Three Louisiana Junior and Cadet wrestlers survive to fight another day
March 29th, 2018| Written by: Editor



Thirteen Louisiana wrestler from the Allstar Wrestling Club, the Bayou Elite Wrestling Club and the Live Oak Wrestling Club ventured to Cedar Falls, Iowea,, for the 2018 USAW Juniors/Cadets Folkstyle National Championships, held from Thursday, March 29th through March 31st.

Of the 13, three did well enough to be able to compete on Friday, and each are guaranteed at least 8th-place.

2018 Division I state champion Michael Lundin lost his first match but the won three in a row to remain in the competition. Bayou Elite teammate Evan Frost won his first match, lost his second and then won his next two to survive another day.  Twin brother Jacob Frost, a 2018 Division I runner-up, lost his first match and, like Lundin, ran-off three consecutive wins and the right to compete on Friday.

Allstar's Dane Harter, a 2018 Division II state champion, made it the farthest through the championship side of the bracket, reaching the quarterfinals.  There he was defeated, and he also lost his first consolation match.

Other with wins on the day were Live Oak's Jordan Griffin, and Dylan Lauriano, Charles Sauerwin and Jake Romig of Bayou Elite.

Some, of course, did not win a match, but the experience they gained is immeasurable.   And that is not something said just to placate them for not winning any matches. Wrestling kids from across the nation and competing at a national venue are invaluable experiences which will give them an edge later over those who do not compete in such competitions.

The Juniors and Cadets wrestling on Friday will be joined by some younger lads from Live Oak and Bayou Elite for the first rounds of the Intermediate, Schoolboy and Master B competition.  Should any of those wrestler survive the first day, they will compete again on Saturday.

A list of todays wrestlers, their clubs, weight and records may be found below, along with the names and information for the younger wrestlers who will start competition of Friday.:


Name Club Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Event Record
Michael Lundin
Bayou Elite 120 L 4:32 W 2:12 W 6-0 W 5-2 L 4:30 SEVENTH-PLACE
W 12-9
Lance Robinson Allstar 152 L 2:29 L 15-8         0-2
Dane Harter Allstar 182 W 12-6 W 6-3 L 9-7 L 1:45     2-2


Name Club Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Event Record
Evan Frost
Bayou Elite 94 W 4-3 L 10-8 W 2:11 W 0:51 L 11-6* EIGHTH-PLACE
L 11-9*
Jacob Frost
Bayou Elite 100 L 3:54 W 6-4 W 8-3 W 6-2 L 11-2 EIGHTH-PLACE
L 11-1
Dylan Lauriano Bayou Elite 100 W 2:59 L 0:45 L 7-0       1-2
George Kim Allstar 106 L 2:51 L 3:58         0-2
Charles Sauerwin Bayou Elite 120 L 3:14 W 12-0 L 2:39       1-2
Nick Brocato Bayou Elite 120 L 15-0 L 6-2         0-2
Jake Romig Bayou Elite 132 L 0:22 W 2:12 L 4-3       1-2
Jordan Griffin Live Oak 138 L 1:59 W 1:29 L 7-2       1-2
Anthony Dodson Live Oak 145 L 11-9 L 3:24         0-2
Jesse Lawless Bayou Elite 160 L 0:52 L 9-2         0-2

* Both matches required a Sudden Victory round.

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