With apologies to Clement Moore...

December 24th, 2017

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and on my HP,

Five thousand photos were waiting for me;

To sort them by rounds and into weight classes,

Pick, edit, name them – it’s slow as molasses.

My cat tries to help me, she sits in my lap,

But when she tries typing I send her to nap;

South Walton is finished, but there are many more,

Breaux Mart twenty-nine-Holy Cross twenty-four.

Now come Jefferson Open, now come Jacob Mac,

The Culotta awaits at the end of my “stack;”

Today is a Saints game, a break of three hours,

Then the keyboard will call (it has wicked powers).

On Christmas the family comes from the North Shore,

No Causeway for me, I save two hours more;

Building the Webpages is next on my list,

As without them who would know I exist?

As I finish a portion I allow a small cheer,

I light up a ‘rette and I drink a fake beer;

Breaks are a must, some tasks make me roam,

Like JEOPARDY! at six, at least in this home.

Then back to the photos, I’ve no time to lose,

Come Thursday and Friday – Deep South Bayou Duals;

To make someone happy, that’s my allure,

And it hurts less than coaching, of that I am sure!

May the season bless you and all whom you choose,

Happy holidays from the LA Wrestling News.