warrior Open - Saturday, November 5th

The editor wanted to toot his own horn for a couple of things he wrote last year.  Unfortunately, the editor does not have a horn and had to settle for a folded piece of paper and a comb to make a fake kazoo.

From Volume IV, No. 6, September, 2015:

Airline Vikings
"As Rummel will be competing in Division II this season, with a few timely upsets the [Airline] Vikings might find themselves in contention with Holy Cross and Jesuit for the runner-up spot.  Additionally, 12 of their 17 2015 returners are only juniors or younger, so the 2016-17 team, with another state tournament scheduled in Bossier City, will be a well-seasoned group of veterans who could vie for a team title."

"Coach Tommy Prochaska's team is very deep and incredibly young.  The Bears should provide some upsets at the state championships, but this year looks like of a rebuilding season¹.  The 2016-17 and 2017-18 teams should be something to see, though, as last season's roster had 36 wrestlers who were sophomores or younger."

In the first major tournament of the season the Catholic Bears scored 221.5 points to win the Warrior Open by 50.5 points over runner-up Airline's 171.  That is a large point differential, but the Bears had 13 entrants while the Vikings only brought eight.  Jesuit, with 168 points, placed third, but the Blue Jays were also without Adam and Eli Larriviere, Jordan Giewat and Corey Dublin.  Catholic had two champions and four runners-up at the event.

Weight Champion and School Runner-up and School Score
106 Alex Yokubaitis - St. Louis Luke Romano - Catholic 6-1
113 Austin Gouedy - Central Ryan Nguyen - Shaw 5:12
120 Luke Eccles - Jesuit Peyton Bass - Airline 4-2 SV
126 Gavin Christ - Basile Troy Detweiler - Dutchtown 6-4
132 Cameron Carpenter - Catholic Jackson DeGruy - Jesuit 3-1
138 Josh Partin - Airline Lance Blanchard - Catholic 8-5
145 Joshua Wright - Dutchtown Jeremy Flieg - Catholic 1:05
152 Matthew Matherne - Ouachita Christian Robert Christman - St. Louis 14-7
160 Christian Walden - Airline Nathan Koenig - Jesuit 15-3 MD
170 Brandon Greer - Jesuit Connor Costello - Ouachita Christian 2:31
182 Jacob Fereday - Catholic Sidney Mitchell - East Ascension 10-3
195 Thomas Arseneaux - Jesuit Dane Harter - St. Michael 8-4
220 Chase Stuckey - Baton Rouge Alex Davila - Airline 1:09
285 Jamarcus Gay - Airline Patrick Mahoney - Catholic 1:23

Outstanding Wrestlers
Austin Gouedy - Central Chase Stuckey - Baton Rouge

¹  I so wish someone would notify the editor of such errors as the bold-cased "phrase" exhibits.

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Brusly 8 - Saturday, November 12th

Brusly had four champions en route to scoring 130 points and winning the Brusly 8 by 8.5 points over Rummel.  Live Oak, with wins by the Ingram brothers Camdyn and Anthony, and Ean Hill, placed third by one-half point over Catholic.

Weight Champion and School Match Record Runner-up and School Match Record
106 Chris Montalbano - Rummel 5-0 David Kent - Brusly 4-1
113 Hunter Goodson - Catholic 4-0 Isaac Suarez - Rummel 3-1
120 Camdyn Ingram - Live Oak 5-0 Colin Clement - Holy Cross 4-1
126 Ethan Cascio - Brusly 5-0 Kyle Kiefer - Holy Cross 4-1
132 Ean Hill - Live Oak 5-0 Hayden Henley - Rummel 4-1
138 Lance Blanchard - Catholic 4-0 Robbie Butler - Holy Cross 3-1
145 Dylan Hezeau - Rummel 5-0 Charles Hudson - Comeaux 4-1
152 Austin Franklin - Brusly 5-0 Anthony Sciambre - Holy Cross 4-1
160 Shelby Savoie - Comeaux 3-0 Matthew Gerrets - Holy Cross 2-1
170 Jacob Fereday - Catholic 5-0 Andreas Denapolis - Rummel 4-1
182 Owen Mabile - Brusly 4-0 Harrison Bond - Live Oak 3-1
195 Richard Hunter - Brusly 5-0 Ben Bordelon - Catholic 4-1
220 Chase Stuckey - Baton Rouge 4-0 Brandon Young - Brusly 3-1
285 Anthony Ingram - Live Oak 4-0 David Hudson - Lafayette 3-1

