Team championship contenders separate from the rest of the field at the state championships
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Division I

Chris Baradell of Bonnabel got past Seth Menard of Comeaux 7-4 in the second round of consolations. Chad gets his picture on this little piece as he helped the editor paint some apartments for a couple of days before Christmas.  Baradell's first match was a loss to Holy Cross' third seed Caruso Signorelli.  After winning his next match against Menard he fell to Mandeville's Vincent Bruno via a 14-7 score.
Acadiana's Raven Guidry was very excited about being seeded # 7 in Division I at 106 lbs.  As a top-eight seed, she had a first round Bye and her next opponent, on paper at least, should be one she could beat.  That wrestler forfeited, so Raven's first match was a loss to second-seeded Brandon Stein of St. Paul's.  Her seeding did provide an advantage as she immediately went to the third round of consolations, in which she defeated Clayton Cambre of Hahnville 5-0 and will wrestle again on Saturday.

It appears after the first day of competition that the Division I team championship will be decided either in the consolation rounds or possibly the finals.

Top 10 Team Scores After Session I

The first session of the state championships showed something that has not been seen in a long while - the Brother Martin Crusaders were in third place.  Holy Cross was in first place, 4.5 points ahead of Jesuit and 7.5 points ahead of the Crusaders.  Catholic also had a strong first session as they were in fourth-place, three points behind the Crusaders and only 10.5 behind Holy Cross. 

Place Team Points   Place Team Points
1 Holy Cross 84.5   6 East Ascension 63.5
2 Jesuit 80   7 Comeaux 59.5
3 Brother Martin 77   8 St. Amant 57
4 Catholic 74   9 St. Paul's 54.5
5 Airline 65   10 Sulphur 50.5

Top 10 Team Scores After Session II

After the second session Holy Cross, Brother Martin and Jesuit had "separated from the pack".  The Tigers were still in first place, six points ahead of the Crusaders and 10.5 points ahead of the Blue Jays, who dropped to third place.   Between the Blue Jays and the fourth-place Airline Vikings was a 46.5 point differential, and Catholic was behind Airline By one point.

Place Team Points Place Team Points
1 Holy Cross 179   6 Comeaux 105.5
2 Brother Martin 173   7 St. Paul's 105
3 Jesuit 168.5   8 St. Amant 102
4 Airline 122   9 East Ascension 96.5
5 Catholic 121   10 Sulphur 82.5


Upsets start in earnest during the quarterfinals.  Usually, the upsets consist of a fifth-seed defeating a fourth-seed, as "on paper" those two wrestlers are the closest in abilities than any other top-eight seeding matchups.  On Friday six fifth seeds defeated fourth seeds.  The biggest upset of the day, though, was when #7 Lance Blanchard of Catholic posted a 3-2 victory over Brother Martin's second-seeded Ben Wisniewski.

Weight Name School Seed Defeated Name School Seed Score
106 Luke Romano Catholic 5 Defeated Dakota Grace Airline 4 14-6
113 Connor Oviedo St. Paul's 5 Defeated Tyree Morris St. Amant 4 5-2
126 Jordan Giewat Jesuit 5 Defeated Thomas Barringer Airline 4 4-2
138 Lance Blanchard Catholic 7 Defeated Ben Wisniewski Brother Martin 2 3-2
138 Brady Butler Holy Cross 5 Defeated Josh Partin Airline 4 10-6
152 Jeffrey Argrave Holy Cross 5 Defeated Cameron Hyde St. Amant 4 8-3
195 Thomas Arseneaux Jesuit 5 Defeated Edmond Belizaire John Ehret 4 5-1


Of the three leading schools, Holy Cross has 11 wrestlers in the semifinals.  Brother Martin has 10 and Jesuit has nine.  As far as the semifinalists' seedings, five of Brother Martin's seeds are seeded higher than their semifinals opponents.  Six of the Tigers' are seeded higher than their opponents, and four of the Blue Jays have the same advantage.

Brother Martin = 10 Seed Holy Cross = 11 Seed Jesuit = 9 Seed
106 1 106 3    
113 1 113 3    
120 3 120 2 120 4
126 2     126 5
132 1 132 2    
    138 5    
145 2 145 1 145 3
152 2 152 5 152 1
160 3     160 2
170 4 170 1 170 2
    182 2    
    195 3 195 5
220 3     220 2
    285 2 285 1

Head to Head

There are six semifinals match-ups between wrestlers from Brother Martin, Holy Cross and Jesuit.  Of those match-ups, Jesuit has the advantage as three of their semifinalists are seeded higher than their opponent.  Also in Jesuit's favor is that, while Brother Martin's Patrick Evans is seeded second, third-seed Eli Larriviere won the only match between the two - a 1-0 win at the Jesuit-Brother Martin dual meet.  Evans is seeded higher than Larriviere for placing, actually winning, the Louisiana Classic, a tournament Larriviere was forced to withdraw from due to an injury.)

