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July 14-20th, 2017| Written by: Editor | Contributor: Coach Jon Orillion


Update - July 20th, 2017

Raven Guidry sitting pretty in the  Women's Freestyle Nationals

Greco-Roman not as nice for the Cadet squad

After a first round bye, Oklahoma City College wrestler Raven Guidry (from Acadia High School) defeated E. Young of California 10-0.  On Thursday she is pitted against Jay Gallegos from Colorado.  That match is number 296.

In the Cadets' Greco-Roman tournament, Live Oak's Clayton Hill had the best day, compiling a record of 3-2.  Camdyn Ingram lost his first match to J. Saunders of Oklahoma 10-0.  In  his first consolation match Ingram rebounded with a 16-12 win over L. Cash of Virginia.  In his second consolation match Hill lost to Gene Bell of Ohio 14-4.

Dylan Ames competed at 138 lbs.  He lost his first match to T. Badgett of California 16-6.  In his first consolations match, Ramirez lost 8-4 to B. Treshock of New York.

Jacob Ramirez (Rummel) lost his first two matches.  First, he combatted against L. James of Iowa, losing 10-0.  In his second match, now in the consolations, he lost what must have been a fun match to watch.  D. Russelburg of Kentucky  managed a 15-14 win, eliminating Ramirez from the tournament.

Update - July 18th, 2017

Ramirez places eighth in Junior Freestyle

In the only action involving a Louisiana wrestler, Josh Ramirez battled Leonardo Tarantino of New Jersey to a 3-3 tie in the seventh-place match.  In such situations, the wrestler who scored the last point(s) is declared the winner.  The last point awarded was to Tarantino when Ramirez stepped out-of-bounds.  Many viewers believe that Tarantino stepped out-of-bounds at least once prior to the end of the match, and that Ramirez should have received the last points of the match.

Regardless, Ramirez gained All-American status and finished the tournament with a 5-3 record.

On Wednesday, the Cadet Greco-Roman tournament is slated to begin. 

Update - July 17th, 2017

And then there was one.  Ramirez in Monday's Medal Round vying for 7th place

Josh Ramirez earned All-American status on Sunday and will wrestle for 7th-place on Monday in the USMC/USAW Freestyle Nationals, held in Fargo, North Dakota.  Ramirez' day began with a match against three-time 6A state champion Braedon Redlin of Texas.  It was a close match, but Ramirez left the mat with a 15-13 victory and a spot in the quarterfinals.  It was in that round that Ramirez lost his first match of the tournament, a 13-0 shutout by Pennsylvania's Trent Hidlay.  (Hidlay advanced to Monday's finals match.)  In his first consolation round match, Ramirez defeated a North Dakotan 10-0.  His next match was a 10-0 loss to a Florida wrestler, M. Wohlabaugh, who advanced to the consolation finals.  Ramirez, though, earned a spot in Monday's Medal Round to place 7th or 8th.  There he will face L. Tarantino of Florida.  With one match to go, Ramirez has a 5-2 record so far.

Jake Rando, just as Ramirez did, started his day with a win followed by a loss.  Rando defeated E. Davis of California 10-0 to start.  Next, though, he lost a very close 14-12 match to M. Ferree of Ohio.  Unfortunately, that was in the 16-2 Round which does not qualify one to a Medal Round match and All-American Status.  Rando, however, recorded a very impressive 6-2 record in the event.

On Monday, besides the Medal Round for the Junior Freestyle event, the Cadet Greco-Roman Women's tournament will start but Louisiana has no Cadet women.  On Thursday, the Cadet Men's Greco-Roman tournament begins, as does the Women's Junior Freestyle tournament, in which Acadiana graduate Raven Guidry will participate.

Update - July 16th, 2017

Josh Ramirez meets Texan Braeden Redlin in the Round of 16; Rando alive in consolations

In the Junior Freestyle Nationals, Josh Ramirez and Jake Rando earned spots in Monday's competition.

