Catholic's Romano denies Signorelli's second title bid with late reversal
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division I, 113 Pounds
May 30th, 2018 | Written by: Editor


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Catholic's Luke Romano is congratulated by Coach Tommy Prochaska after scoring a winning reversal with four seconds remaining to defeat Holy Cross' Caruso Signorelli 7-6.  At right, an exhausted and despondent Signorelli, reminiscent of Jim McKay's ABC's Wide World of Sports "agony of defeat" quote 57 years earlier.    

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Luke Romano Caruso Signorelli Connor Oviedo Ethan Castex Tyree Morris Shawn Arnold
School Catholic Holy Cross St. Paul's Brother Martin St. Amant Lafayette
Seed 1 3 2 4 5 7
Class Junior Sophomore Junior Freshman Senior Senior

Weight Class Synopsis

The Division I 113 lbs. weight class looked like it would be a toss-up between 2017 runner-up, Caruso Signorelli of Holy Cross, Brother Martin freshman Ethan Castex, Tyree Morris of St. Amant and Connor Oviedo of St. Paul's.  The major threats in that weight class were in Division II and Division III.   No one doubted that Blake Mateu of Rummel, a Division II school, would compete at 113 lbs. in the Louisiana Classic, and that he would probably meet Alex Yokubaitis of St. Louis, but St. Louis is a Division III school. The match between Yokubaitis and Mateu was what everyone expected to see, and did see, in the finals of the Louisiana Classic.

Lost in the mix was Catholic junior Luke Romano.  Romano, a sixth-place finisher in the 2017 state championships, started the season at 126 lbs., a weight class everyone expected to be, and which was, dominated by Brother Martin's Daniel Croy.  After a runner-up finish at the Warrior Open and one dual meet win, Romano moved to 120 lbs.  There he placed fourth in a Texas tournament, and lost via a fall to Ben Dreuil in a dual meet versus Jesuit.  At the Trey Culotta he won his pool but lost to St. Paul freshman Peyton Ward in the semifinals, and to an out-of-state opponent before placing fifth.  Romano dropped down to the 113 lbs. weight class in January, but his first event was the Hoover Invitational in Alabama.  He placed fifth there but remained rather anonymous.  At the Louisiana Classic he was seeded fifth but was not considered a real threat after losing to Division II's Colten Sonnier of Teurlings Catholic.  That he later placed third with a win over Sonnier went rather unnoticed, as the finals match between Mateu and Yokubaitis was what everyone wanted to see.  His third-place finish at the Louisiana Classic, in which he placed higher than Castex and Oviedo, and his Greater Baton Rouge Championships finals win over Morris, did not go unnoticed, however, by the state tournament seeding committee.  He also received a forfeit from Signorelli after the Tiger sophomore was injured in the Louisiana Classic semifinals, so he merited the top seed at the state championships.  Oviedo benefitted from Signorelli's injury also as he was seeded in the second spot, one ahead of Signorelli. 

Romano brought a 26-4 record to the state championships against Louisiana opposition.  That continued with a 6-2 win in the first round, a 7-0 win in the second round, a 14-6 quarterfinals win and an 8-7 squeaker against Brother Martin freshman Ethan Castex.

Caruso Signorelli was a state runner-up as a freshman last season, losing only 12-8 to senior Daniel Varnado.  He placed second in the South Walton Border Wars, won the Jesuit Invitational, won two matches at the Prep Slam and only competed in one other tournament prior to the state championships - the Louisiana Classic.  He was 14-3 against Louisiana opponents, with his only "real" loss a 4-3 affair with Yokubaitis in semifinals of the Louisiana Classic, after which he had to withdraw from the event.  Hence, his other two losses were due to forfeits.  That fact lost him the second-seed spot, which went to Oviedo, who ended up getting a forfeit from the Tiger wrestler even though Signorelli had defeated Oviedo 6-1 in the quarterfinals.  After a bye Signorelli advanced due to an injury default at 1:42 by East Ascension's Devin Deranger, a fall over Bonnabel's Sergio Maldonado and a semifinals fall over Oviedo in 3:15. 

Signorelli controlled the finals match for the first two periods.  He used a high-crotch which he switched to something akin to a fireman's carry to score the only points in the first period, taking a 2-0 lead.  Thirty seconds into the second period, at the same time as Romano tried and arm-chop to Signorelli's right, the Holy Cross wrestler turned to his left, basically just rolling onto Romano's back for a reversal.  He rode-out the rest of the period to start the third with a healthy 4-0 lead.  In the final period things started falling apart for Signorelli.  Romano chose to start standing, and 25 seconds into the round he used a duck-under to lift Signorelli off of the mat and onto his back when Romano returned to the mat.  Romano netted a three-point near-fall which, including the takedown, gave him a 5-4 lead.  The lead was fleeting, though, as after the two went out of bounds, Romano was called for an illegal hold, giving Signorelli a point and tying the match at 5-5.  With 1:20 remaining Signorelli escaped to take a 6-5 lead.  Signorelli shot what appeared to be a safe single-leg, but Romano was able to sit-up facing Signorelli and grab the Tiger's ankle.  Romano kept pulling Signorelli into him, keeping Signorelli's head on the mat, until he was able to break Signorelli's two-handed hold on his leg with a cross-face.  At the edge of the mat Romano was awarded the takedown with four seconds remaining.

Oviedo shutout St. Amant's Tyree Morris 5-0 to advance to the consolation finals.  Castex won a 13-1 major decision over Lafayette's Shawn Arnold to do the same.  Oviedo defeated Castex 8-4 in the Prep Slam and beat him once more 5-3 to place third.  Morris shutout Arnold 6-0 to place fifth.

Castex and Oviedo managed sixth-seed Shawn Arnold of Lafayette and Morris respectively, and Oviedo prevailed over the Crusader for the second time (he defeated Castex 8-4 in the Prep Slam) 5-3 to place third. 

Early Championship Rounds

R1: Devin Deranger (EA) over Matthew Born (BYR) in 0:28
R1: (6) Sergio Maldonado (BON) over Jaden Thomas (DES) in 2:32
R1: (5) Tyree Morris (STA) over Coltin Marras (BRB) 15-4 MD
R1: Jacques Roberts (ACA) over Jaelin Wells (COV) in 4:47

R2: (4) Ethan Castex (BM) over Clayton Cambre (HNV) in 1:22
R2: (6) Sergio Maldonado (BON) over Dennis White (ZAC) in 4:29
R2: (1) Luke Romano (CAT) over Reed Bergeron (COM) 7-0

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(1) Luke Romano (CAT) over (8) Dakota Brace (AIR) 14-8
(4) Ethan Castex (BM) over (5) Tyree Morris (STA) 4-3
(3) Caruso Signorelli (HC) over (6) Sergio Maldonado (BON) in 3:38
(2) Connor Oviedo (STP) over (7) Shawn Arnold (LAF) 7-3

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(1) Luke Romano (CAT) over (4) Ethan Castex (BM) 8-7
(3) Caruso Signorelli (HC) over (2) Connor Oviedo (STP) in 3:15

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Vincent Bruno (MND) over Jaden Thomas (DST) in 3:55
C2: Coltin Marras (BRB) over Dennis White (ZAC) 4-3
C3: Tony Serio (JES) over Shawn Roberts (ACA) 14-3 MD

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(2) Connor Oviedo (STP) over (4) Ethan Castex (BM) 5-3 to place 3rd
(5) Tyree Morris (STA) over (7) Shawn Arnold (LAF) 6-0 to place 5th

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(1) Luke Romano of Catholic defeated (3) Caruso Signorelli 7-6

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