The Tigers have two seeding scenarios in their favor.  Brother Martin has five wrestlers in the "head-to-head" matches between the three top teams, but in four of those matches Either Jesuit or Holy Cross is favored.
Weight Name School Seed Defeated Name School Seed
120 Jacob Spahn Holy Cross 2 vs. Luke Cotton Brother Martin 3
145 Patrick Evans Brother Martin 2 vs. Eli Larriviere Jesuit 3
152 Nathan Koenig Jesuit 1 vs. Jeffrey Argrave Holy Cross 5
160 William Rosevalley Jesuit 2 vs. Paul Elmer Brother Martin 3
170 Joey Foret Holy Cross 1 vs. John Stemke Brother Martin 4
220 Perry Ganci Jesuit 2 vs. Mack Brown Brother Martin 3

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Divisions II and III

With apologies, time will not allow a breakdown of the Division II and Division III races as was done above for Division I.

Division II

Division II Top 10 Team Scores After Session I

After the first session it appeared that Parkway could very well prevent Teurlings Catholic from winning their fourth consecutive Division II team title.  The Panthers and Rebels were tied, and Rummel was only four points behind in third place.

Place Team Points   Place Team Points
T-1 Parkway 68   6 Grace King 44
T-1 Teurlings Catholic 68   7 Shaw 38
3 Rummel 64   8 Rayne 37
4 Belle Chasse 55.5   T-9 Carencro 36
5 Live Oak 53.5   T-9 Sam Houston 36

Division II Top 10 Team Scores After Session II

In the second session the Rebels had broken-out to a 13.5 lead over Parkway, and Rummel was 15 points behind the Panthers.  A very strong showing on Saturday will be required to catch the Rebels.

Place Team Points Place Team Points
1 Teurlings Catholic 152   6 Rayne 91
2 Parkway 138.5   7 Carencro 87
3 Rummel 123.5   8 Grace King 70
4 Live Oak 122.5   9 Sam Houston 67
5 Belle Chasse 108   10 Shaw 60


The largest upset in Division II was Kordell Williams of Carencro, seeded eighth, pinned top-seeded Daniel Seither via a fall in 0:21.

Weight Name School Seed Defeated Name School Seed Score
120 Darryl Nicholas Parkway 6 Defeated Christian Satchell Sam Houston 3 5:21
126 Brett Schneider Teurlings Catholic 6 Defeated Jack Graham Rummel 3 4:59
138* John Cristler North Vermillion NS Defeated Matthew Boudreaux Central 2 0:48
160 Kordell Williams Carencro 8 Defeated Daniel Seither Pearl River 1 0:21
170 Nicholas Jones Central 5 Defeated Brice Fisher Belle Chasse 4 12-10
182 Harrison Bond Live Oak 5 Defeated Jacob Crusan Caddo Magnate 4 5:04
195** Nicholas Norman Carencro NS Defeated Cade Paddie St. Michael 7 4:42
195** Derrick Munson Rummel NS Defeated Dakota Stein Grace King 3 1:32
220*** Kevin Bonapart Bossier NS Defeated Christopher Norris North Desoto 4 9-6
285 Johnny VanVeckhoven Haughton 5 Defeated Torin Benoit Rayne 4 5:18

* Cristler was then defeated by #7 Josh Hebert of Teurlings Catholic in the quarterfinals.

**  Norman defeated Munson in 0:39 to advance to the semifinals.

***  Bonapart lost his quarterfinals match to #5 Kanyn Barton of Sam Houston

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Division III

Top 10 Team Scores After Session I

John Curtis lead Division III after the first session by three points over Basile and North Vermillion.  Favored De la Salle was in fourth-place, nine points behind John Curtis, and Brusly was a point behind De la Salle.

Place Team Points Place Team Points
1 John Curtis 30   6 Hannan 19
T-2 Basile 27   7 St. Louis 18
T-2 North Vermillion 27   8 South Beauregard 17
4 De la Salle 21   T-9 Kaplan 16
5 Brusly 20   T-9 Ouachita Christian 16

Top 10 Team Scores After Session II

De la Salle asserted themselves in the second session, accumulating a total of 120 points, giving the Cavaliers a 16-point advantage over new #2 Brusly.  John Curtis dropped to third-place, 37 points out of the lead.

Place Team Points Place Team Points
1 De la Salle 120   6 North Vermillion 66
2 Brusly 104   7 Ouachita Christian 64
3 John Curtis 83   8 Kaplan 50
4 St. Louis 79.5   9 Lakeside 43
5 Basile 74   10 Hannan 38


Weight Name School Seed Defeated Name School Seed Score
132 Ethan Cascio Brusly 5 Defeated Noah Berryhill St. Louis 4 6-4
138 Cole Ringle Ouachita Christian 5 Defeated Nathan Willis Lakeside 4 1:43
152 Joseph Vincent St. Louis 5 Defeated Isaac Fincher John Curtis 4 9-2
285 Eric Bumgarden John Curtis 5 Defeated Drake Griffin North Vermillion 4 3-1 SV

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