Thirty-seven seconds over Carencro - 5th-seed Vanveckhoven of Haughton wastes no time in the finals
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division II, 285 Pounds
May 12th, 2017 | Written by: Editor

Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals 3rd and 5th Finals

Fifth-seeded Johnny Vanveckhoven of Haughton pins Rayne's Torin Benoit in a quarterfinals match, two matches before his championship win over Carencro's Gabe Duplechain by a fall in 0:37.

The state championships seeding committee spends several days determining the proper seeding individuals have earned during the regular season.  Haughton's Johnnie Vanveckhoven's season positioned himself to be seeded fifth, but that did not mean he would capitulate to that fate.  Instead, in treating his seeding, Vanveckhoven followed the wisdom of Brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe who, while surrounded by German soldiers asking for his surrender at Bastogne, replied, "Nuts!"  While the bottom half of the bracket was flowing nice and smooth, the upper half was chaos as Vanveckhoven scored a 24-4 Technical Fall in 5:13 in his fourth match, beat fourth-seeded Torin Benoit of Rayne in 5:18, and then upset top-seeded Miles Santiago of Teurlings Catholic in the semifinals with another fall (time unknown).

During the regular season Vanveckhoven compiled a record of 13-4, which included a 14-6 drubbing by Santiago for fifth-place at the Ken Cole.  His other losses were to a Division III opponent and to two Division I opponents.

Gabe Duplechain, a Carencro senior, was 15-9 prior to the tournament.  He competed in the Louisiana Classic and the Ken Cole, but did not place in either event.  Duplechain had defeated the fourth seed, Torin Benoit of Rayne, and lost to Santiago. 

Oddly, Duplechain was seeded over Sam Houston's Nicholas Breaux.  In a 31-15 season, Breaux, placed third in the TCS Rebel Open, the Eagle Open, placed fourth in the Lone Survivor and won the Rayne Invitational.  That worked, though, as Duplechain at first scored falls in 1:11 and 0:45 before narrowly defeating Breaux 5-3.

Vanveckhoven, who won the championship with a fall in 0:37, scored not only the fastest fall in the finals of all three divisions, and was also the lowest seed to win a state championship in all three divisions.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Johnny VanVeckhoven Gabe Duplechain Torin Benoit Miles Santiago Terrell Ford Nicholas Breaux
Haughton Carencro Rayne Teurlings Catholic Northwood Sam Houston
#5 Seed #2 Seed #4 Seed #1 Seed Not-seeded #3 Seed
Senior Senior Senior Sophomore Junior Senior

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Early Championship Rounds

#5 Johnny Vanveckhoven (HAU) defeated Braden Parker (STMO) via a 21-4 Technical Fall @ 5:13.
#4 Torin Benoit (RAY) pinned Colby Cagle (LSH) in 0:45.

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#1 Miles Santiago (TC) pinned #8 Brandon Nelson (PKY) in 3:48.
#5 Johnny Vanveckhoven (HAU)  pinned #4 Torin Benoit (RAY) in 5:16.
#3 Nicholas Breaux (SH) defeated #6 Gabriel Philpot (LO) 4-1.
#2 Gabe Duplechain (CAR) pinned Terrell Ford (NW) in 0:45.

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#5 Johnny Vanveckhoven (HAU) pinned #4 Torin Benoit (RAY) in an unspecified time.
#2 Gabe Duplechain (CAR) defeated #3 Nicholas Breaux (SH) 5-3.

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Championship Consolation Rounds

#4 Torin Benoit (RAY) defeated #1 Miles Santiago (TC) 7-0 to place 3rd.
Terrell Ford (NW) pinned #3 Nicholas Breaux (SH) in 3:23 to place 5th.

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#5 Johnny Vanveckhoven of Haughton pinned #2 Gabe Duplechain of Carencro in 0:37.

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