Outstanding Wrestlers
Camdyn Ingram - Live Oak Richard Hunter - Brusly

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Central Wildcat Invitational - Saturday, November 12th

Evidently having a mat and a wrestling room at one's school is a mere luxury.  Having neither, the St. Amant Gators won the Central Wildcat Open with 151 points, outdistancing runner-up Belle Chasse by 25 points.  Catholic was third with 110 points. 

Senior Brier Babin of St. Amant was voted the Outstanding Wrestler, in no small part, I am sure, by handing Basile's Gavin Christ his first loss of the season in a 12-6 semifinals match.

St. Louis freshman Alex Yokubaitis won his second tournament in succession (he also won the Warrior Open).  He almost got the "Jeese, I Have to Type His Name in Again?" award until I saw the 285 runner-up from East Ascension.  (Scroll down - I am not typing it again until I need to.)  Austin Goody, Matthew Matherne and Chase Stuckey also notched their second tournament victories.

Weight Champion and School Runner-up and School Score
106 Alex Yokubaitis - St. Louis Corey Brownell - St. Amant 7-1
113 Austin Gouedy - Central Jeremiah Johnson - McKinley Medical Forfeit
120 Cooper Simon - Rayne Jordan Chenevert - Live Oak 12-2 MD
126 Brier Babin - St. Amant Trent Mahoney - East Ascension 5:57
132 Mason Middleton - Live Oak Bryson Falcon - Belle Chasse 11-6
138 Isaac Cortez - Basile Mikey Gordey - Ouachita Christian 4-1
145 Robert Christman - St. Louis Joshua Wright - Dutchtown 12-4 MD
152 Matthew Matherne - Ouachita Christian Mataius Lavine - Sam Houston 2:34
160 Matthew Webre - Ouachita Christian Hunter Hawkins - St. Amant 7-3
170 Sage Nugent - St. Amant Brice Fisher - Belle Chasse 18-2 TF
182 Sydney Mitchell - East Ascension Charles Solomon - Rayne 5:46
195 Joe Clark - Catholic Zachary Edwards - Belle Chasse 15-14
220 Alex Ballas - St. Michael Matthew Johnson - Dutchtown 3:18
285 William Delaune - Catholic Ladarius Siminialayi - East Ascension 3:24

OW:  Brier Babin of St. Amant

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Jesuit Invitational - Saturday, November 12th

Team Champions Holy Cross Individual Weight Class Champions

Holy Cross won the inaugural Jesuit Invitational on Saturday.  While it was a relatively small tournament, Holy Cross and Jesuit brought their starters, and Brother Martin sent two teams, and depending on how their season goes, some potential starters for the Crusaders. 

The Tigers had seven champions and scored 201 points to the host team's 141, followed by the Brother Martin "B" squad with 86.5.  De la Salle, Bonnabel and East Jefferson also participated.  Aside from the 220 and 285 lbs. brackets that only had two and one entrants respectively, the latter three schools only had two finalists (James Montelaro of East Jefferson and Malik Smith of Bonnabel), but no doubt earned some valuable experience against some of the best wrestlers in the state.  The Tigers brought three Division I state champions and the Blue Jays had one as well.

Weight Champion and School Runner-up and School Score
106 Caruso Signorelli - Holy Cross Connor Hoffman - Brother Martin B 5-0
113 Michael Lundin - Holy Cross James Montelaro - East Jefferson 0:48
120 Justin Leal - Brother Martin B Luke Eccles - Jesuit 4-3
126 Jordan Giewat - Jesuit Mason Macaluso - Holy Cross 4:44
132 Cole Clement - Holy Cross Lane Boudreaux - Brother Martin B 2:57
138 Matt Williams - Brother Martin B Garrett Cooper - Brother Martin C 2:53
145 Eli Larriviere - Jesuit Brady Butler - Holy Cross 5-0
152 Jake Rando - Holy Cross Nathan Koenig - Jesuit 27-15 MD
160 William Rosevally - Jesuit Jeffrey Argrave - Holy Cross 7-2
170 Joseph Foret - Holy Cross Darren Ferrier - Jesuit 1:18
182 Paul Treuting - Jesuit Greg Bohn - Jesuit 10-2 MD
195 Spencer Rayes - Holy Cross Thomas Arseneaux - Jesuit 5-0
220 Cameron Drummond - Holy Cross Malik Smith - Bonnabel 2:56
285 Eric Hamrick - De la Salle Bye Bye

