One Junior, two Cadets and three Bantam/Intermediates claim All-American status in Iowa
At least five others to be All-Americans on Saturday
March 30th, 2018| Written by: Editor | Photos courtesy of Landon Williams



Bayou Elite (and Holy Cross) junior Michael Lundin lost his first match on Saturday, but came back with a hard-fought 12-9 victory to place seventh and earn All-American status at the 2018 USWAW Juniors/Cadets Folkstyle Championships in Cedar Falls, Iowa, today.  The Frost brothers, Evan and Jacob, lost both of their matches on Saturday, but that was still good enough to place 8th and be recognized as All-Americans. 

All-Americans Jacob Frost (8th), Michael Lundin (7th) and Evan Frost (8th)* All-Americans Evan Frost (8th), Michael Lundin (7th) and Jacob Frost (8th) with coaches Landon Williams and Dylan Azinger*

*  While they are sporting the same smiles, same haircuts, same heights, same uniforms, same backpacks and same award certificates, without a doubt, in one of these photos the Frost brothers' first names are listed correctly.



Name Club Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Notes
Michael Lundin Bayou Elite 120 L 4:32 W 2:12 W 6-0 W 5-2 L 4:30 W 12-9 7th-Place
Lance Robinson Allstar 152 L 2:29 L 15-8          
Dane Harter Allstar 182 W 12-6 W 6-3 L 9-7 L 1:45      


Name Club Weight Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6  
Evan Frost Bayou Elite 94 W 4-3 L 10-8 W 2:11 W 0:51 L 11-6* L 11-9*   8th-Place
Jacob Frost Bayou Elite 100 L 3:54 W 6-4 W 8-3 W 6-2 L 11-2 L 11-1  8th-Place
Dylan Lauriano Bayou Elite 100 W 2:59 L 0:45 L 7-0        
George Kim Allstar 106 L 2:51 L 3:58          
Charles Sauerwin Bayou Elite 120 L 3:14 W 12-0 L 2:39        
Nick Brocato Bayou Elite 120 L 15-0 L 6-2          
Jake Romig Bayou Elite 132 L 0:22 W 2:12 L 4-3        
Jordan Griffin Live Oak 138 L 1:59 W 1:29 L 7-2        
Anthony Dodson Live Oak 145 L 11-9 L 3:24          
Jesse Lawless Bayou Elite 160 L 0:52 L 9-2          

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Bantam, Intermediate and Schoolboy

Seventeen younger Louisiana wrestlers started or continued their tournaments on Friday.  Rayden Ingram of the Live Oak Wrestling Club won his quarterfinal match via a pin in 1:46 to advance to Saturday's semifinals.

Two weight classes with Louisiana entrants were completed on Friday alone.  The Bantam 45 lbs. weight class was dominated by a 1-2 punch from Louisiana.  Cole Bourquard of Bayou Elite defeated Kash Clementi of Bayou Elite 4-3 in the finals, earning All-American status.  In the Bantam 43 lbs. weight class, Caleb Judice placed fifth via a pin in 0:20, and also earned All-American honors.

Seven wrestlers will continue their tournament on Saturday.  Five of them, Rayden Ingram (LOWC), Mason Parria (BEWC), Nick DeSalvo (BEWC), Ethan Christopher (BEWC) and Richie Clementi (BEWC) will start Saturday in semifinals matches.  All five of them are guaranteed at least fourth-place, a spot on the podium and All-American recognition.  Caden Judice (BEWC) will start in the consolations quarterfinals round, and Nick Cusimano (BEWC) will start in the third round of consolations.

Cole Bourquard of Bayou Elite (#1 on the podium) won the Bantam 45 lbs. championship with a 4-3 decision over Bayou Elite Teammate Kash Clementi (#2 on the podium).

Match scores through Friday

Name Club Weight Division Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6
Caleb Kirk Live Oak 56 Intermediate L 4-2 SV L 0:54        
Caleb Kirk Live Oak 56-57 LC Intermediate L 8-6 SV L 3-0        
Rayden Ingram Live Oak 110 Schoolboy W 3:01 W 1:46 Semifinals      
Casey Kirk Live Oak 194 Master B Saturday          
Cole Bourquard Bayou Elite 45 Ban-Int 8 or Less W 6-1 W 8-2 FINALS
W 4-3
Kash Clementi Bayou Elite 45 Ban-Int 8 or Less W 7-4 W 12-10 FINALS
L 4-3
Caleb Judice Bayou Elite 43 Ban-Int 8 or Less W 0:07 L 0:34 L 4-2 FIFTH-PLACE
W 0:20
Mason Parria Bayou Elite 49 Bantam W 4-0 Semifinals        
Nick DeSalvo Bayou Elite 63 Intermediate W 8-0 W 10-2 M Semifinals      
Ethan Christopher Bayou Elite 77 Intermediate W 0:33 W 4-2 W 0:28 Semifinals    
Logan Lopez Bayou Elite 56 Intermediate L 15-0 TF L 1:31        
Caden Judice Bayou Elite 67 Novice 32-man Up L 2:29 W 8-2 W 1:59 CONS QTRS    
Richie Clementi Bayou Elite 70 Novice 32-man Up W 17-2 TF W 8-0 M W 8-2 Semifinals    
Jack O'Connor Bayou Elite 78 Novice 32-man Up L 18-2 TF CONS RD 2        
Nick DiGerolamo Bayou Elite/TEAM LA 98 Novice L 3:20 L DQ        
Nick DiGerolamo Bayou Elite/TEAM LA 94-96 LC Novice Saturday          
Nick Cusimano Bayou Elite 87 Schoolboy 32-ma Up W 3:51 L 17-2 TF CONS RD 3      
Liam O'Connor Bayou Elite 114 Schoolboy 32-ma Up L 3:50 L 1:24        

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