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  1. I cannot emphasize enough how large the potential for errors is on the pages of this Website.  There undoubtedly will be typographical errors, hyperlinks that do not open or go to the wrong pages or photos, and observations that are just plain wrong.  If you find something amiss, please let me know via email at editor@lawrestlingnews.com;
  2. The extra photos (I came home with about 10,500 of them), added a bit of time but I am glad I had two other photographers;
  3. As much as possible, we (the photographers) wanted to take photos of everyone, but that is impossible when there are only three cameras and ten mats.  Hence, some weight classes are covered a little more thoroughly than others;
  4. As far as the records listed, I do not count forfeits or medical defaults.  This year I did not count losses to out-of-state opponents unless the circumstances merited it.  I have included victories over out-of-state opponents.  That makes counting wins much easier.  It also just makes our wrestlers' records look better;
  5. Any photos a viewer wishes to download are free, so have no quandaries about whether you should ask me for permission or payment.  This applies to other news Websites also, in the event they want tome photographs to use later this year when the 2017-18 season begins;
  6. Most of the photos came out well.  Some are great, and some are just passable.  The ones that might be a little grainy or out of focus will look fine if placed in a small frame.  Please remember that the photographers not only have to find spots from which they can get decent shot, and sometimes they must shoot over one mat to get photos of a match on the other side of the guardrails; 
  7. Some potentially great shots cannot be taken as the wrestlers rarely worry if they are facing a camera that may or not be there during their matches;
  8. Some of the more advanced lenses will focus on something other than the wrestlers before a photographer can get the wrestlers in focus.  Often the wrestlers do things so fast a photographer does not have the time to make sure they are in focus rather than the table workers behind them.  By the time the wrestlers are in focus, the moves are often over.  Hence, some potentially great shots needed to be deleted.  Luckily, nobody knows the shots the photographers did not take;
  9. With apologies to Divisions II and III, this article has more coverage (or lame text available for reading - either way) of Division I teams.  This is due to the geographic location of the highest ranked programs and their proximity to the editor's homestead.  It is also because, as should be expected, more Division I wrestlers and teams win or place higher in tournaments that include Division II and III teams;
  10. Lastly, the editor wishes to apologize for the length of time this article took to complete.  Running this Website often takes as much time or more as a regular job takes.  Hence, renovating apartments and running the Website has negatively affected the 2016-17 coverage.  With luck, this will not be the case in future seasons.

Once again, it has been a pleasure playing a minor part in last year's wrestling season, and I hope to provide better coverage for the 2017-18 season.


Martin G. Muller - Editor

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