Yokubaitis wins first of two St. Louis titles in Saints' hunt for the Division III team championship
LHSAA State Wrestling Tournament
Division III, 113 Pounds
May 30th, 2018 | Written by: Editor

Weight Class Synopsis Quarterfinals Semifinals 3rd and 5th Finals

Sophomore Alex Yokubaitis of St. Louis is on pace for four consecutive Division III titles

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Name Alex Yokubaitis Colton Kendrick Cade Hontiveros Kaul Kayser Ethan Langley Alexzander Zaunbrecher
School St. Louis John Curtis Hannan Brusly Basile Kaplan
Seed 1 3 4 5 2 6
Class Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Eighth-grade Freshman

Weight Class Synopsis

Alex Yokubaitis is on a pathway to four consecutive Division III state championships.  He posted a 27-1 record with his only loss a 5-3 affair to Rummel senior Blake Mateu in the Louisiana Classic finals.  He beat or placed higher than the best of Division I or Division II opponents (aside from Mateu) in that event.  He won 4-3 over two-time Division I runner-up Caruso Signorelli of Holy Cross.  He pinned Brother Martin's Ethan Castex in 5:28. He scored a 15-0 technical fall over soon-to-be Division II state champion Clayton Hill of Live Oak.  He did not compete against second-seeded Ethan Langley of Basile, but he defeated John Curtis' Colton Kendrick 8-0 and in 2:25 in their two matches.  To advance to the finals Yokubaitis only had to win one match, a semifinal, which he did in 2:18 over Cade Hontiveros of Hannan.

John Curtis sophomore Colton Kendrick brought a 27-15 record into the state championships.  His losses to Division II and Division III opponents put him behind Basile's Ethan Langley in the seeding, as Langley only lost to two Division I opponents in what was a short year (14 matches) for him.  Kendrick scored a fall in 3:07 against Kaplan's Alexzander Zaunbrecher, and then "gutted out" a 3-1 win over the second-seeded Langley for the right to meet Yokubaitis in the finals.

The St. Louis sophomore scored first, using a head-and-arm from his knees to score the first two points.  Kendrick sat-out twice and on the third try Yokubaitis pulled him backwards and put the Curtis wrestler on his back for three nearfall points prior to the end of the period.  The second period started with Yokubaitis on the bottom protecting a 5-0 lead.  He immediately switched Kendrick and then just rode-out the Patriot until the round ended with Yokubaitis ahead 7-0.  In the third period Kendrick decided to start in the neutral position, and after 10 seconds elapsed he caught Yokubaitis with a quick lateral-drop which put the defending state champion in peril.  Kendrick may have been as surprised that it works as the onlookers, but he was not able to finish-off Yokubaitis.  The St. Louis wrestler sat-out with wrist control, turned while keeping the wrist, scored a reversal and used an opening to put Kendrick on his back with a barbwire hold.  He switched his hold to a half-nelson, but Kendrick was able to turn off of his back before the round ended.    From 7-0 the match went to 7-5, then 9-5 and ended up 12-5, giving Yokubaitis his second Division III state title. 

Hontiveros took only 40 seconds to get past Zaunbrecher to the consolation finals match.  Kayser had to use a little more energy in a 9-3 win over Langley.  The third-place match was good, with Hontiveros winning 9-5.  Langley placed fifth with a 10-2 major decision over Zaunbrecher.

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(1) Alexander Yokubaitis (STL) received a bye
(4) Cade Hontiveros (HAN) over (5) Kaul Kayser (BRU) 11-9 SV
(3) Colton Kendrick (JC) over (6) Alexzander Zaunbrecher (KAP) in 3:07
(2) Ethan Langley (BAS) over (7) Jesse Garon (EPI) in 3:51

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(1) Alexander Yokubaitis (STL) over (4) Cade Hontiveros (HAN) in 2:18
(3) Colton Kendrick (JC) over (2) Ethan Langley (BAS) 3-1

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Championship Consolation Rounds

 (4) Cade Hontiveros (HAN) defeated (5) Kaul Kayser (BRU) 9-5 to place 3rd
 (2) Ethan Langley (BAS) defeated (6) Alexzander Zaunbrecher (KAP) via a 10-2 major decision to place 5th

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Alexander Yokubaitis of St. Louis defeated Colton Kendrick of John Curtis 12-5

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