November's Butcher's Bill
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Butcher's Bill Free Meat

Butcher's Bill or Free Meat

The "Butcher's Bill" is what the Duke of Wellington called his force's casualty list during his 1812 defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo.  While that meaning is a tad harsh, it is used to denote when very good wrestlers suffer defeats.  Once again, if losing a match is worth noting, it signifies that the match result was unexpected, and that the loser is known to be a very good wrestler.

 "Free Meat" is used to designate those who remain undefeated against Louisiana opposition.  Its meaning could be construed as a description of the undefeated wrestler's opposition, or as the undefeated wrestler himself, who is offering a chance to beat him at no cost.  It is really just what the editor defined as the opposite of a "Butcher's Bill."  With apologies, wrestlers with whom the editor is unfamiliar as yet may not be in this list until later.

NOTE: Forfeits and byes are not counted as wins.

Records include Louisiana competition only.  A minimum of eight varsity matches is required to be included in the below lists unless the wrestler is a defending state champion.

November 20th through December 1st (losses prior to 11/20 are only listed if they are the wrestlers sole loss before December 1st)

Butcher's Bill*

Division I Division II Division III
Wrestler School Record Loss Date
Trent Mahoney East Ascension 22-1 Patrick Evans (BM) 6-5 11-07
Tucker Almond¹ Airline 6-1 Canon Hunt (CAT) 4-3 11/03
Caleb Mickelson Zachary 7-1 Hunter Hawkins (StA) 9-4 11/20
Christian Moore Covington 16-1 Caden Mumme (HC) 3:56 11/20
Kyle Boell Fontainebleau 8-1 David Bernard (TC) 4:00 11/20
Devon Clark East Ascension 14-1 Gavin Bonilla (McK) 3-2 11/20
Jalen Ben Chalmette 11-1 Kyle West (BM) 0:55 12/01
Jaden Ben Chalmette 12-1 Miles Santiago (TC) 0:56 11/20
Jackson Carter Lafayette 17-1 Miles Santiago (TC) 11-9 11/17

¹ Tucker Almond makes this list as he will make no others this season, and because he put a knife through his hand.
Wrestler School Record Loss Date
Matthew Carrier Teurlings Catholic 8-1 Michael Rader (StP) 3:58 11/20
Raheem Bonnet Shaw 23-1 Clayton Hill (LO) 3:22 12/01
Francisco Castro Shaw 7-1 Sergio Maldonado (BON) 12-9 11/07
Chris Montalbano Rummel 17-1 Peyton Ward (StP) 7-6 11/20
Jacob Pepiton Teurlings Catholic 12-1 Peyton Ward (StP) 8-5 11/20
Jacob Ramirez Rummel 11-1 Jarreth Wheeler (COV) 3:09 11/20
Carlos Femmer Teurlings Catholic 8-1 Mason Macaluso (HC) 5-0 11/20
Wrestler School Record Loss Date
Sasha Robertson Ben Franklin 9-1 Gabe Dauterive (BM) 6-4 SV 11/03

*    Albeit making the Butcher's Bill means one is a good wrestler, one can only make the Butcher's Bill once per season.

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Free Meat

Division I Division II Division III
Wrestler School Record
Evan Frost Holy Cross 11-0
Jacob Frost Holy Cross 14-0
Hunter Broussard Comeaux 13-0
Michael Lundin Holy Cross 8-0
Daniel Croy Brother Martin 3-0
Quinn Williams Brother Martin 17-0
Patrick Evans Brother Martin 1-0
Dyllon Bernard Comeaux 12-0
Brady Butler Holy Cross 8-0
Mason Macaluso Holy Cross 10-0
Hunter Hawkins St. Amant 21-0
Caden Mumme Holy Cross 13-0
Cameron Frederick Brother Martin 8-0
Wrestler School Record
Trey Fontenot* Parkway 7-0
Morgan Manuel Rayne 2-0
Charles Travasos Teurlings Catholic 16-0
Camdyn Ingram Live Oak 6-0
David Bernard Teurlings Catholic 8-0
Miles Santiago Teurlings Catholic 9-0

* Fontenot was a 2016 Division II state champion
Wrestler School Record
Alex Yokubaitis St. Louis 10-0
Hunter Langley Basile 10-0
Gavin Christ Basile 14-0

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