Morgan Manuel completes "one-two punch" for Rayne with his first championship
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division II, 132 Pounds
May 30th, 2018 | Written by: Editor

Weight Class Synopsis Early Championship Rounds Quarterfinals Semifinals Consolation Rounds 3rd and 5th Finals

Junior Morgan Manuel followed Simon's lead for another state title for Rayne

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Morgan Manuel Brett Schneider Christian Satchell Trey Fontenot Justin Gaubert Nathan Zeringue
School Rayne Teurlings Catholic Sam Houston Parkway Shaw St. Michael
Seed 2 1 4 3 6 8
Class Junior Senior Junior Junior Junior Senior

Weight Class Synopsis

Teurlings Catholic senior Brett Schneider competed at 145 lbs. until December and 138 lbs. until the state championships, at which he went down to 132 lbs.  He recorded a 29-8 record prior to the state championship and had wins over Christian Satchell of Sam Houston, Airline's Thomas Barringer, John-Patrick Broussard of St. Louis, and, most important, owned a 10-9 win over Rayne's Morgan Manuel, whom he would meet in the state finals.  Of his eight losses, three were to Basile's Gavin Christ (a subset of which Schneider was not alone), one to Cole Houser of Division I St. Paul's and one to Dyllon Bernard of Division I Comeaux.  But his other five losses were at 138 lbs. against fellow Division II wrestlers Richard Mack, III of North Desoto (16-9 and 6-3) and defending state champion Trevor Tamburo of Parkway (8-2, 10-5 and 15-5).  Those losses probably prompted his drop to 132 lbs. for the state tournament.  His win over Manuel placed him at the top of the bracket.  In the state championships he recorded a fall in 1:34, a 10-0 major decision and a 9-2 semifinals win over Christian Satchell of Sam Houston.

Morgan Manuel only started on December 16th due to football, and he competed at 138 lbs. until the last weekend of December, when he dropped to 132 lbs.  He brought a 33-9 record into the state championships and his path to the finals included defending Division II state champion Trey Fontenot of Parkway.  Those two had a history dating back to last season.  In the finals of the 2017 Lone Survivor, Manuel defeated Fontenot 5-3.  In the 2017 state championships, Fontenot, seeded fourth, upset top-seeded Manuel 8-6 in an Ultimate Tie-Breaker in the semifinals on his way to the Division II championship.  This year Fontenot defeated Manuel 4-3 in the Division II State Duals Championships, but Manuel returned the favor in a heated Ken Cole consolation finals match by a 3-2 win in Sudden Victory.  In the state semifinals, it was Manuel winning another match by one point, 2-1.  The story may not end there, as both will be seniors in the 2018-19 season.  Manuel's path to the state finals consisted of an 8-4 decision, a fall in 3:00 and another close 2-1 semifinals victory over Fontenot.

Schneider might have placed himself in disadvantageous situation dropping to 132 lbs. solely for the state championships.  Manuel had been at that weight since the end of December and had competed against some of the best of all three divisions.  In the finals match Manuel scored the first takedown on a single-to-double-leg shot, after which Schneider used a switch to score an escape.  Schneider scored next with an ankle-dive to a double-leg, but Manuel managed to escape with 0:25 remaining, and the first period ended in a 3-3 tie.  In the second period Schneider reversed Manuel with a Granby roll to take his only lead of the match, 5-3.  It looked as if the period might end at that score, but with 0:03 remaining, Manuel escaped long enough for one escape point to be awarded, and then immediately jumped on top of and spun around Schneider for a takedown as time ran out.  Manuel led 6-5 entering the third period.  With Manuel in the bottom position, Schneider rode him for a minute before deciding he would be better off scoring takedowns, and he let Manuel go, increasing the Rayne wrestler's lead to 7-5.  Schneider shot, but he was very low, and Manual sprawled on him and spun around for a takedown and a 9-5 lead.  With 0:26 remaining Schneider switched Manuel to cut the lead to two, 9-7, but Manuel immediately escaped.  Schneider shot low again and Manuel reacted as he did after Schneider's first low shot, spinning for a takedown and a 12-7 state championship.

Fontenot advanced to the consolation finals with an 18-2 technical fall, and Satchell did so with a fall in 1:45.  The match for third place, however, was stopped as Fontenot was injured, and looked literally knocked-out, after 1:06 elapsed.  Satchell was awarded third, but Fontenot, the warrior that he has been all year, came back from a hospital emergency room to celebrate with his Parkway teammates for their tie for the Division II team championship.

Eighth-seed Nathan Zeringue of St. Michael took fifth-place honors with a tough 3-0 decision over Shaw's sixth-seeded Justin Gaubert.

Early Championship Rounds

R1: (5) Jordan Griffin (LO) over Edward Charles (NS) in 2:16
R2: (8) Nathan Zeringue (STM) over Zach Mondello (HAU) in 5:4
R2: (6) Justin Gaubert (SHW) over Dawson Turner (BNT) in 3:18
R2: (7) Derick Ferguson (HNT) over Quinton Smith (BOS) in 1:45
(2) Morgan Manuel (RAY) over Matthew Schwing (RUM) 8-4

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(1) Brett Schneider (TC) over (8) Nathan Zeringue (STM) 10-0 MD
(4) Christian Satchell (SH) over (5) Jordan Griffin (LO) 3-1
(3) Trey Fontenot (PKY) over (6) Justin Gaubert (SHW) in 2:00
(2) Morgan Manuel (RAY) over (7) Derick Ferguson (HNT) in 3:00

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(1) Brett Schneider (TC) over (4) Christian Satchell (SH) 9-2
(2) Morgan Manuel (RAY) over (3) Trey Fontenot (PKY) 2-1

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Consolation Rounds

C2: Dawson Turner (BNT) over Edward Charles (NS) in 1:59
C3: Zach Mondello (HAU) over Jace Zeigler (BC) 15-6 MD
C3: Matthew Schwing (RUM) over Quinton Smith (BOS) in 4:27
Dawson Turner (BNT) over Cameron Cason (CM) in 2:55

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Championship Consolation Rounds

(4) Christian Satchell (SH) defeated (3) Trey Fontenot (PKY) via an injury default  to place 3rd
 (6) Justin Gaubert (SHW) defeated (8) Nathan Zeringue (STM) 3-0 to place 5th

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(2) Morgan Manuel of Rayne defeated (1) Brett Schneider of Teurlings Catholic 12-7

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