Crusaders suss out illegals in 35-33 win over the Oklahoma Rampage
June 25th, 2018 | Written by: Editor


35 33

Midway through the semifinals match between the Crusader Wrestling Club (CRWC) and the Oklahoma Rampage club (OKRP), a former Brother Martin High School coach notified the CRWC coaches that something was amiss in the OKRP lineup.  At least one of the wrestlers had recently graduated and was thus ineligible to compete in the Jazz Town Duals team competition.  High school graduates may participate in exhibition matches only.  After further investigation it was found that the OKRP listed two high school graduates on the score sheet.  One was an Oklahoma 6A third-place winner.  The other was a 6A state champion.

During the discussion between the CRWC and OKRP coaches, George Dixon of South Carolina, who was basically the chief official at the event having coordinated the non-Louisiana officials, stepped in and asked the OKRP a very simple question: "Are there any graduated seniors on your roster?"

Posed with a question of that nature, the OKRP coach should have immediately known that somebody had discovered that his team was using ineligible wrestlers.  At that point he had a couple of cards to play, although only one should have been used. 

The TRUTH Card 
This was the only card he could have played to "save face."  The question he was asked quietly screamed that he had been caught and needed to face the consequences of his actions.

The coach opted not to play the TRUTH card, though. 

The coach could have said he did not know graduated seniors were not allowed to participate in the team competition.  By not using the TRUTH card, he had nothing to lose by saying he did not know about the rule.  Of course, that means he would have to admit he did not see or comprehend the "SQUAD RULES" section below on the Jazz Town Duals Website. 
It is a safe bet, though, that the coach knew the boys were seniors when they signed letters of intent to compete in the 2018-19 season at Newman University in Kansas in November of 2017 (photo right).

The coach could have said he did not perform the administrative duties of entering the tournament.  That would, of course, indicate the coach entrusted someone else who did not see or comprehend the "Squad Rules" requirements.  This card is mildly better than the IGNORANCE card in that the coach could plead ignorance of another person's ignorance. 

The card the coach played was wholly unexpected re the circumstances.  He chose the one below:

The coach's response to Mr. Dixon's question about whether the coach was using high school graduates was a simple "No."
He lied directly to Mr. Dixon's face when he had to have known he had been caught cheating. 
Fortunately, the OKRP wrestlers did not follow their coach's example.  One of the suspected graduates was behind the OKRP coach and, when he was asked the same question by Mr. Dixon, acknowledged that he was a high school graduate.

One of the ineligible wrestlers had already wrestled, winning only by a point.  But that match was nullified and instead of the OKRP scoring three points the CRWC was award six points.  The other ineligible wrestler was in the last match and the CRWC was awarded another six points, and advanced to the finals with a 35-33 win.

Nobody should believe the CRWC was in any way "handed" the match due to the two disqualifications.  Had the first match counted, the OKRP would have been ahead 36-32, and the last match would decide the outcome.  That would have placed defending Division I state champion Patrick Evans against the graduate who placed third at the Oklahoma state championships.  The dual meet could have gone either way were the ineligible wrestlers eligible.  Had the OKRP used eligible wrestlers in the two affected weight classes, the CRWC would have been favored to win the match.

The LWN editor believes some sort of punishment is merited for trying to use ineligible wrestlers, and that the card to the left should not be an option.  Extra work may be required by the event organizers to prevent similar occurrences.  Rosters may need to be checked against TrackWrestling data, or, if an eligible wrestler is not on the TrackWrestling database for some reason, proof of another sort, i.e., a letter or class roster from the wrestler's school, should be provided.

The students should not be punished for the fault of their coaches, at least not until consequences for such malfeasances be made available to all clubs registering for the event.  However, the coaches who lied should not be able to attend the event in 2019.  Once consequences have been made known, then the event organizers should have the option to ban, temporarily or permanently, clubs which decide to ignore the rules.


NOTE: The names of wrestlers the LWN editor could not discern on the match score sheet or find on TrackWrestling are italicized.

100  106 113 120 126 132 138 145 152 160 170 182 195 220 285

152 Pounds
Unknown (OKRP) defeated Seth Alonzo (CRWC) 11-6 
Crusaders 0 - Rampage 3

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160 Pounds
 Mason Massicot (CRWC) defeated Nate Jacobson (OKRP) 3-1 
Crusaders 3 - Rampage 3

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170 Pounds
Dylan Quinn (CRWC) won via disqualification 
Crusaders 9 - Rampage 3

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182 Pounds
Fisher (OKRP) pinned Michael Clapp (CRWC) in the second period 
Crusaders 9 - Rampage 9

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195 Pounds
Fleming (OKRP) pinned Jason Evans (CRWC) in the second period
Crusaders 9 - Rampage 15

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220 Pounds
Wahlert (OKRP) pinned Kevin West (CRWC) in the first period
Crusaders 9 - Rampage 21

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285 Pounds
Mack Brown (CRWC) pinned Wyatt Wells (OKRP) in the first period 
Crusaders 15 - Rampage 21

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100 Pounds
Jake Spellman (CRWC) defeated Gates (OKRP) 7-3 
Crusaders 18 - Rampage 21

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106 Pounds
Cockrell (OKRP) defeated Ethan Castex (CRWC) 11-6 
Crusaders 18 - Rampage 24

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113 Pounds
Connor Hoffman (CRWC) defeated Campbell (OKRP) 5-3 
Crusaders 21 - Rampage 24

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120 Pounds
Long (OKRP) defeated Quinn Williams (CRWC) 13-4 MD
Crusaders 21 - Rampage 28

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126 Pounds
Zeke Washington (OKRP) defeated Logan Bertot (CRWC) 20-4 TF 
Crusaders 21 - Rampage 33

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132 Pounds
Alex Duncan (CRWC) defeated Fisher (OKRP) 8-1
In the fourth photo, Duncan is encouraged by Yehia Riles (left) and Paul Klein (right), representing six Division I state championships between them.
Crusaders 24 - Rampage 33

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138 Pounds
Daniel Croy (CRWC) defeated Mark Turner (OKRP) 11-3 MD
Crusaders 30 - Rampage 33

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145 Pounds
Patrick Evans (CRWC) won via disqualification 
Crusaders 36 - Rampage 33

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