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Bart Freidenberg of the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team sent this to me.  I am not clear as to whether spots are available for the 2017 - I think it is mainly geared to participants in 2018, 2019 and 2020.  Interested parties should contact Mr. Freidenberg at 614-507-1653 or email him at Bart

--  Martin Muller

Application in a *.jpeg file Application in a *.pdf file

We have already received several applications, for all three years, including Youth or Junior High State Champions from 9 different states and expecting even more to be submitted. If you know of a good candidate from your area that is interested, please have them apply soon.

 An application is again attached, in both *.jpeg and *.pdf formats.

 September 20, 2017

 Dear Coaches,

 Since the recent e-mail, that was sent out regarding our team, I have received many questions and thought I would answer them here.

 If you need reference to the initial e-mail sent, you can find it here:

 Q: How many years has the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team been around?

A: Next summer will mark our 36th year. Since 1983, more than 600 wrestlers, representing 25 States and Canada, have participated on the team.

 Q: When will a decision be made as to whether there will be an OASWT in 2018?

A: We hope to have a decision by October 1. This will be based on the applications received by then and whether we feel we can field a representative team. If we decide to do a Team in 2018, individuals can start to be named to the Team as early as October 1 (even though applications are not due until October 18).

 Q: What about the 2019 & 2020 Teams?

A: Obviously, we have a bit more time to worry about that. However, our plan is to at least select part of the roster, for both teams, this fall. We did the same in 2015 (picked wrestlers early for both the 2016 & 2017 Teams) and feel that this helped in the process. Yes, it may have hurt some who applied late in the process, as we may have had many other individuals already around that weight. But, we also feel that it allowed others to see the type of kids that would be a part of the Team. Those that are apply for future teams also receive the first opportunity to attend the Team Training Camp, if space warrants.

 Q: My son is kind of young right now.  Can he still apply?

A: Yes, he can, but I would strongly consider applying for the 2019, or 2020 Team, then. As a general rule, the best year for a kid to participate is after their 7th grade year, as it seems they are old enough to appreciate things and be responsible, but still young enough to be a kid and enjoy all the fun things. That being said, each team also needs to be balanced out with some younger and older kids. Younger kids to be the "life of the team" and fill a lot of the lower weights and older kids to fill a lot of the heavier weights and, more importantly, be role models and leaders. If your son is selected to the 2020 Team and we later decide to do a 2021 or 2022 Team, he would have the option of switching years.

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 Q: How many kids will be selected to a Team and how many non-Ohio kids will you accept?

A: Plans are to select anywhere from 16-22 kids per year. We may also name a couple of "replacement kids," should someone drop off. If no one drops off, the replacements would be given a spot on the following year's team. While priority is given to Ohio kids and then those that competed at the Ohio Tournament of Champions, we generally anticipate about half the roster to be filled by non-Ohio kids.

 Q: How long will the trip be?

A: We anticipate a five-day camp, followed by six weeks of travel out West. Right now, the 2018 Camp, (which will be held whether there is a Team or not), is scheduled for: June 16-20, in Springboro, OH.

 Q: How does the selection process work?

A: Once an application is received, it is determined if the qualifications (wrestling or otherwise) are valid enough for consideration. If so, the references will be contacted, to check on what type of character the individual possesses. While it's great to be a stud wrestler, we are more concerned that the individual will be a positive role model for our team and sport. If selected, the wrestler's parents will receive a phone call notifying them as such. The name will then be posted on the appropriate Team Facebook Page. Those not selected will be notified by e-mail and told that their application will be kept on file, for the following year's team. The following year, the individual will be contacted to update their information.

 Q: How exact do we have to be on the weight we put down?

A: We use the weights listed to try our best to spread the weights out. We do realize the weights will be different come Spring, or in another year or two, but also can take several kids, in each weight class range, if the situation warrants. However, the current weights generally provide a guideline for us, during the selection process. We had one kid apply one year at 100 pounds and was 140 the next summer, when he traveled with us.

 Q: Do kids have to maintain their weight on the trip?

A: No, they do not. Following the team training camp, we submit a final roster to the other teams that we will be facing. They do their best to match up (age and weight wise) with what we have. For the most part, there are no summer weigh-ins on the trip, other than at the Poway Tournament. If they do weigh in, it is just to best match them up for the dual meet.

 Q: When are the first fees due?