Ramirez went 3-0 at 170 lbs.  He had an easy first match, defeating a Colorado opponent 12-0.  Things got a bit harder against an Indiana opponent.  Ramirez scored first but then found himself losing in the second round.  In the last minute, he scored enough points to earn a 12-10 victory.  Against a Wisconsinite, Ramirez made in to the Round of 16 via a 6-0 win.  His next match, #1736, will be against Braeden Redlin, a three-time Texas 6A state champion and a member of the Best Trained Wrestling Club that recently placed second at the Jazz Town Duals in New Orleans.

Rando, at 160 lbs., won his first match 12-2 against a New York opponent, but then lost a very close second round match 10-8 vs. a Minnesotan.  Rando then thrashed the first two opponents in the consolation rounds.  He won 10-0 over a Kansas opponent and 18-7 over a Massachusetts foe.  His next match was a nail-biting 11-10 win against an Illinois wrestler, which put him in the Consolation 16-1 bracket*.    Rando's next match is #1733 against Ethan Davis of California.

*    A "Consolation *-1" round means the winner will face an opponent to be determined by a loss in the Championship Round.  When all of the consolation brackets are filled, the round is called "Consolation *-2," which comprises 16 wrestlers.  That process continues with the Round of 8 and the Round of 4, which FloWrestling designates as "Consolation 4" and then "Consolation Semifinals."

After the Jazz Town Duals finals, an exhibition match was held between Rando and Redlin.  Redlin had finished two days of wrestling at 170 lbs., albeit many of his matches were by early pins, and he appeared to be in wrestling "shape."  Jake did not spend Saturday night thinking he would wrestle anyone on Sunday.  But the three-time Holy Cross state champion accepted the challenge and controlled the match from the start - basically getting ahold of Redlin's legs whenever he wished.

On Monday, Redlin will face another Louisiana three-time state champion.  Ramirez, however, will be "in shape" and will not be giving up 10 pounds as Rando did.

Of the other five Team Louisiana wrestlers in the event, four won at least one match on the day, and two of those won two matches.

Jared Thieler of St. Paul's won his first two matches against wrestlers from Washington and Alabama, 14-3 and 14-2 respectively.  However, he lost his next two matches - 12-2 vs. a Californian and 10-0 against a Pennsylvanian.

Jesuit's Paul Treuting also went 2-2 on the day.  He lost his first match 15-0 to a Montana wrestler.  In the consolation rounds he defeated a Washingtonian 14-3 and a Virginian 10-6 before falling to a New York wrestler, 10-0.

Blake Mateu and Brice Fisher posted 1-2 records.  Mateu defeated a California opponent 10-0, but then lost 18-8 to a Missourian and 16-6 to a Pennsylvanian.  Fisher went the same route as Mateu.  He won his first match over an opponent from Wyoming 12-1.  That win was followed by a 10-0 loss to an Oklahoman and a 12-4 loss to a California wrestler.

Dane Harter lost his first two matches: 11-1 to an Oklahoman and 12-0 to a Minnesotan.  One may say he is eagerly waiting for the Greco-Roman tournament to begin.  But who does that?  As trite as it sounds, just being there and watching the level of competition will make someone better during the upcoming season.

Junior Freestyle Results So Far...

Wrestler School Weight Day One Record
Blake Mateu Rummel High School 113 1-2
Jared Thieler St. Paul's High School 138 2-2
Brice Fisher Belle Chasse High School 160 1-2
Jake Rando Holy Cross High School 160 4-1*
Paul Treuting Jesuit High School 170 2-2
Josh Ramirez

Wahlert Catholic High School

170 3-0*
Dane Harter St. Michael the Archangel 195 0-2

*    Will compete on Monday.

Update - July 15th, 2017
Ingram posts best record, but no Louisiana Cadets advanced to compete on Sunday


All but one Louisiana cadets recorded victories in the USMC/USAW Cadet Freestyle Nationals, held at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND.

