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Louisiana to be well-represented in Virginia Beach
Twenty-two and counting more reasons the state article will be delayed
March 17th, 2017| Written by: Editor \ Contributors: Glenn Bernard, Stacy Walden, Brian Hess, Pat Mahoney, Pappy Manuel, Shandra Robinson, William Croy, John Tademy, Gavin Christ, Tony Ingram...



The 28th Annual National High School Coaches Association National Wrestling Championships will be held from March 24th-26th in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Clicking the logo above will open the Website for the event.  Use this link in the event the Website appears to be unsafe on your browser via a search.  This address has worked fine for the LWN editor, but the LWN cannot and does not guaranty the link will be safe for other users.

Please send the names of wrestlers not on this list to

Louisiana wrestlers planning to attend the event are listed, in no particular order, below:

Wrestler School
Charles Solomon Rayne
Cooper Simon Rayne
Morgan Manuel Rayne
Tyler Carrier Rayne
Daniel Croy Brother Martin
Patrick Evans Brother Martin
Tyree Morris St. Amant
Brier Babin St. Amant
Hunter Hawkins St. Amant
Sage Nugent St. Amant
Gavin Christ Basile
Wrestler School
Taylor Clay Carencro
Byron Zeno Northside
Brody Gray Northside
Matt Salinas Airline
D.J. Evans Airline
Christian Walden Airline
Dyllon Bernard Comeaux
Dylan Ames Comeaux
Charlie Hudson Comeaux
Trent Mahoney East Ascension
Avery Porche Scrappers
Wrestler School
Lance Robinson St. Michael
Dane Harter St. Michael
Camdyn Ingram Live Oak
Joseph Priestly Evangel

Coaches making the trip:  Glenn Bernard - Comeaux/Lafayette Scrappers, Mark Carrier - Teurlings, John Simmons - Northside High School, Brian Hess - St' Amant, Coach Pat Mahoney - East Ascension, Mark Harter - St. Michael, St. Michael, Pappy Manuel - Rayne, Adam Porche - Lafayette Scrappers.

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