A: No fees are due until after the first team meeting, which would be in early November of the preceding year they would travel. Following the meeting, you would have three weeks to decide if you wish to still pursue the summer opportunity. If not, simply return the materials. If so, then there are some initial fees, of $150, that need to be paid. These fees (spot fee and security deposit) are non-refundable and do not apply to the total amount that needs to be raised. After that, you will receive a schedule of when payments need to be made. As long as we see progress in this, you will be fine. However, if we do not see any payments coming in, then the spot could be in jeopardy.

 While we do feel it helps to be at the first meeting in person, we do understand that not everyone will be able to attend. If you cannot make it, your packet of materials will be mailed to you.

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 Q: We don't have that type of money to apply.

A: While some families do choose to pay for their son's trip, many past wrestlers were able to raise the entire amount. As a 501 (c) 3 Team, all donations are tax deductible. Yes, it does take a lot of planning and work, but the money can be raised.

 Q: Can parents travel along with the Team?

A: While we have no problem with parents attending a couple of dual meets, (many show up for the Las Vegas meet), or the Poway Tournament, the concept of the trip is basically a growing up process. Having the parents following them around, on a continual basis, defeats the overriding purpose of having the young man learn to problem solve on his own, along with his teammates.

 Q: Will my son receive $5200+ worth of wrestling (practice and competition) on the trip?

A: No, he will not. If you are looking to receive that much value in just wrestling, then you will need to send him to wrestling camps for the entire summer. This past year, besides the Training Camp, wrestlers had 15 additional practices and received about 20 matches.

 However, your son will receive much more than $5200 worth of overall life experience, some of which involves the wrestling. The overriding goal off each Team, (and what alumni will say is the best part), is getting the Team to eventually became Family and finally Brothers. This is a slow process and often takes a month to accomplish. The team will go thru a period when everyone gets along so well and then the bottom falls out. Once that occurs, they then begin the process of accepting everyone for who they are and start process of becoming closer to their new "brothers" than they are to their friends back home.

 The trip fee also includes all the transportation (airfare and rental vehicles), hotels, sightseeing (about $1000 per wrestler), exchange gifts, team equipment and videos (about $1100 per wrestler) and meal money (about $700 per wrestler) and more.

 Q: My son has never really been away from home. I'm afraid he will get homesick if he is away for that long of time.

A: Believe me, we have had many kids/parents that feel this way, even several thru the first few days of the trip. However, we keep the kids so busy that they do not have time to think about how much they miss home. We can provide numerous parents to talk to about this, if need be. Once the trip is over, most of those same kids will tell you that they would gladly go on the trip a second time - and several have.

 Q: How is the OASWT different than the other all-star dual meet teams my son has been on?

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A: The other teams are not even close in comparison. When you are part of a dual meet team, you spend a few days with the other team members. You may, or may not, have to spend all day and night with them and may do one, or two, fun things as a team. When you are part of the OASWT, you much spend six weeks with your teammates. You live together, travel together, eat together, sleep together and do all the fun things as a family. Yes, teammates will get on your nerves. Yes, there may be some minor fights along the way. But, you will slowly become brothers for life.

 We also do our best to get the kids "out of their comfort zone," as quickly as possible. Prior to the state of the training camp, all wrestlers are given an oldies song they need to sing in front of the group. They will later sing these in Denver and will also visit a recording studio, in Reno, to record some songs. While many of the wrestlers are pretty scared about this, they learn to get over their fear and, by the end of the trip, have no problem at all with it. At Camp, the alumni sing first to help ease everyone's concerns and, at the end, we even have all the non-trip kids sing. They also attend several Improv Comedy shows, on the trip, and are also given a lesson, where they then get to try it out for themselves and have a blast with it.

 Q: Who coaches the Team?

A: Over the past few years, we have had several different coaches help, both at camp and on the road. Most of these have been former trip members themselves. Recent trip coaches have included: Eddie Jayne (3X State Champion for Lakewood St. Edward HS), Mark Jayne (3X State Champion for Lakewood St. Edward HS and 3X All American at Illinois), Gus Sako (2X State Champion for Lakewood St. Edward HS), Brad Harris (State Champion for Pickerington HS) and Mike Geisz (has coaches the OASWT more times than any other Coach).

 Hopefully the above answers many of your questions, or concerns. If you still have questions, please let me know. Often it is much better to talk to parents whose son actually was part of the OASWT and I can provide you with the contact info of another parent whose son was approximately the same age as your son, or from the same general area.

Yours in Wrestling,

 Bart Freidenberg - Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team


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