Sam Dreuil of Jesuit, competing at 100 lbs., started the day with a loss to a Pennsylvania opponent, but it was likely a very entertaining match as the final score was 20-17.  In what was probably another fun match to watch, Dreuil defeated a California wrestler 13-12 in the consolation Round of 32.  An Indiana opponent then knocked Dreuil out of the event with a 10-0 technical fall.

Live Oak's Clayton Hill also posted a 1-2 record in the 106 lbs. weight class.  Hill lost his first match to a Georgia wrestler 10-0, but rebounded for a 10-0 win over a Washington opponent.  Next, though, Hill was stopped 10-0 by a New Jersey opponent.

At 126 lbs. Jacob Ramirez of Rummel was shut-out 10-0 in his first two matches.  His first loss came to North Dakota's Ryan Ripplinger, who then won three additional matches which placed him in the quarterfinals.

At 132 lbs. Dylan Ames also went 1-2.   The Comeaux Spartan lost 12-1 against an Iowan, then won 10-0 over an Arizona opponent before falling 10-0 to a Washington wrestler.

Also at 132 lbs., Live Oak's Camdyn Ingram had the best day for the Louisiana Cadets, posting a 3-2 record.  The day did not start positively for Ingram as he lost his first match 10-0 against a South Dakota foe.  Ingram, though, had a great run in the consolation rounds.  First, Ingram beat a kid from Missouri 10-0.  After that he lost any friends he had in New Jersey by beating two Garden State* wrestlers 12-2 and 14-2.  His run ended in the Consolations Round of 16, losing 16-11 to a Minnesotan.

*    "Most Superfund Sites" did not make the runoff for New Jersey license plates.

On Sunday the Junior Freestyle Nationals will commence.  The table below summarizes the first matches for the Louisiana Juniors:

Wrestler School Weight First Round
Blake Mateu Rummel High School 113 vs. California
Jared Thieler St. Paul's High School 138 vs. Washington
Brice Fisher Belle Chasse High School 160 Bye
Jake Rando Holy Cross High School 160 vs. New York
Paul Treuting Jesuit High School 170 vs. Montana
Josh Ramirez

Wahlert Catholic High School

170 vs. Colorado
Dane Harter St. Michael the Archangel 195 vs. Georgia

Thirteen Louisiana wrestlers and five coaches are descending on Fargo, North Dakota, for the U.S. Marine Corps/USA Wrestling Cadet & Junior Nationals, which start today and end on July 22nd.

Coaches Jon Orillion, Matt Pinero, Sheridan Moran (freestyle) Dylan Azinger, Adam Porche and John Kent (Greco-Roman) will lead Team Louisiana, which consists of the following:

Cadets:                 Jacob Ramirez, Clayton Hill, Camdyn Ingram, Dylan Ames and Sam Dreuil;

Juniors:                Josh Ramirez, Blake Mateu, Jake Rando, Jared Thieler, Dane Harter, Brice Fisher and Paul Treuting:

Junior Women:    Raven Guidry.

The Louisiana Wrestling News will provide nightly updates on how our Louisiana wrestlers fare during the day's competition.

The dates, events and participating wrestlers may be found in the table below.  A green background means they have started the matches.  A red background shows that event is over:

Dates Event Wrestlers
July 15th to 17th Cadet Freestyle Nationals Jacob Ramirez, Clayton Hill, Camdyn Ingram, Dylan Ames, Sam Dreuil
July 16th to July 18th Junior Freestyle Nationals Josh Ramirez, Blake Mateu, Jake Rando, Jared Thieler, Dane Harter, Brice Fisher, Paul Treuting
July 18th to July 22nd Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals Jacob Ramirez, Clayton Hill, Camdyn Ingram, Dylan Ames, Sam Dreuil
July 19th to July 22nd Junior Greco-Roman Nationals Josh Ramirez, Blake Mateu, Jake Rando, Jared Thieler, Dane Harter, Brice Fisher, Paul Treuting
July 20th to July 21st Junior Women's Freestyle Nationals Raven Guidry

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