OW: Jake Rando of Holy Cross

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Mandeville Open - Saturday, November 12th

Had team scores been kept at the Mandeville Open, they would have shown St. Paul's is still the dominant team on the Northshore.  The Wolves had five champions in Brandon Stein, Connor Oviedo, Cole Houser, Shane Ulfers and Grant Hughes.  John Curtis (photo left) might have placed second with winners Colten Kendrick, Isaac Fincher and Joha Anderson along with one runner-up.

Weight Champion and School Runner-up and School Score
106 Colten Kendrick - John Curtis Cody McCollister - Shaw 13-0 MD
113 Brandon Stein - St. Paul's Gage Sonnier - John Ehret 19-4 TF
120 Connor Oviedo - St. Paul's Anthony Ribando - Shaw 0:35
126 Cole Houser - St. Paul's John Bennett - John Curtis 1:58
132 Seth Poret - Covington Dawson Vallee - Shaw 2:45
138 Shane Ulfers - St. Paul's Joshua Bell - John Ehret 14-7
145 Grant Hughes - St. Paul's Jordy Andrade - Fontainebleau 0:58
152 Isaac Fincher - John Curtis Trey Aubert - Fontainebleau 2:56
160 Daniel Seither - Pearl River Jeff Fisackerly - John Ehret 2:07
170 Martin Garrett - Shaw Brandon Turner - South Plaquemines 4-1
182 Joha Anderson - John Curtis Nathan Warren - Pearl River 1:42
195 Christian Holquin - Thomas Jefferson Isaiah Gipson - Chalmette 0:47
220 Bryce Ahiborn - Fontainebleau DaiJon Bibbs - Chalmette 4:58
285 Jordan d'Aquin - John Ehret Nick VanHorn - Chalmette 1:38

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Cinco Ranch Big 12 and earlier dual meet - Friday, November 11th and Saturday, November 12th

Brother Martin showed the difference between dual meets and tournaments this weekend in Katy, Texas.  According to reliable sources, the Crusaders lost a dual meet Friday night to Katy High School, possibly 39-30.  But the Crusaders rebounded on Saturday and again won the Cinco Ranch Big 12 tournament, outdistancing Katy by 66 points.  The Crusaders had six champions,  runners-up and scored 231 points, 23 more than runner-up Houston Cypress Woods.

Weight Champion and School Runner-up and School Score
106 Daniel Varnado - Brother Martin Adam Hoang - Houston Cypress Woods 0:39
113 Daniel Croy - Brother Martin Tyler Luna - Katy Morton Ranch 5:12
120 Luke Cotton - Brother Martin Austin Hernandez - Houston Cypress Woods 5:21
126 Steven Shields - Brother Martin Jared Wood - Houston Cypress Woods 1:57
132 Jalen York - Katy Ben Wisniewski - Brother Martin 9-4
138 Daniel Manibog - Katy Hunter Rinehart - Klein 14-5 MD
145 Baylee Walker - Klein Zach Melendez - Katy 5-1
152 Paul Elmer - Brother Martin Jonathan Eguia - Houston Cypress Woods 9-5
160 Wade Wilson - Katy Matthew Hernandez - Houston Cypress Woods 0:56
170 Tucker Rowan - Houston Cypress Woods Nick McDaniel - Katy Morton Ranch 1:35
182 Henry Rossiter - Houston Cypress Woods Josh Loesch - Katy Seven Lakes 12-0 MD
195 Nathaniel Perdue - Brother Martin Cameron Kalina - Katy Seven Lakes 6-4
220 Cameron Barnes - Katy Garrett Legendre - Brother Martin 16-1 TF
285 Tim Dendy - Houston Cypress Woods Jose Lopez - Houston Cypress Ridge 0:59

The Outstanding Wrestler was Steven Shields of Brother Martin

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Raven Guidry

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