First USAW Dual State Championships for elementary and middle school students a success
April 8th, 2017| Written by: Editor



The first elementary and middle school USAW Dual State Championships were held on March 25th at North Desoto High School.  The Bayou Elite Wrestling Club from New Orleans placed first in each division.  Finishing second in each division was the North Desoto Wrestling Club.  The Colt Wrestling Club, the Northwest Warriors Wrestling Club, the Monroe Wrestling Club and the Basile Wrestling Club competed in the event.

Elementary Champions Middle School Champions
1st Place Elementary - Bayou Elite Wrestling Club 1st Place Middle School - Bayou Elite Wrestling Club

Elementary Placers
2nd - North Desoto Wrestling Club 3rd - Northwest Warriors Wrestling Club 4th - Monroe Wrestling Club

Middle School Placers
2nd - North Desoto Wrestling Club 3rd - Colt Wrestling Club 4th - Northwest Warriors Wrestling Club 5th - Basile Wrestling Club

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