Camden, GA club wins 26-team Jazz Town Duals Tournament; Crusaders place second
June 25th, 2018| Written by: Editor



The Outsiders, a wrestling club composed primarily of athletes from Camden County High School in Georgia, dominated the 7th annual Jazz Town Duals folkstyle tournament, held on July 16th-17th at the Xavier University Convocation Center.  In the finals match the Outsiders defeated the Crusader Wrestling Club 58-13.

The Charlotte (Florida) Wrestling Club placed third with a 39-38 win over the Oklahoma Rampage.

Selected Team Photographs Outstanding Wrestlers Best T-shirts and Singlets Miscellaneous

Twenty-six teams entered the event.  Seven Louisiana club teams were joined by seven teams from Florida, five from Georgia, two from Oklahoma and one each from Colorado, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas.

Saturday's competition consisted of six "pool" rounds that determined which teams would qualify for the 16-team championship bracket on Sunday.  "Pool" winners on Saturday were the Oklahoma Rampage, the Bayou Elite Wrestling Club (predominantly Holy Cross High School wrestlers), the Outsiders (predominantly from Camden County, Georgia), the Charlotte Wrestling Club of Florida and the Crusader Wrestling Club (predominantly Brother Martin High School wrestlers).  Aside from the Crusaders and Bayou Elite clubs, the Wolfcats Wrestling Club out of Rayne, Louisiana, advanced to the championship bracket.  Louisiana teams competing that did not advance to the championship bracket were the All-Star Wrestling Club (with wrestlers from Central, East Ascension, McKinley and St. Michael high schools), the Live Oak Wrestling Club (including members from Live Oak, Zachary and John Curtis High Schools), the New Orleans Wrestling Club (predominantly Jesuit High School wrestlers) and the Red Stick Wrestling Club (predominantly Catholic High School wrestlers).  Those four clubs and the remaining six out-of-state clubs competed in a second bracket set to determine 17th-26th places.

Selected Team Photographs

1st - Outsiders Wrestling Club

2nd - Crusader Wrestling Club, NOLA 3rd- Charlotte Wrestling Club, Florida

5th - 605 Grapplers, South Dakota 14th - Wolfcats Wrestling Club, Louisiana

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Outstanding Wrestlers

Outstanding Wrestler - Lower Weight Classes
Daniel Croy of Brother Martin

Outstanding Wrestler - Higher Weight Classes
Baylor Wrestling Club Heavyweight

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Best Shirts and Singlets

A Jazz Town Duals tradition often observed by out-of-state teams has been to design shirts and singlets with a "flavor of New Orleans" theme.  This year was no exception.  Fleurs-de-lis, Mardi Gras, Voodoo and jazz were all represented. 

Best Shirt
605 Grapplers, South Dakota
The voodoo doll clinched it
Best Singlet
Team VHS, Georgia
Too disturbing to discount

Team VHS, GA Shirt Outsiders, GA Shirt North Hall, GA Shirt VICI, TX Singlet OK Rampage Shirt NOWC Shirt Just plain wrong!

The New Orleans Wrestling Club shirt is included because of the first explanation, as wrong as it was, as to why there is a monkey's face on it.  A member of the NOWC said it was to inspire the club members to "wrestle like they were the third monkey on Noah's ark."  However, as found out later, it is the logo of a club in which the Jesuit High School coach participates.  That makes much more sense as Noah would not have allowed a third monkey on the ark. 

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Brother Martin Crusaders Elder Statesmen
1: Yehia Riles (2015), Danny Evans (2015) and Stephen Rumney (2016)
To be honest, even with a reference to Jesuit's Guy Patron, the editor had no idea who the bearded figure on the left was.  Telling the editor his name did little to clear things up without long second, third and fourth looks.  The editor was a victim of his own work, remembering Riles as he was in the 2014 Deep South Bayou Duals (photos 2 & 3); 4: Crusader Wrestling Club coaches.

Pickren Report
Father Chris Arizona State's William William and eldest Pickren son Cody
The Pickren's have been attending Louisiana tournaments as far back as the 2011 Trygg Memorial.  In 2013 William and Cody both won Trygg Titles.  In 2016, the remaining high school Pickren, Ethan, placed second at the Louisiana Classic, losing a 3-2 match to Brother Martin's Daniel Croy.

Connor Stampley Officiating Stephen Rumney Officiating Loras College (and former Rummel) coach Jonathan Orillion with Comeaux coach Glenn Bernard

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